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Lee Hyori to MC new program, “If boyfriend Lee Sang Soon is to appear?”

Lee Hyori is coming back to TV. It has been announced that Lee Hyori will be the MC of SBS‘s new music program and that Jung Jae Hyung would be her partner. Lee Hyori’s management company representative revealed on January 16th in a phone conversation with NewsEN, “Music program MC is confirmed

‘You and I’ Lee Hyori “I want to invite my boyfriend Lee Sangsoon”

Singer Lee Hyori revealed her desire to invite her boyfriend Lee Sangsoon as a guest on her new show 'You and I'. On the 21st, during the press conference for 'You and I', Lee Hyori was asked what she would do if Lee Sangsoon was a guest star on the show

Lee Hyori Wants to Invite Her Boyfriend to "You & I"

Lee Hyori would like to invite her boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon, onto the music talk show "You & I" if given the opportunity. On February 21, Lee Hyori was asked how she'd feel if Lee Sang Soon was invited to appear on "You & I" at the SBS Hall

Lee Hyori breaks up with her boyfriend…?

Lee Hyori recently trolled the MCs and the guests that appeared on the latest recording of ‘Happy Together 3′. During the recording for the 10 year anniversary of ‘Happy Together 3′, Hyori was questioned whether she’s been doing well with her boyfriend, but to everyone’s surprise, she revealed, “We broke up

Lee Hyori Went to Hongdae to See Her Boyfriend Lee Sang Soon

In order to see her boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon, perform onstage, Lee Hyori went to a club in Hongdae. A person related to the music industry stated that Lee Hyori went to Club Evans on March 31 to see the rehearsal of singer-songwriter Yoon Young Bae's performance, which Lee Sang Soon was a part of during the guitar session

Hyori Describes Her Boyfriend as Old and Ugly

On the pilot episode of OnStyle “Golden 12,” Lee Hyori called her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon old and ugly. During the episode, Hyori and several of her close friends -  stylist Han Hye Yeon, designer  , photographer Hong Jang Hyun, author Lee Joo Hee, singer Bae Da Hae, and other – gathered at Hyori’s house to chat when Hyori declared, “We need a young male singer, who can write songs and play the guitar, on our show

Lee Hyori called her boyfriend “old and ugly” on TV?

Singer Lee Hyori caught the attention of viewers when she jokingly pointed out flaws in her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon‘s appearance. On the April 5th broadcast of cable channel OnStyle‘s ‘Golden 12‘, Lee Hyori’s first meeting with the other cast members was aired

Lee Hyori: “My Boyfriend and I Had Bad First Impressions of Each Other”

It looks like first impressions don’t mean everything in the case of Lee Hyori and her boyfriend! For the episode of “Healing Camp” that will broadcast on April 16, Lee Hyori revealed much about her relationship

Lee Hyori talks about how she met her boyfriend on ‘Healing Camp’

Korea diva Lee Hyori recently shared the story of how she met her current boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon. On April 16th, SBS revealed that Lee Hyori addressed past rumors that floated around her career and also shared a story of how she met and reunited with her current boyfriend in the latest recording of ‘Healing Camp‘

Hyori’s mom shed tears when she saw her daughter’s boyfriend Lee Sang Soon

Singer Lee Hyori revealed that her mother shed tears after seeing her current boyfriend Lee Sang Soon for the very first time. On the April 23rd broadcast of SBS ‘Healing Camp‘, Lee Hyori began opening up about her boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon

Lee Hyori talks about her boyfriend’s humble nature

Sexy Queen Hyori talked about what attracted her to her current boyfriend. On the April 23rd broadcast of SBS ‘Healing Camp‘, Hyori shared the love story behind herself and her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon

After Learning About the Relationship Lee Hyori's Mother Cried Because Her Boyfriend Was Ugly

We reported yesterday, that for the SBS “Healing Camp” second episode of the Lee Hyori special which broadcast on April 23, Lee Hyori spoke about the first time her relationship was revealed and her mother’s outcry

Lee Hyori shares a photo taken with boyfriend Lee Sang Soon

Singer Lee Hyori shared an intimate couple photo. On the April 23rd episode of SBS ‘Healing Camp‘, Hyori revealed a photo she took with her current boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon. The black-and-white photo drew much attention as the two, who were labeled as ‘Beauty and the Beast’ upon going public with their relationship, looked rather good together

Lee Hyori's Boyfriend Lee Sang Soon to Appear on "You And I"

The latest "beauty and the beast" couple, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon will appear on the same program at the same time. Lee Sang Soon will appear on Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung's "You And I." The recording of this particular episode will take place on May 1 and Lee Sang Soon will stand on stage as the guitarist for singer/songwriter Yoon Young Bae's performance

Lee Hyori's boyfriend, Lee Sangsoon, to make an appearance on her show as a guitarist

Singer Lee Hyori and her boyfriend, Lee Sangsoon, will make a stage appearance together for the first time since their relationship became public. Lee Sangsoon will be featured on the music program that Lee Hyori currently hosts, SBS's "You and I," where he is slated to give a guitar performance

Lee Hyori Jams with Boyfriend on "You and I"

On the most recent episode of "You and I," Lee Hyori's boyfriend Lee Sang Soon made a special guest appearance as a guitarist for singer Yoon Young Bae's stage. Lee Hyori also joined Yoon Young Bae's performance of "Spider Man" as a featured artist, presenting a perfect harmony with his unique voice

Lee Hyori reveals her thoughts on marrying boyfriend Lee Sang Soon

Singer Lee Hyori revealed her thoughts on marrying her current boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon. On the May 24th episode of OnStyle‘s ‘Lee Hyori’s Social Club Golden 12‘, Hyori met with former Miss Korea Lee Honey to bake a few vegan treats

Lee Hyori Talks About Her Boyfriend Lee Sang Soon "As Long As He Looks Good To Me"

lee hyori, baek ji young, you & i, lee sang soon, jung suk won Lee Hyori Talks About Her Boyfriend Lee Sang Soon "As Long As He Looks Good To Me" Singer Lee Hyori showed her affection for her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon

Hyori receives a visit from boyfriend Lee Sang Soon on ‘Golden 12′

Lee Hyori and boyfriend Lee Sang Soon recently displayed their affection for each other. On June 14th, On Style‘s ‘Golden 12′ broadcasted backstage footage of Lee Hyori and the other ‘Golden 12′ members preparing for the ‘[bo:da]‘ concert

Lee Hyori and boyfriend Lee Sang Soon take off on a romantic getaway

  It’s been reported that singer Lee Hyori and boyfriend Lee Sang Soon have taken off on a romantic getaway to the Island of Palau. The couple took a five-day four-night trip to the island with acquaintances, from June 28th to July 2nd