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Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, and Jung Il Woo to Take over "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" in the Sixth Episode

MBC's newest drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” drew in impressive ratings for its first two episodes last week even without its main leads. The drama wowed viewers with an intriguing plot and strong performances by its child actors, raising fans’ expectations

Jung Hyun Dong Garners Attention for Humiliating Half Naked Picture

Comedian Jung Hyun Dong is garnering attention for his half naked picture. His loving wife revealed the picture on Twitter after the comedian fell asleep after drinking. Broadcasting writer, Han Yoo Ra, uploaded the picture on her Twitter with the caption: “Sleeping Mr

"Dream High" Kim Soo Hyun's New Drama Takes Wed-Thurs Night by the Storm + Jung Il Woo Feels Burdened

New MBC drama “The Moon That Embraces the Sun,” starring “Dream High’s” Kim Soo Hyun, “Witch Yoo Hee’s” Han Ga In, “Baby-Faced Beauty’s” Kim Min Seo, and “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s” Jung Il Woo, drew in impressive ratings for its first two episodes

Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Il Woo, and Others Film “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”

MBC’s latest drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” has exceeded expectations, surpassing 20% viewership ratings by the third episode – even without the main leads. Last night, MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment” went behind the scenes of the popular series to catch a glimpse of its lead actors Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Il Woo, Nam Bo Ra, and Song Jae Hee

SNSD’s Jessica to Compete Against Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, and Jung Il Woo

SNSD’s Jessica will finally make her grand appearance in drama “Wild Romance,” starring Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young, on the seventh episode, scheduled to air January 25. She plays Kang Jong Hee, Park Mu Yeol’s (Lee Dong Wook) first love, who’s described as a beautiful girl with an unpredictable personality

Yang Hyun Suk would welcome Jung Hyung Don into YG Entertainment

On a recent recording of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, comedian Jung Hyung Don had jokingly asked if YG Entertainment recruited gagmen in hopes of joining the label. The episode featured a segment where Jung Hyung Don called up YG Entertainment officials to tell them news of G-Dragon winning yet another poll held amongst idols

SM Entertainment trying to recruit 14 year old Jung Hyun Ho

There are a number of labels trying to recruit 14 year old Jung Hyun Ho, and among them is none other than SM Entertainment. According to a broadcasting insider, there are 4-5 agencies that sent their ‘love calls’ to 14 year old Jung Hyun Ho who guest-featured on the January 23rd episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Hello‘

"The Moon that Embraces the Sun's" Kim Yoo Jung, "Yeo Jin Goo? Kim Soo Hyun Oppa is the Best!"

Earlier today, MBC’s “Good Day” went behind the scenes of the popular series “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” to catch up with child actress Kim Yoo Jung, who played the young version of Yeon Woo (Han Ga In)

Hong Soo Hyun vs Jung Ryu Won, sexy and youthful battle of the hot bodies

The filming of the title sequence for SBS‘s new drama ‘The History of the Salaryman’ was revealed at a set in Hapcheon Image Theme Park on November 30th. Actresses Hong Soo Hyun and Jung Ryu Won are posing for the shoot for the poster each of them looking attractive in their own way

YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk invites Jung Hyung Don for a meal

YG Entertainment‘s founder and CEO, Mr. Yang Hyun Suk has invited television presenter Jung Hyung Don (Infinity Challenge) for a meal. This is an interesting development because just few days ago Jung Hyun Don had made big news when he asked YG half jokingly if they accepted comedians into their agency

Jung Gyu Woon with Hong Soo Hyun & Jung Ryeo Won pose affectionately

Jung Gyu Woon revealed a picture taken with some of the cast members of ‘The History of the Salaryman’. Jung Gyu Woon tweeted on January 21st, “Got snowed in Incheon” along with a picture

Lee Min Jung, Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, among Top 5 Gangnam Ulzzangs

The graduation pictures of former ‘Top 5 Gangman Ulzzangs’ female stars are all the buzz. On the January 9th installment of SBS’s ‘Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, Jo Hyung Ki’s Good Morning’, the graduation photos and other photos from the past of the females stars who were previously the ‘Top 5 Gangnam Ulzzang’ have been revealed through a segment titled ‘Lee Min Jung Star Secret’

Han Ga In, Kim Soo Hyun, & Jung Il Woo have their first script reading

The new MBC drama ‘The Moon That Embraced The Sun’ wrapped up the casting process and went in to the script reading mode. The script reading for ‘The Moon That Embraced The Sun’ took place at the MBC Dream Center on December 25th

Jung Yong Hwa’s pic is “a gift to the women” per Jun Hyun Moo

Announcer Jun Hyun Moo prepared a special gift for the female fans. Jun Hyun Moo tweeted on December 24th, “Everyone Merry Christmas^^ Hyun Moo’s special gift for the female followers. The one on the left is a lemon so return it…” along with a picture

Thieves still shots revealed with Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Jae, & Jun Ji Hyun

Director Choi Dong Hoon‘s movie ‘Thieves’, which boasts a line up of top stars, had some of the still shots revealed. In a picture from ‘Thieves’ revealed on December 9th, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Jae, Jun Ji Hyun, and Oh Dal Soo are gathered together staring somewhere

Actress Kim Hyun Joo and Actor Kim Jung Hoon are Coming Back in ‘’Dummy Sister’’

Kim Hyun Joo and Kim Jung Hoon are close to joining the cast for upcoming SBS weekend mini series ‘’Dummy Sister.’’ Kim Hyun Joo is confirmed for this drama but Kim Jung Hoon’s management stated, "The official contract hasn't been signed yet but we are talking about it very optimistically

Kim Soo Hyun & Han Ga In Date on Street Leaving Sad Jung Il Woo

In episode 11 of MBC series The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Lee Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) and Wol (Han Ga In) encounter by chance at the downtown, and watch the puppet show on the noisy street market. In order to send clothes to the Jan Shil (Bae Noo Ri) who pursued by Seongsucheong, Wol comes to the noisy street market alone

Lee Min Jung & Kim Soo Hyun Voted to Receive Most Chocolates

Because Valentine's Day is about sweet feelings, chocolates are evidently the best way to show it. And for this special day of the year, who among the hallyu stars will be taking home a handful of these sweets? Actor Kim Soo Hyun and actress Lee Min Jung were chosen as the stars who likely to receive the most amount of chocolate on Valentine’s Day

Kim Soo Hyun & Jin Jung Sun Pictorial Photos for Bean Pole Outdoor

The actor in leading role in The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Kim Soo Hyun has been chosen as the new model for casual brand Bean Pole Outdoor in mid February 2012 by signing exclusive contract. According to the official of the brand, Kim Soo Hyun is chosen as the spokesperson of the brand not only because of his outstanding outlook, stable acting and versatility, but also because the charm and stylish image of Kim Soo Hyun perfectly conveys the concept, style and functionality of Bean Pole Outdoor

Tablo With Go Hyun Jung and Jo In Sung

Tablo revealed a picture of himself from 'Cine21 - Go Hyun Jung's Feel'. Tablo posted a picture on his twitter along with the comments, "This month's cine21. The title 'In Between Two Blessed' seems like the right title