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Lee Hyori’s behavior at ’2012 Autumn Seoul Fashion Week‘ stirred up the net!

On the 26th, Hyori attended the ’2012 Autumn Seoul Fashion Week‘. After model Hye Park has finished her catwalk and was walking back, Lee Hyori suddenly called out, “Hye Park!“. The action caused Hye Park to burst into laughter right on stage. It was known that Hyori and Hye Park were good friends for a long time.

After the show, designer Yoni P tweeted both Lee Hyori and Hye Park , “How can you call Hye Park’s name during a show? Keke an article came up right away. Ah.. This is so funny.” Lee Hyori explained, “I was happy to see her“.

Despite the reactions from fans were mostly positive, some others accused Lee Hyori of lacking professionalism, “Have a bit of common sense… That’s a professional fashion show“, “Why did Hyori do that?“, and “Even if she was close to the model, I wish she thought of the others that were there

[News/Photo] Lee Hyori releases 2012 Calendar with her dog Soonshim

Lee Hyori, who is well-known for her efforts in helping out abandoned animals, revealed a picture off of the calendar with her dog Soonshim.

On December 15th, Lee Hyori tweeted, "The ‘Lee Hyori Calendar’ started selling. 12,000 KRW per. Free shipping! The calendar is really beautiful. It is being sold at First Look, buy it online only, please let your friends know."

Captioned with "Don’t buy, adopt", the photo shows Lee Hyori holding her dog Soon Shim while posing affectionately. The 2012 calendar shows the close relationship between the owner and pet as a promotion for animal adoption.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori received the "People who Made the World Brighter Award" organized by Korea Green Foundation on December 12th.

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Written by: jhezwafu @dkpopnews

Lee Hyori donates $107,000 from Eco Project 2012 calendar

Back in December, Lee Hyori released a 2012 calendar with her dog Soonshim to promote animal adoption. The calendars sold for around $10 a piece and it was reported that all the proceeds would be donated to helping animals and now the first check has finally arrived.

On February 18th, Lee Hyori tweeted, “On the behalf of everyone, I donated the first payment from the sales of Soonshim’s calendar. To everyone who participated in making this calendar happen and everyone who supported this and donated, you have my sincere thanks. Oh yeah, Soonshim you did a good job as well.” Along with this tweet, she added the photo seen above.

The photo was a proof shot of Lee Hyori donating 120 million won (around $107,000) to the Korean Animal Welfare Association