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"The Moon That Embraces The Sun" Lee Min Ho, Lim Siwan and Yeo Jin Goo Pose for Singles Magazine

The trio of actors from MBC's hit drama "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" has come together for a photo shoot.

Actors Lee Min Ho, Yeo Jin Goo and ZE:A's Lim Siwan showed off a youthful spirit for the purpose of Singles Magazine's pictorial.

The three of them posed for the March issue of the magazine and made the hearts of their noona fans flutter with their flower boys looks. Showing off their bright smiles for this spring themed photospread, Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Min Ho and Lim Siwan sported colorful and comfortable outfits which give their overall look a cute and warm feel.

Check out the pictorial below!

In MBC's "The Moon that Embraces The Sun," actor Yeo Jin Goo plays the younger version of crown prince Lee  Hwon and Lee Min Ho plays the younger version of the crown prince's older brother Prince Yang Myeong, while ZE:A's Lim Siwan plays the role of the most respected scholar Heo Yeom, Heo Yeon Woo's brother

Lee Min Ho, ZE:A’s Lim Si Wan, and Yeo Jin Goo Delights "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" Fans with Photo

Producers of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” delighted fans by tweeting a photo of child actors Lee Min Ho, ZE:A’s Lim Si Wan, and Yeo Jin Goo between takes. In the photo, the three flower boys are smiling widely as they hold up their scripts for “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”

Lee Min Ho plays young Prince Yang Myung (later played by Jung Il Woo), Yeo Jin Goo’s Lee Hwon’s (later played by Kim Soo Hyun) half-brother and second in line for the throne. While ZE:A’s Si Wan plays Heo Yeom (later played by Song Jae Hee), the Crown Prince Lee Hwon’s teacher. 

With their charismatic acting and good-looks, the three actors actors – along with child actress Kim Yoo Jung – have impressed viewers, raking in 18% and 19