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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and After School’s Lizzy to Form “Lee-Li Couple” on “Exciting Shake”

Following Hyorin and Sung Min, it looks like the second couple on MBC’s “Exciting Shake” is MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and After School’s Lizzy. On January 5, local media reported the two as the second couple, quoting the training coach who appeared on the show with them

Kara's Seung Yeon, After School's Lizzy, SISTAR's Hyorin and Secret's Sun Hwa Cast in "We Got Married" Dating Spin-off

“Exciting Shake,” the spin-off dating equivalent of popular MBC's “We Got Married,” is said to have cast its idol participants. Local news agencies reporedt that Kara’s Han Seung Yeon, After School’s Lizzy, SISTAR’s Hyorin and Secret’s Han Sun Hwa are the female cast members in the four couples intended for the show

After School Lizzy is a busy student

Photos of After School / Orange Caramel’s Lizzy studying for her CSATs (College Scholastic Ability Test) in a practice room were revealed online through fellow group member Raina’s Twitter

Orange Caramel Lizzy at Korean Visual Arts Festival

Orange Caramel’s Lizzy was freaking cute at the Korean Visual Arts Festival. Credits: As tagged, Afterschooldaze

After School Lizzy & Beast DooJoon’s spork kiss

After School Lizzy and Beast DooJoon’s having a “spork kiss” in drama All My Love. Credits: Afterschooldaze, Joker (Korean)

4minute’s HyunA and After School’s Lizzy

4minute’s HyunA and After School’s Lizzy at the backstage of MBC Gayo Daejun.Both on them turned 20 in 2011 in Korean age. Credits: Lizzy’s Twitter (Korean)

After School’s Lizzy shares cute selca photos

After School‘s Lizzy garnered attention with her selca photo. On February 1st, Lizzy posted the above photos via Twitter and wrote, “Good morning~~ A new photo of Lizzy who is once again touched by your love today

After School Lizzy's Innocent Look Complimented By Uee

After School, Lizzy, Uee, complimented, innocent, pretty, looks, calm After School member Lizzy revealed picture of herself that were complimented by Uee.  On the 1st, Lizzy posted two pictures on her twitter, along with the comments, "Good morning

Lizzy, smokey eyes+baby pink lips, “More beautiful than a rose”

After School’s Lizzy shows off sexy makeup for a mature look. Lizzy tweeted a short message along with the photo above on the 25th, “Have delicious dinner lol Woo~

After School Lizzy’s “Good Morning?” selca

Girl group After School member Lizzy revealed a vividly adorable morning selca. Lizzy tweeted on January 12th, “Good morning? Picture of egg pudding holding Park Lizzy thrown” along with a picture

After School’s Lizzy dances Kkab dance in Japan

After School appeared on Fuji TV’s ‘Hey Hey Hey’ in Japan on January 9th and showed off a sexy performance of the title song off of their 3rd single in Japan, ‘Rambling Girl’

Lee Kwang Soo apologizes to Song Joong Ki & After School’s Lizzy, why?

Lee Kwang Soo apologized to Song Joong Ki and Lizzy for leaving them out in his speech after winning his award. Lee Kwang Soo tweeted on December 31st, “I truly thank all the followers who congratulated me

After School Lizzy's feminine and sophisticated photos

Lizzy showed off her feminine beauty. On the 13th she posted on her Twitter "because the lighting next to the bed was so pretty. hahahahahah", along with two photos. In the photos Lizzy is lying down on the bed under the nice lighting

Afterschool Lizzy Reveals NU'EST Member Ren

  Afterschool member Lizzy revealed the member of NU'EST.  On the 13th, Lizzy posted a picture on her twitter along with the comments, "Introducing NU'EST Busan member Ren. Why is it that you look prettier than me? It seems like Ren got her nails done

NU'EST's Len Has a Smaller Face than After School's Lizzy

A playful photo of After School's Lizzy and NU'EST's Len has been posted. On February 13, Lizzy posted on her Twitter, "This is NU'EST's Len, who is part of the Busan family. How can you be prettier than me? And it looks like Len received a manicure

After School’s Lizzy and E-Young become freshmen in the same college

After School’s Lizzy and E-Young were accepted by the Post Modern Music Department of Kyung Hee University in Korea. Despite their tight schedule as members of a popular singing ‘idol’ group, they attended the entrance ceremony of the university

After School’s Lizzy Draws Son Ye Jin Comparisons

After School’s Lizzy has been drawing comparisons to Son Ye Jin after revealing a selca photo on her Twitter. On March 5, Lizzy tweeted, “The weather in Japan now is very gloomy. But me…I’m not gloomy at all

After School’s Lizzy snaps a beautiful selca while lying on bed

  After School‘s Lizzy has shared a beautiful selca of herself lying on bed and has caught the attention of fans. On March 5th, the singer tweeted, “It’s raining here in Japan right now so it’s gloomy

After School’s Lizzy celebrates her two year anniversary since debut

In celebration of the two year anniversary of her debut as a member of After School, Lizzy has updated with a new set of sel-cas! On the morning of March 26th, she wrote, “Second anniversary since debut! Thank you so much for allowing me to reach where I am today

After School Lizzy Robbed in Thailand

After School’s Lizzy revealed that she was robbed in Thailand. On April 9 she wrote on her twitter, “Currently we are receiving investigation from a Thailand police office. Give my stuff back! You bad person, fine you can keep the money! But please give me back my cell phone and iPad