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BTS Videos of Yoon Il Sang’s “I’m 21” Album Released

Last week, famed producer Yoon Il Sang released “I’m 21,” a commemorative album that celebrates his 21st anniversary as a producer. The first two songs that got released from the 10-track album were 10cm’s rendition of Cool’s 1998 hit single, “Sorrow,” and British singer Paul Potts’ remake of Kim Bum Soo’s “I’m Missing You

Super Junior KRY releases a remake of Turbo’s “December” for Yoon Il Sang’s 21st anniversary

There have been many composers who have come and gone in the last 21 years, but Yoon Il Sang has continued to work during that time and consistently gifted the world with some of the greatest K-pop classics

How Will Hyori’s Relationship with Lee Sang Soon Change Her Musical Style?

Lee Hyori is expected to come back this summer with her first album since “H-Logic,” her fourth album released in 2010. Since turning solo, Hyori has always showcased powerful and sexy dance tracks, earning her the nickname, “Sexy Dance Queen

2012 a big year for Kwon Sang Woo, starring in films with Jackie Chan and Cecilia Cheung

2012 is going to be quite the year for actor Kwon Sang Woo. The actor returned to Korea after wrapping up filming for the movie ‘12 Chinese Zodiac Heads‘ with actor Jackie Chan on the 19th

'High Kick 3' Ahn Nae Sang Becomes 'Adult Video Nae Sang'

Home Archives Music Photos Stars Videos kpopstarz TV 'High Kick 3' Ahn Nae Sang Becomes 'Adult Video Nae Sang' Print This Article Send This Aricle Tweet by KpopStarz ReporterUpdated: February 1, 2012 8:43 PM EST Ahn Nae Sang became 'Adult Video Nae Sang'

Will Lee Hyori marry Lee Sang Soon?

The possibility of a wedding for Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon? On December 4th, MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’ production team carefully asked about the possibility a wedding of Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon

Joo Sang Wook with Sung Yuri, “In the wind at Geojedo”

Actor Joo Sang Wook revealed selcas that show off the tough spirit on the set of the drama ‘The Feast of the Gods’. Joo Sang Wook tweeted on January 29th, “Geojedo sea wind is huge~ The premier is close

Sung Yuri & Joo Sang Wook’s affectionate proof shot

Singer and actress Sung Yuri revealed a photo with Joo Sang Wook.Sung Yuri posted on her Facebook page, “Together with Jae Ha oppa. Who’s the tanned person in the back?” along with a picture

Lee Hyori to MC new program, “If boyfriend Lee Sang Soon is to appear?”

Lee Hyori is coming back to TV. It has been announced that Lee Hyori will be the MC of SBS‘s new music program and that Jung Jae Hyung would be her partner. Lee Hyori’s management company representative revealed on January 16th in a phone conversation with NewsEN, “Music program MC is confirmed

Lee Hyori “happy these days” thanks to Lee Sang Soon?

Lee Hyori drew attention with words that seemed to be referring to her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon. On the January 14th installment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Relay’, the set of Lee Hyori’s pictorial was revealed

Uhm Jung Hwa on Lee Sang Soon says, “Lee Hyori is dedicated in love”

Uhm Jung Hwa showed her affection towards singer Lee Hyori. On the January 10th installment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’, Uhm Jung Hwa raved about her hoobae and rival solo female artist and also ‘Lee Sang Soon‘s girlfriend’ Lee Hyori

Nam Sang Mi’s transformation into Barbie so glamorous

Actress Nam Sang Mi exuded her charm in a fashion pictorial as if transformed into a Barbie. Nam Sang Mi recently worked on a photo shoot for a pictorial for fashion magazine ‘Sure’ with the theme ‘The Show Must Go On’

IU, Lee Chun Hee, and Joo Sang Wook captured filming ‘Running Man’

Singer IU and actors Lee Chung Hee and Joong Sang Wook have been confirmed to be filming SBS ‘Running Man’. The photos of the three stars are fast spreading through the online community boards and other SNS mediums

IU goes to concerts with Sung Si Kyung & Yoon Sang, male fans only wish…

Singer IU named Sung Si Kyung and Yoon Sang as the closest sunbae artists.(Sunbae = senior colleague) IU appeared on SBS PowerFM’s ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ on the 8th for an adorable and honest talk

Photos of Kwon Sang Woo’s family draw smiles from fans

Photos of actor Kwon Sang Woo and his wife, actress Son Tae Young along with their baby son drew smiles on the faces of their fans. On February 7th, a close acquaintance of the couple shared the above photos of the two celebrating their son’s first birthday on an online community site

Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young Celebrate Their Son's First Birthday

One of Korea's "Hollywood" couples, Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young celebrated their son Rook Hee's first birthday. Several photos of this event were posted in various online community forums on February 7

Tei reveals "I sang at Kim Tae Hee's birthday and I was never invited again"

Singer Tei revealed his relationship? with actress Kim Tae Hee. Tei made on appearance on 107.7MHz SBS Power Radio 'Park So Yeon's love game'. On this day Tei shared his experience at Kim Tae Hee's birthday party

Ji Jin Hee, Joo Sang Wook & Lee Chung Hee’s Secret to Resist Cold Revealed

The secret method of Ji Jin Hee, Joo Sang Wook and Lee Chun Hee for filming in winter revealed. In order to escape the cold, the prefer item for Ji Jin Hee who is starring in SBS drama Take Care of Us, Captain is hot pack

Han Sang Jin: Ahn Suk Hwan Has the Makings of Hidden Roots

Actor Han Sang Jin said that senior actor Ahn Seok Hwan has the temperament of a betrayal, triggering intense discussion. In the MBC variety show Golden Fishery’s Radio Star segment broadcast on January 18th, 2012, Han Sang Jin answered the question from Kim Kook Jin about “whether Ahn Seok Hwan has the quality of traitor as in Deep Rooted Tree

Nam Sang Mi Resembles Superstar of 70s – Jeong Yun Hui

After the photo of actress in MBC 50th anniversary special planning drama series Lights and Shadows, Nam Sang Mi, was released, it garnered attention. In the photo, Nam Sang Mi looks dignified, facial lines are clear, nose bridge stands high, possesses both urban temperament and classical oriental beauty, resembling the famous Korean actress Jeong Yun Hui during the 1970s, attracting the attention of Internet users