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Veteran Singers Park Ji Yoon, Kim Jong Seo, and Son Ho Young Confirmed for tvN "Opera Star"

The Singers Park Ji Yoon, Kim Jong Seo, and Son Ho Young have been confirmed for tvN’s “Opera Star.” A representative of “Opera Star 2” stated on January 9, “For male singers we have Kim Jong Seo, Son Ho Young, The One, and Park Ji Hun

Kim Kyu Jong's High School Photos Revealed!

Recently, some photos of SS501's member Kim Kyu Jong on his high school days surfaced online. The photos revealed his charming appearance and were taken when he was still in high school. Kim Kyu Jong hasn't changed much, he looks just like he was back in high school! His eyes, his narrow chin, mischievous face and poses captivated the attention of netizens

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong Secretly Dating Oh Se Jung?

On October 10, SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and revealed that he regularly keeps in touch with Oh Se Jung, the actress that he’s often pointed as his ideal woman. This came after Kim Kyu Jong said he was stunned by Oh Se Jung’s beauty when he first met her, raising speculation that the two might be secretly dating

Lee Jong Suk's Pants Slip Off on "High Kick 3"

On an episode of "High Kick 3" that aired on January 13, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Ji Won had a boxing match in a ring. The two are clad in full fighter attire with gloves and headgear. Ji Won, who is angry at Jong Suk, charges at him and hits him square in the gut

B.A.P releases jacket photos of Zelo & Jong Up

Following yesterday’s jacket photo releases for Bang Young Gook and Dae Hyun, B.A.P has just revealed new concept photos of members Zelo and Jong Up! At the mere age of 15, Zelo debuted last month as the leader of the sub-unit project group, BANG & ZELO with the song, “Never Give Up”, gaining considerable attention for his rapping, beatbox and dance talents

Comedian Choi Hyo Jong: “My income is now a 100 times greater than before?

Comedian Choi Hyo Jong has revealed that he’s in a state of wonder over his increase in popularity and subsequent raise in income. On January 14th, Choi Hyo Jong appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date’, where he attracted a large crowd of people, all aiming to catch a glimpse of him

Jacket Photos of B.A.P.'s Zelo and Moon Jong Up Are Revealed

Not long ago Bang Young Gook and Dae Hyun’s charismatic jacket photos were revealed. The countdown has begun to the official debut of B.A.P. The group’s agency, TS Entertainment, revealed two additional concept photos

f(x)’s Luna and SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong go on a hamburger date

In the upcoming episode of TV Chosun‘s weekend drama, ‘Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil‘, f(x)‘s Luna and SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong have a scene where they enjoy a romantic hamburger date

Kim Jong Gook's real older brother on Star King

kim jong gook Kim Jong Gook's plastic surgeon brother made an appearance on Star King. On the 28th broadcast of SBS 'Star King' Kim Jong Myung talked about reading people's features as a plastic surgeon

Kim Jong Kook’s brother reveals plastic surgery advice

Singer Kim Jong Kook‘s older brother revealed that there was a time where he gave Kim Jong Kook permission to get double-eyelid surgery. The January 28th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Star King‘ aired a special episode featuring physiognomy expertise Dr

Luna and Kim Kyu Jong enjoy their first date on ‘Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil’

On the January 29th episode of ‘Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil‘, the love line between f(x)‘s Luna and SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong was finally actualized through a hamburger date the two went on

Running Man, Lee Ming Jung & Kim Jong Kook curious skinship, ‘Go where?’

Actress Lee Min Jung pulled on Kim Jong Kook‘s arm creating a curious mood. On December 5th, a picture was posted on an online community board tagged, ‘Lee Min Jung, why do you do that to Kim Jong Kook?” In the picture, Lee Min Jung is pulling on Kim Jong Kook’s arm

HaHa learns to chicken fight from Kim Jong Kook and dominates over No Hong Chul

HaHa‘s ‘Super Ultra Tornado Flying Knee Kick’ helps him earn several victories in a row. The 2nd part of ‘HaHa vs Hong Chul’ special episode aired on MBC ‘Infinity Challenge’ on the 28th

Kim Jong Kook surprises Choi Jin Shil’s children with a visit, “We wanna be on Running Man”

The children of actress Choi Jin Shil who passed away, Hwan Hee and Joon Hee, revealed that they are huge fans of ‘Running Man’. On the January 25h installment of SBS’s ‘Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah, Jo Hyung Ki’s Good Morning’, Choi Jin Shil’s son Hwan Hee and daughter Joon Hee appeared in their beautiful Hanboks for the new year sending the viewers the news on their latest

Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, and Gary. They’ve been paired up with…

Running Man Spoiler photos have been released by the truckload. The spoiler photos have been posted on an online community board on the 17th. The poster stated that the ‘Running Man’ filming took place in Chungcheongnam-do Asan-si Waeam Folk Village on the 16th

Jung Ryeo Won’s public apology to Kim Hyo Jong

Actress Jung Ryeo Won drew attention with her public apology to comedian Choi Hyo Jong. Jung Ryeo Won tweeted on January 7th, “Bonus + Jackpot day. With G4″ then added, “Went for movie promotions but don’t know if it’s because I went right after the drama, had a hard time because Yeo Chi kept on popping out and not Song Kyung

Oh Se Jung mistaken as Kim Kyu Jong’s girlfriend during a medical procedure

Actress Oh Se Jung tells the story behind being mistaken as Idol Kim Kyung Jong‘s girlfriend during a endoscopic examination of large intestine, on the January 1st episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’

Yoo Jae Suk & Kim Jong Kook surprise appearance on ‘Challenge 1000 Songs’

Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook showed off their vocal prowess on ‘Challenge 1000 Songs’ but Kim Jong Kook almost got retired as a singer. On the January 1st installment of SBS’s ‘Running Man’, the ‘Math Race Special’ was put on with the Hallyu idols Super Junior member Choi Siwon, SHINee member Minho, Wonder Girls member Sohee, f(x) member Sulli, and Sistar member Hyorin

Running Man, SHINee Minho takes on Sparta Kim Jong Kook! (Spoiler!)

SHINee member Minho took on Sparta Kim Jong Kook, the Commander with the desire to win. The January 1st episode of SBS TV’s ‘Running Man’ had idol singers as guests. On the episode, Gary and HaHa teamed up with Sulli, Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo with Hyorin, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook with Sohee, and Song Ji Hyo with Siwon and Minho

Lee Kwang Soo thanks ‘brother Gary, pillar of mental strength Kim Jong Kook…’ & HaHa was worried

Actor and much loved Kwangvatar of ‘Running Man’, Lee Kwang Soo won the ‘Newcomer in Variety Award’. After receiving the award, Lee Kwang Soo said, “Gary hyung who’s like my real brother, Ji Hyo noona who this year still like to drink, Yoo Jae Suk hyung who I respect, thank you