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MBLAQ reveals the MV making film for ‘It’s War’

Almost a week ago MBLAQ has returned with their 4th mini-album, and the boys have unleashed the fierce music video for their title track, “It’s War“, and it’s jam-packed with gritty action sequences, high tension, and intense acting from the members

ZE:A is making waves in Taiwan and the Philippines

Boy group ZE:A has made some noteworthy accomplishments, earning their title as one of the leading Hallyu idol groups. Their ‘Best Of’ album ‘The Most Powerful ZE:A…Ever!’ released earlier in the month has secured the #1 spot on Taiwan’s leading music chart authority G-Music under the Best-Selling K-pop Album category

Lee Sena dances sexy to 'Trouble Maker', making Eun Hyuk panic

super junior Newbie actress Lee Sena danced sexy to 'Trouble Maker'. On the 28th broadcast of MBC 'We got married' Super Junior members had a set-up date with actresses. Lee Sena surprised the viewers and Super Junior members with her sexy dance

Making history… and new goodies

Shoujo Jidai, have once again made history for being the first foreign artist to win the “Best Pop Video” award for “GENIE”, at the Space Shower Music Video Awards in Japan. Danshins on top! Hosted by Space Tower TV, the awards ceremony celebrates the best in Japanese music television much like the MTV Video Music Awards, and for the girl’s to beat out J-Pop hard hitters such as AKB48 and Perfume and claim the best pop video award, says a lot about their popularity in Japan

New Japanese Song Currently In The Making

Recently, Korean composer, PJ (박수종), revealed in a phone interview that he is currently working on the girls’ new song for their next Japanese album. PJ has been known to have worked with and compose for many well-known artists, including Wheesung, IU, Seo In Kook, and Japanese girl group, AKB48

Se7en reveals making-of video for “When I Can’t Sing” MV

Singer Se7en made his comeback today with the release of his self-titled mini-album, ‘Se7en‘. It seems like he’s following the rule of threes, as he’s followed up by releasing the MV for “When I Can’t Sing” as well as its making-of video from the set

Se7en Releases Making of Film for “When I Can’t Sing”

Following the release of his comeback single, “When I Can’t Sing,” earlier today, Se7en shared a making-of film for the music video of the song. In the five-minute video, Se7en talks about the song itself, his thoughts on working with Park Jin Young for the first time, and shares some footage with his fans

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha making solo debut

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha is gearing up for her upcoming solo debut. An official at Nega Network explained that they made a lot of effort to “upgrade” Narsha’s image concept from her previous image as a member of Brown Eyed Girls

Sulli & Victoria Smoothie King CF making

f(x)’s Sulli and Victoria shooting a commercial for Smoothie King. Credit: Vic89@Soompi

Miryo reveals making-of video for “Dirty” MV

Yesterday, Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo released the music video for “Dirty” from her debut solo album, ‘Miryo aka Johoney‘. She’s just unveiled the making-of process for the MV’s production, which will be released in several clips

Miryo reveals second making-of video for “Dirty”

Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo made a strong solo debut with her song, “Dirty“, whose MV charms with its quirky humor and uncharacteristic styling. After releasing the first making-of video for the MV yesterday, Miryo’s agency followed up with the second part on February 3rd

Vampire Prosecutor breaks through 4% ratings making cable history

OCN’s ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ has broken through 4% ratings rewriting the history of cable dramas. On December 4th, the 10th episode of ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ has reached average rating 3

Sexy Hyuna ‘Trouble Maker’, making trouble again with the dance

‘Trouble Maker’ became real troublemakers with their dance. Sexy Hyuna is drawing attention yet again with her dance, sparking an obscenity debate. 4Minute member Hyuna and BEAST (B2ST) member Jang Hyun Seung have recently released a new song ‘Trouble Maker’ as a unit and their suggestive choreography on air is creating a buzz among netizens

Se7en thanks G-Dragon for making a cameo appearance on his music video

Singer Se7en shows his brotherly love Big Bang’s G-Dragon, for making a cameo appearance on his music video. Seven tweeted on the 31st, “[Even If I Can't Sing] music video set!!! With my dongseng who came running to help even though he’ll only be making a brief appearance!!! Love u GD!!!!! Ps

NU'EST making their debut with dub step

nu'est Rookie group NU'EST will be making their debut with dub step music. Dub step is an electronic music from England and it has become a world-wide trend with its low base and slow rhythm. NU'EST is anticipated to set themselves apart from the current k-pop music by bringing in dub step

Girls’ Generation Making History to Release “The Boys” in France

February 7, 2012 8:53 AM EST girls generation, snsd Girls’ Generation that just finished their debut successfully in America will now release “The Boys” album in France on February 13

SPICA reveals making-of video for “Russian Roulette”

Girl group SPICA blew the industry away with their debut music video for “Russian Roulette“, and now they’ve just unveiled the making-of video for the MV. In the video, the girls introduce themselves individually, before giving way to footage of themselves dancing on set and posing seductively for the camera

B.A.P reveals making-of video from their album jacket shoot

New idol group B.A.P made an explosive debut last month with their hot single, ‘Warrior‘. K-Pop fans were entranced not just by their aggressive hip-hop sound, but also by their intriguing mix of street punk fashion with angel boy looks

Miss A Unveils Music Video Making Scene "Comeback In Feb"

Miss A unveiled a still cuts of music video making scene prior to the comeback scheduled in Feb. Miss-A finished filming for the music video for the new title song in Kyung Ki Do Nam Yang Joo on Feb 3 and 4

'Fashion King' SNSD Yuri making a all-black fashion statement

SNSD Yuri who will be making an appearance on SBS drama 'Fashion King', showed off an all-black airport fashion. Yuri left through the In Chun Airport to attend to her two-week long schedule in New York