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Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook enjoy a romantic bench date in stills from ‘Cunning Single Lady’ + BTS photos

"Cunning Single Lady" was canceled yesterday but viewers were still able to get a peek at some of the must-watch scenes in still cuts and BTS photos!

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The still cuts show Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook enjoying a romantic bench date at Seonyudo Park, displaying how sweet making up can be. The atmosphere behind-the-scenes was just as lively as everyone seemed to be full of laughs and have gotten close throughout the three months of filming the drama.

The drama"s production company rep commented, "With only two episodes left, the actors don"t show signs of exhaustion, and are showing their fire of passion and working hard... We will do our best until the finale and we will show the happiness on set through "Cunning Single Lady"

Jung Il Woo & Lee Min Ho – The Encounter of Two Yang Myungs

Lee Min Ho who becomes famous after starring in the MBC drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun by playing the role of young Prince Yang Myung, was uploading a photo on his Twitter, together with a comment, “Young Yang Myung eventually met with adult Yang Myung, first encountering with brother Il Woo! The definite Yang Myung to Yang Myung.”

In the photo, the two Yang Myungs sat close together, smiled happily, making countless female fans excited.

The photo was taken during the celebratory dinner for The Moon that Embraces the Sun after MBC TV station rewarded the production team with cash bonus for achieving extraordinary performance.

Netizens said, “The two Yang Myungs finally met, really looks like,” “How come feel comfortable by just looking at the photo?” and so on

The two Yang Myungs Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho meets

Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho's encounter with each other is becoming an issue.

On the 19th he posted on his Twitter "Young Yang Myung and grown up Yang Myung's first encounter. It's the first time I'm meeting Il Woo Hyung! He's very Yang Myung Yang Myung, right?", along with a photo.

In the revealed photo are MBC 'Sun and the Moon' stars of character Yang Myung. The smile of the two men are melting the hearts of female fans.

Netizens who saw the photo commented "The two Yang Myungs met", "they are so good looking", "hopefully they can work together again", and etc...

Photo Credit: Lee Min Ho Twitter