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f(x) releases Luna and Amber’s teaser photos for ‘Electric Shock’

After announcing the news of their upcoming comeback and revealing member Krystal, Victoria, and Sulli‘s teaser photos, f(x) has unveiled Luna and Amber‘s teaser photos for ‘Electric Shock‘

f(x)’s ‘Electric Shock’ album covers out + sneak peek of Amber and Luna’s teaser photos from ‘M! Countdown’

The album jacket photos for the new f(x) mini-album, ‘Electric Shock‘, have been revealed. ‘Electric Shock’ will include six tracks in total, and will be the group’s first album release since 2011′s ‘Hot Summer‘

f(x)’s Luna and Amber Reveal “Blue Eyes” Teasers for “Electric Shock”

Following Krystal, Sulli, and Victoria’s teaser photos, f(x) has released Amber and Luna’s teasers for their upcoming album, “Electric Shock.” Much like the previous teasers, today’s photos also follow a similar dreamy concept with each member wearing mysterious “blue eye” contacts

f(x)’s Luna and SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong go on a hamburger date

In the upcoming episode of TV Chosun‘s weekend drama, ‘Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil‘, f(x)‘s Luna and SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong have a scene where they enjoy a romantic hamburger date

f(x) Luna Coyote Ugly Musical

f(x) Luna’s Coyote Ugly Musical performance pics. Credits: As tagged & SportsChosun (Korean)

f(x) Luna Legally Blonde musical promo pics

f(x)’s Luna is taking part in Legally Blonde musical.She looks good in blonde.

Luna and IU at theme park

f(x)’s Luna and another teen singer IU were spotted at a theme park having fun like normal high schoolers.

Luna and Kim Kyu Jong enjoy their first date on ‘Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil’

On the January 29th episode of ‘Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil‘, the love line between f(x)‘s Luna and SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong was finally actualized through a hamburger date the two went on

Luna to Appear As a Newlywed Wife

f(x) Luna is appearing as a newlywed wife on the weekend drama “Go! Mrs. Go!” Luna plays the daughter “Seo In Young” of “Go Bong Shil.” (Portrayed by Kim Hae Sook) !Warning Spoiler! In episode 16, “Jaesoo” (Portrayed by Yoon Joon Sung) is in love with Luna’s character

F(x) Luna, Newly Wed Wife Fashion

Luna, F(x)  Luna underwent an amazing transformation for her new act as a young wife in the drama, 'Saving Gobongshil'. Donning a flowery apron, feeding her husband 'Jaesoo', and unleashing waves of cuteness, she's become something of an icon for what newly wed lovely wife should be

F(x) Luna, T'ara Jiyeon, Wondergirls Hyerim Graduating from Same School

F(x) Luna, T'ara Jiyeon, and Wondergils Hyerim graduated on 7th,  all from the same school, the Lira Art Highschool. Amon the three, onlhy Luna atttended the graduation. On an inverview with Starnews, Luna said that she was so sad to part with her friends,but will make more effort as a professional artist as she now graduated from high school

f(x) Luna Graduates from High School

On February 7, Luna from f(x) attended her high school graduation ceremony at Seoul Lira Art High School. She wore her high school uniform for the last time at the ceremony. Luna told Star News, "I want to have a long conversation with my friends after the ceremony

f(x)'s Krystal and Luna's Powerful Practice Video Awes Fans

Recently, a video of f(x)’s Krystal and Luna dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Dance in the Dark” have been uploaded to Youtube, garnering a lot of attention from their fans. In the video, the girls showed off their crisp, yet smooth dance moves

f(x) Luna blinding in pure white wedding dress

f(x) member Luna transformed into 'White Bride'. Luna wore this wedding dress during her appearance on drama 'Saving Go Bong Shil'. Luna is wearing a white dress and a bright smile in the photo. Netizens who saw the photo commented "so cute and pretty", "prettiest bride I've ever seen", "she's going to gain a lot of fans", and etc

f(x)’s Luna & SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong share a kiss on ‘Ajumma Go Bong Shil’

Luna of girl group f(x) and SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong shared their first kiss in their drama, ‘Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil‘! The kiss scene was reportedly Kim Kyu Jong’s own idea, and the singer remarked, “It was just an idea I threw out, in order to establish the love relationship in the drama, and… I am grateful to the writer…” “I was really nervous, and I hope that all of you will tune in to find out what happens in the relationship,” he added

Fx Luna and Kim Kyujong caught up in their First Kiss

On the upcoming episode of TV Chosun's week-end drama "Saving Mrs.Ko" , Inyoung (Fx Luna) and Nicky (Kim Kyujong) will share a kiss. The episode on the 12th will show them bickering during their part time job at the convenience store, but their karaoke date will finally lead them to open their hearts and share their first kiss, staying true to mutual attraction harbored since the police station incident

f(x)’s Luna and SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong sharing a sweet kiss

Recently, f(x)’s Luna and SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong are seen kissing. In TV Chosun’s new drama series Saving Mrs. Go Bong Sil which opens on February 12 at 6:50 p.m., Luna and Kim Kyu Jong are to share a sweet, fresh kiss

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong dates and kisses f(x)’s Luna?

Luna and Kim Kyu Jong couple who co-lead Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Sil arose as a “lovey-dovey” couple. On March 10, the production crew of TV Joseon’s Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Sil (script by Park Eun Ryung, and directed by Yoon Sang Ho), revealed pictures of Luna and Kim holding hands and dating on the street

f(x)’s Luna and Kim Kyu Jong go on a romantic date

  New still cuts featuring a cute street side date with Kim Kyu Jong and f(x)‘s Luna for their TV Chosun drama, ‘Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil‘, were released! The photos are from a scene where Kim Kyu Jong tells Luna the good news of him passing his audition

f(x)’s Luna Snaps Shot with Transgender Model

f(x)’s Luna shared a photo taken with a famous transgender model, showcasing her large network of friends. On March 15, f(x)’s vocalist shared the photo with a message that read, “With Han Bit unni and the ‘Go Bong Shil’ staff oppas in the back~Also with the extra oppa, all four of us together snap~ ♥ Heehee We were enjoying today’s weather while filming and got together like a big family