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2PM’s Junho Wants a Girlfriend, Taecyeon Thinks It’s Kim So Eun

On April 6, 2PM’s Junho tweeted his honest feelings about dating. He wrote, “These days I really feel like dating someone, but there’s no answer when I look at my schedule. I guess the answer is to just keep working hard

2PM’s Junho confesses he wants a girlfriend

It seems 2PM‘s Junho has been feeling a little on the lonely side lately. He tweeted on April 6th KST, “I’ve been thinking that it’d be nice if I had a girlfriend lately, but I [don't have a solution] when I look at my schedule

2PM’s Junho and Taecyeon sing “Path Towards You” for Chansung’s drama ‘My Girlfriend Is An Agent’

2PM‘s Junho and Taecyeon are lending their voices to an OST track of fellow member Chansung‘s drama. The song entitled “Path Towards You” was specially tailor-made for the highly anticipated MBC mini-series ‘My Girlfriend Is An Agent‘ (‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘)! The first broadcast of ‘My Girlfriend Is An Agent‘ is scheduled to come out today on the 23rd

2PM's Junho: "If I Have a Girlfriend, I'd Keep It a Secret"

On April 21, 2PM hosted independent concert “Legend of 2PM” at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan.Junho announced at the press conference, which was held prior to the concert, “I will be revealing my original song ‘Say Yes‘ during today’s concert

Junho explains his comment about wanting to shower with his girlfriend

Junho explained his comment from a few years back about wanting to shower with his girlfriend (you can read about it in our 2011 article here)! The 2PM boys were guests on ‘Radio Star‘ on the 15th, and while they were talking about romance, MC Yoo Se Yoon asked Junho, “You once said that once you got a girlfriend, you would want to take a shower with her!“, and Taecyeon added on, “He wants to take a shower with her in coke

TEEN TOP performs “Going Crazy” and “Girlfriend” on Younha’s Starry Night radio

On January 10th, TEEN TOP appeared as a guest on ‘Younha’s Starry Night‘ radio, where they performed performed “Going Crazy” and “Girlfriend” from their second mini-album, ‘It’s‘

2PM’s Junho reveals he’s on a diet?

2PM‘s Junho recently revealed a witty photo of his “slimmed down” face. The photo appeared on his Twitter with the description, “I’m heading to Ethiopia to see a friend! It’s to generate bigger love and spread happiness

ZE:A's Siwan Never Had a Girlfriend

ZE:A's Siwan confessed on SBS "Strong Heart" that he has been single all his life. When MC Lee Seung Gi commented that Siwan looked like he would have been very popular in school, his response surprised everyone

DBSK’s Yunho Answers Questions about Girlfriend

On February 1, DBSK’s Yunho appeared on SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment” and answered questions regarding his girlfriend. He was first asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” But he responded, “No, I really don’t

Junho on a diet, reveals a proof shot of the half face

Group 2PM’s Junho reveals the proof shot of a successful diet. Junho tweeted on the 16th, “I’m off to Ethiopia where my friend is! I go to share an even bigger love and happiness. I thank everyone who have rooted for me, let’s go 7 nights and 8 days~~lol I have the half face because I’m on a diet~~” and he attached the photo above

MBLAQ, Who is Lee Joon’s ex-girlfriend? “MBLAQ members all know”

Lee Joon revealed that MBLAQ members all know his ex-girlfriend. At the recent pre-recording of JTBC’s ‘Idol Current Affairs’, MC Kim Gura asked about Lee Joon’s ex-girlfriend and Lee Joon did not hide anything about it and confidently revealed his dating history

Oh Se Jung mistaken as Kim Kyu Jong’s girlfriend during a medical procedure

Actress Oh Se Jung tells the story behind being mistaken as Idol Kim Kyung Jong‘s girlfriend during a endoscopic examination of large intestine, on the January 1st episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’

Gary unable to join Monday girlfriend Song Ji Hyo at ‘SBS Entertaiment Daesang’

Leessang and ‘Running Man’ member Gary did not attend the ’2011 SBS Entertainment Daesang’. The ’2011 SBS Entertainment Daesang’ took place on December 30th at 8:45pm at the SBS Public Hall in Deungchongdong, Seoul with MC’s Kim Yong Man, Kim Won Hee, and Shin Bong Sun

Running Man, Lee Min Jung is HaHa’s girlfriend?

The December 11th episode of SBS’s ‘Running Man’ was ‘Hong Kong 24 Hours Special’ and Lee Min Jung and CN Blue member Jung Yong Hwa appeared as guests. On this episode of ‘Running Man’, as Lee Min Jung and Jung Yong Hwa appearedat the airport in Hong Kong, the members of ‘Running Man’ were greatly excited expressing their happiness with hugs

Kim Won Joon Asks Park So Hyun to Be His Girlfriend

On the February 3 episode of Channel A’s “Entertainment Inside,” Kim Won Joon revealed that he has confessed his feelings to actress Park So Hyun. The couple were paired together as a virtual married couple for MBC’s “We Got Married

Unnamed Idol Star Blackmailed by Former Girlfriend

A famous idol star whose identity has yet to be revealed has been rumored to have been blackmailed by his former girlfriend. The female threatened to leak video footage of his naked body over the internet if he refused to hand over $890,000 USD

Unnamed Idol Blackmailed by Former Girlfriend for 10 Billion Won

It has been recently revealed by the Seoul District Prosecutors’ Office that an unnamed male idol, “A” (age 26), was blackmailed by a former girlfriend for 10 billion Won (~10 million USD). The former girlfriend of the male idol threatened to reveal naked photos of the star unless she received money from him

SCANDAL: Kpop Star Getting Blackmailed For $890,000 By Ex-Girlfriend

Posted: February 9, 2012 2:13 PM EST scandal, blackmail According to a little birdie at TV Report dropped quite the bomb on kpop fans which was comprised of a naked video, an ex- girlfriend, and $890,000

Jang Woo Hyuk gifts ‘My Forgetful Girlfriend’ cast members with winter clothing

  Hallyu star Jang Woo Hyuk gifted the entire staff and cast members of his Chinese drama with winter clothing. Jang Woo Hyuk, who has been cast as the main lead in the upcoming Chinese drama ‘My Forgetful Girlfriend‘, is currently filming the series in Beijing

JYJ’s Yoochun denies that he is the idol victim who got blackmailed by an ex-girlfriend

Earlier today, allkpop reported about an idol star who was being blackmailed by a former girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend had threatened to release naked photos of the idol star if she was not compensated financially