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Leessang Gary Kidnapped By 'Running Man' Members

leessang, Gary, kidnapped, running man, sbs, Europe Words have spread that Leessang member Gary has gotten kidnapped by 'Running Man' members as he arrived in Korea after his Europe trip.  On December 25, Gary has won a free trip to Europe as a prize

BEG’s Miryo Unveils Full Tracklist Featuring SNSD’s Sunny and LeeSsang’s Gary

After teasing us with another teaser video earlier today, Miryo of the Brown Eyed Girls revealed the full track list of her upcoming debut solo album through BEG’s official Twitter account. The five-track album titled, “MIRYO aka JOHONEY,” features some of today’s most popular artists, including SNSD’s Sunny, LeeSsang’s Gary, and BEG’s Narsha

Dynamic Duo, “Leessang are one of the best”

Hip hop duo Dynamic Duo showed off their special friendship with colleagues Leessang. Dynamic Duo appeared on cable channel Mnet‘s musician interview program ‘MIC’ to air in the afternoon on January 8th discussing their music and their stories

Gary and Gil, ‘Crumpled Leessang’ selca set of 3

Leessang‘s set of 3 selcas made netizens laugh. Leessang member Gil tweeted on January 1st, “Lastly, prepared the new year’s gift. After many shots with Kang Gary, was able to salvage a few

Leessang’s Gary will hug you but “No men please”..’Let’s meet now, right now’

Leessang member Gary drew attention tweeting that he will hug everyone on ‘Hug Day’ and got an insane amount of attention. Gary tweeted on December 14th, “Hug Day.Let’s hug each other if we meet each other today

Leessang Syndrome, power on the charts + daebak at concerts

Hip Hop duo Leessang ended all debates on music charts for the year 2011. According to the online music site Melon, ‘Turned Off The TV’, off of Leessang’s 7th album ‘AsuRa BalBalTa’ released back in August, took the #1 spot for 25days in a row, more than any other song this year and set a record

Lee Hyori & Leessang’s Gil become ‘Super Star K’ judges in movie ‘Dancing Queen’

Singer Lee Hyori and Leessang member Gil set out to support the comedy movie ‘Dancing Queen’. According to a ‘Dancing Queen’ insider, Lee Hyori and Gil okayed the cameo appearance thanks to their friendship with Hwang Jung Min and Uhm Jung Hwa

Leessang’s Gary explains what ‘lol lol lol’ means in the USA

Rapper Gary informed everyone of the meaning of ‘lol’ which is used in the U.S. Gary tweeted on December 7th, “What used in Korea to mean laughter is ‘lol lol lol’ to mean the same thing in the US

Leessang, Tiger JK, & Yoon Mi Rae: Concert in LA, USA huge success

‘Hip Hop Family’ Jungle Entertainment successfully finished their concert overseas. On December 3rd, ‘M-Live by CJ Jungle Concert’ took place at the Wiltern Theater in L.A, USA

Fans spot Leessang’s Gary eating at a local hamburger shop

Photos of Leessang‘s Gary eating at a local hamburger joint has surfaced online, and fans once again took note of his down-to earth, carefree nature. The netizen who posted the photo above also wrote, “He looked like such a major celebrity at his concert, but he looked just like an average citizen at the hamburger place

Tiger JK and Leessang Communicate Through Fashion

Tiger JK and Leessang took part in a fashion photoshoot that featured their charisma. The photoshoot is for the American classic heritage casual brand “CONCEPTS 1 ONE” and will be released on February 21

LeeSsang & Simon D's Hip Hop Concert『M PACK SHOW VOL. 5』

Date : Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 5 PM Place : Club Holic in Gangnam, Seoul [PIC]Tickets : 19,200-30,000 won Two of the most hottest hip hop acts on the Korean music scene will be performing at one venue! After scoring a major hit with their album last year "Assura Babalta", LeeSsang have revived themselves as some of the most poignant, yet hip acts

Leessang, Tiger JK, & Bizzy for clothing brand, ‘CONCEPTS 1 ONE’

Hip hop artists Leessang, Tiger JK, and Bizzy have suited up for their photoshoot with clothing brand, ‘CONCEPTS 1 ONE‘. The Jungle Entertainment artists normally sport casual wear, but they cleaned up quite nicely for their pictorial, exhibiting a suave charm and more masculine appeal

LeeSsang Gary posts a photo of 'LOL LOL ancestor'

LeeSsang Gary posts a photo of his 'ancestor'. On the 26th he posted on his Twitter "Introducing 1st generation of LOL LOL" along with a photo. The photo is of a regular citizen in the olden days

Leessang Gary, “Introducing 1st generation lol lol ancestor”

Funny, Web Buzz Group Leessang member Gary‘s “ancestor” has been revealed. On February 26th, Gary tweeted, “Introducing 1st generation lol lol ancestor”, along with a picture

HaHa & Taw release “Love” featuring Leessang’s Gary & Kim Greem

Haha, of ‘Infinity Challenge‘ and ‘Running Man‘ fame, has returned to his musical roots by collaborating with rapper/ballad artist Taw on a new album. Although the new album is slated to be released in March, the first single, titled “Love” has recently been released

[Audio] Taw and HaHa relase "Love" ft. Leessang's Gary and Kim Greem

HaHa has returned to his musical roots with a new collaboration single with rapper/ballad artist Taw. Prior to the official release on March, HaHa and Taw released their first single as a duo unit titled "Love" on February 28

Leessang’s Gil gets stranded on Jeju Island after a cancelled flight

Leessang‘s Gil was recently stranded after his flight had been cancelled at the Jeju airport. On April 3rd, Gil shared a photo of himself at the airport via his official Twitter page and wrote, “Second Halla Mountain climb fail

Leessang to sing during half-time at soccer game

Leessang Hip-hop duo Leessang will wish the Suwon Samsung Blue Wings some good luck by singing at the team’s game against the Pohang Steelers on April 11. At the soccer match, to be held at Suwon World Cup Stadium in Gyeonngi, the duo will sing former hits, “Ballerino” and “Let’s Get Together Now

Leessang planning to make a comeback with a new album this summer, Gil to step down from MBC’s ‘Come to Play’

Leessang‘s Gil has stepped down from MBC‘s ‘Come To Play‘ in order to focus on his music. Gil’s representative recently informed StarNews, “Gil’s last ‘Come To Play’ shoot took place on the 20th