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Lee Hyori Says She Wants Lee Sang Soon To Be Her Husband, But Has No Wedding Plans Right Now

Lee Hyori, Bad Girls Just because Lee Hyori is outspoken in her view that women don't need a husband, that doesn't mean that she doesn't want one. Just because Lee Hyori is outspoken in her view that women don't need a husband, that doesn't mean that she doesn't want one

Lee Hyori, Comic Self-Camera With Husband Lee Sang Soon

Singer Lee Hyori revealed a funny picture taken with her husband Lee Sang Soon. (Photo : instagram) Singer Lee Hyori revealed a funny picture taken with her husband Lee Sang Soon. Today, Lee Hyori posted on her Instagram a picture

Lee Hyori shares a new photo with her husband Lee Sang Hoon

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Hoon look cute together in a recent photo.On January 27th, she uploaded a new photo on her instagram. Hyori is taking selca of herself pouting cutely while pointing to her husband who is sitting far behind, and he is also showing a surprised expression

Lee Hyori and Friends Attend Premiere for Uhm Jung Hwa's Film "Dancing Queen"

Uhm Jung Hwa’s friends went to watch the “Dancing Queen” VIP premiere show including: Lee Hyo Ri, Jung Jae Hyung, Hong Jin Kyung, Lee Young Ja, and Kim Wan Sun. Many other directors went to watch the premiere as well

Jung Ryeo Won Joins Hyori’s Charity Calendar Efforts

Just a few days ago, we reported on Gil’s purchase of a thousand copies of Hyori’s charity calendars. It appears Jung Ryeo Won has joined the charity efforts by purchasing the same calendar as well! On January 6, the star actress posted on her Twitter the following picture with the comment, “Finally, Hyobal unni+Soonshim’s 2012 calendar purchase shot! Everyone spend the year 2012 with Hyo+Soon!” “Unni is so pretty, whatever angle I take my picture from, I’m just…” she added

Old Clips of Lee Hyori Replayed on "A Good Day"

Lee Hyori’s past clip has been revealed. The singer was picked for “This Year’s Queen” on the recent episode of MBC “A Good Day.” The clip was shown to “celebrate” her glory and was from the show “Match Made in Heaven

Lee Hyori Must Beware of the Curse of Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th is a widely known superstitious date supposedly thought to bring bad luck. People who believe in this superstition are especially cautious on Fridays of each month the 13th falls under

Lee Hyori Thanks Harisu for Helping Out at The Animal Shelter

Singer Lee Hyori thanked Harisu for volunteering at the animal shelter. On January 12, Lee Hyori tweeted the following message to Harisu : "Unnie~~It's Hyori, it's been a while~^^ I heard that you volunteered at the animal shelter andeven donated food

Hyori Talks About Her Calendar’s Revenue and Paparazzi Photos

KBS 2TV's “Entertainment Weekly” visited Lee Hyori at the set of her photoshoot and had broadcasted the episode on January 14. During the interview Hyori talked about how she was still ‘relevant’ to the Entertainment industry and how she tries to use that spotlight for the good

Lee Hyori flaunts her mustache and armpit hair on a past variety show

Past clips of Lee Hyori have caught the attention of netizens. On the January 10th episode of MBC’s “Good Day”, past clips of Lee Hyori were played. In the clip, Lee Hyori was featured on a variety show program where she brought laughter around her by flaunting her fake armpit hair and mustache that were created with black tape

Hyori’s boobs inspire a fan to send her a warning about Friday the 13th

With 2012′s first Friday the 13th approaching, it’s inspired a fan to send Lee Hyori a hilarious message. Friday the 13th is generally considered to be one of the unluckiest calendar days, and it’s the basis for one of Hollywood’s biggest horror franchises

Fashion Model Compliments Hyori's Beauty

Fashion model Hye Park (readers may be familiar with her modeling for Teen Vogue in the US), wrote about Lee Hyori in a Junuary 16 blog post. Hye Park posted a photograph of herself with Lee Hyori. She wrote, "She (Hyori) is so beautiful

Top model Hye Park shares a photo taken with Lee Hyori

Top model Hye Park shared a selca photo she took with singer Lee Hyori. The model shared the above photos via her personal blog on January 16th and wrote, “So pretty… I… can’t take photos next to you unni

Lee Hyori speaks up on the issue of cow starvation in Korea

Singer Lee Hyori isn’t just an advocate of abandoned animals, but for mistreated ones as well. On the afternoon of January 14th, Hyori tweeted angrily about the issue of starving cows. “People might say what’s the big deal over cows starving to death when people are starving too, but isn’t there the option of putting them down or something?” “There was an image of a cow so starved that it only had the strength to lie down and lick the dirty floor

Park So Hyun becomes an affectionate wife for husband Kim Won Jun

Kim Won Jun‘s wish finally came true. On the January 14th episode of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, Kim Won Jun’s ‘wife’ Park So Hyun who has trouble revealing her true emotions finally showed some ‘aegyo‘ for her on-air husband

Kim Hee Sun introduces her handsome husband on tvN’s ‘Taxi’

Actress Kim Hee Sun‘s husband, Park Joo Young, has appeared on TV for the first time. On the most recent episode of tvN’s ‘Taxi’, an interview program that takes place in a taxicab, Kim Hee Sun climbed in with her husband

Lee Hyori & Jung Jae Hyung to host a new SBS music program

Singer Lee Hyori has been appointed as an MC on a new music program on SBS TV along with Jung Jae Hyung. On January 16, a staff from Lee Hyo Ri’s agency said, “Lee Hyori has received an offer to be an MC on a new SBS music program

Lee Hyori's Controversial Statement Regarding Korean Beef Cattle

"You say there are many people who die of hunger and ask what the big deal is if cows die of hunger but isn't there any means of an easier death?" (Lee Hyori's tweet) On January 14, Lee Hyori made an opinionated statement on her Twitter, which once again blew up to be quite a controversy

Lee Hyori Donates KBS Documentary Narration Paycheck

Lee Hyori, who is well-known for her kind heart, donated her paycheck. According to KBS,  Lee Hyori participated in filming the recent "KBS Special - Our Neighbors' Little Heroes." "Our Neighbors' Little Heroes" follows the lives of people who put volunteering as a top priority in their lives

Who Wore It Better: G-Dragon vs. Lee Hyori

We've had a lot of "Who Wore It Better" articles over the last several months and most of them tend to be all these nice stylish clothes and how the same clothes seem to give off different vibes when worn by different celebrities