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Lee Soo Hyuk to Join Seo In Guk in Upcoming Rom-Com “High School King”

Lee Soo Hyuk is joining the cast of the new tvN romantic comedy, “High School King,” which stars Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na. He will be playing the role of Yoo Jin Woo, a director of management strategy, where he, to state the obvious, is the office crush of all the female employees. But apart from being the office eye-candy, his character also carries a more cynical side, one that remembers the painful history of his family.

The drama will follow the adventures of Seo In Guk, a high-school student thrown into the adult world, and the three-way romance that will develop between Seo In Guk, Lee Ha Na, and Lee Soo Hyuk.

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Seo In Guk Cast as Lead in New tvN Drama

Lee Ha Na to Enter into Office Romance with Seo In Guk in New tvN Drama

Lee Soo Hyuk joins Seo In Guk in upcoming tvN drama ‘High School King’

Lee Soo Hyuk will join Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na in the upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama "High School King" (aka "King of High School Life")!

Lee Min Ho’s Representatives Respond To His Non-Appearance In A Beijing Show


Beijing fans were disappointed to find out that Lee Min Ho did not appear during a recent motor show; however, it turns out that he was not invited in the first place.

Lee Min Ho"s non-appearance in the recent Beijing Motor Show drew negative opinion from fans who came to see him during the event. As such, Starhaus Entertainment responded to the allegations by saying, "Lee Min Ho was not invited to the Beijing Motor Show."

"Please do not misunderstand. From the start, he wasn"t supposed to participate in the event. Currently, Lee Min Ho is filming the movie "Gangnam Blues", and his schedule did not permit him to visit his fans in China," the representatives added.

To save the actor from future misjudgment, the company said, "Fans will be informed on Lee Min Ho"s official activities in China through his Weibo account only

Actor Lee Byung Hun Begins Filming For Hollywood Movie, ‘Terminator 5′

Actor Lee Byung Hun has begun filming for the Hollywood movie, "Terminator 5."

On April 22, the movie production posted a picture of crank in online to announce that the filming for the movie has officially begun.

Lee Byung Hun will be working with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke and other top stars.

It has not officially been revealed yet as to what role Lee Byung Hun will be playing.

The director of "Thor," Alan Taylor will be filming this movie ad is set to release on July 1, 2015.

Lee Min Ho Ranks Number 1 For Taiwan’s ’2014 Asian God’ Polls

Hallyu star Lee Min Ho has been ranked number 1 for Taiwan"s "2014 Asian God" polls. 

Other stars on the poll included EXO Kris and actor Kim Soo Hyun and gained much attention.

This poll was taken from January 26 and Lee Min Ho ranked first for the poll with 10,013,151 votes.

Lee Min Ho received huge popularity in China due to his role in the popular drama, "The Heirs."

The Chinese media revealed that in order to be considered as this "Asian God", they had to have good features as well as talent. After finding out the Lee Min Ho had topped the polls, they stated that he had long legs and was suitable for the the number 1 position for the polls.

K-Pop and the Hallyu could be seen in this poll as 5 of the top 10 people were K-pop idols and actors

Lee Byung Hun heads to the U.S. to begin filming for his next Hollywood movie ‘Terminator 5′

Lee Byung Hun has begun filming for his next Hollywood film "Terminator 5"!

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His agency BH Entertainment rep stated, "[Lee Byung Hun] recently left for the States and joined the production crew, and started his first filming."

"His character and specific details are kept under wraps. Due to the Hollywood system, it would be difficult to reveal it beforehand. As much as fans are looking forward to it, he will show a good image." Although the specifics won"t be revealed until later, it has been rumored that he has an important role.

"Terminator 5" is directed by Alan Taylor and will also feature appearances by the terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lee Min Ho’s Agency Responds to Claims Regarding Appearance at Beijing Motor Show

Actor Lee Min Ho has been accused of not participating in the Beijing Motor Show as planned, and now his agency has come forward with an official statement.

His agency Starhaus announced through their official Weibo, “Lee Min Ho was not invited to the Beijing Motor Show. Please do not misunderstand. As you know, Lee Min Ho is currently filming a movie. After it finishes, we will inform you about his Chinese activities through our Weibo.”

Recent reports by the Chinese media claim that the actor did not appear at the motor show, unlike what was originally planned. They claim that numerous fans came to the show, only to find out that Lee Min Ho was not present, causing the fans to express their frustration and disappointment over the situation. At the booth of a recently released car, a worker revealed, “Lee Min Ho is the spokesperson of this model

Lee Min Ho, “I Didn’t Get Invited To Motor Show In China”


Actor Lee Min Ho explained the rumors that he did not show up on the Beijing motor show. Actor Lee Min Ho"s agency Star Haus entertainment said, "The agency is making the notice for the fans. Actor Lee Min Ho was not invited to the Beijing motor show. Please do not misunderstand any rumors around this." The statement added, "As you know, actor Lee Min Ho is currently filming the movie Kang Nam Blues. For his future activities in China, we will notify you through Weibo." Previously, a few Chinese newspapers reported that actor Lee Min Ho did not show up on the Beijing motor show. The fans who thought actor Lee Min Ho would show up on the Beijing motor show, which is the biggest motor show in China, visited the show in the hopes of meeting him, and went back home angry at realizing that Lee Min Ho was not there. One host in the Beijing motor show lured the fans saying the car in his booth is the model that actor Lee Min Ho advertises, and then said "Unfortunately actor Lee Min Ho could not come to the show today," and disappointed the fans

Lee Min Ho Denies Being Invited to Beijing Motorshow

Lee Min Ho"s agency defended their position against the accusation that Lee Min Ho did not show up to the Beijin Motorshow event, which he was rumored to attend.

Lee Min Ho"s agency Star House stated on their official Weibo: "This is an official statement of the agency: Lee Min Ho was never invited to the Beijing Motorshow. We hope that there are no misunderstandings". They continued, "As you all know, Lee Min Ho is currently filming his new movie. We will announce his further schedules through Weibo".

Chinese media had previously reported that Lee Min Ho had failed to show up to the Beijing Motorshow. Chinese fans, who had turned up to the event at the news of Lee Min Ho"s presence, had been furious after being met by a mere video greeting from him. Half the crowd left the event when it became apparent that Lee Min Ho would not be attending

Lee Min Ho explains why he was not present at the Beijing motor show

A report recently went out from the Chinese press that Lee Min Ho was not present at the Beijing motor show by his own choice to the great disappointment of his fans who attended the event expecting to see him.

One booth was reported to have introduced a new car and publicized it with, "Lee Min Ho does advertisement for this model," and then disappointed the fans by saying, "Unfortunately, Lee Min Ho did not come here." Upon seeing just his greeting through a video, the fans became angry and about half of the audience left the booth.

It had been falsely going around online that he would be present at the Beijing motor show, so people came to the misunderstanding that Lee Min Ho had stood up his fans. 

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Eventually, his agency Starhaus Entertainment had to speak up regarding this incident and gave a simple explanation through the official Weibo account, "Lee Min Ho did not receive an invitation to the Beijing motor show this time