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Lee Hongki shares a unique selca

FT Island’s Lee Hongki uploaded a unique picture onto his twitter. On January 16th, Hongki uploaded the above picture onto his twitter and tweeted, “This kind of feeling?” The picture shows Hongki crouching in front of a mirror and making a cute pouting face that brought smiles to the faces of fans

FT Island Lee HongKi "Eyes Open, Ears Listening"

On the 7th, Lee HongKi uploaded a picture on his twitter with the words "I feel like somebody behind me is copying my expresseion..."  The picture was a close-up of Lee HongKi's face that showed his clear white skin and big eyes and nose

FT Island’s Lee Hongki admits he fought with former member, Oh Wonbin

Rock band FT Island‘s lead vocal Lee Hongki admitted that he had gotten into an intense argument with former band member Oh Wonbin. FT Island who recently made a comeback with their new album ‘GROWN-UP‘ guest-featured on the February 10th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘ and performed their previous hit “I Hope“, as well as their new song “Severely“

FT Island wins Music On Top, Hongki and Minhwan swap positions?

Since FT Island’s comeback this month with their brand new mini-album “Grown Up,” the group has been grabbing the top spots of various music charts and shows. Again, the group managed to clinch another tilt with their single “Severely” this time on jTBC’s Music On Top

FT Island’s Lee Hongki Misses Chance to Win 50 Million Won

***Watch a 1 minute clip of the screenshot by clicking on the blue icon on the top right side of the image*** On February 28, FT Island’s Lee Hongki made an appearance on the KBS quiz show, “1 vs

FT Island’s Lee Hongki comes close to winning on ’1 vs 100′

FT Island‘s lead vocal Lee Hongki expressed his regret over his inability to be victorious on KBS 2TV‘s game show ‘1 vs 100‘. Hongki wrote via his Twitter page on February 28th, “Did you watch ’1 vs 100′? Wasn’t it Daebak? So close

Lee Hongki sings for his fans in celebration of his birthday

FT Island lead vocalist Lee Hongki sang a song for his fans in celebration of his 22nd birthday. The singer recorded a special surprise video message, in which he sang a song with sweet lyrics that touched the hearts of his fans

Lee Hongki’s song dedicated to fans is Fat Cat’s new single

  Ft. Island member Hongki, recently dedicated a song to fans that has since been revealed as Fat Cat‘s upcoming single. On his Daum fan cafe, Hongki uploaded a video, singing a ballad track for 30 seconds

Lee Hongki tweets photo before leaving for the States

F.T. Island‘s Lee Hongki recently shared a photo for his fans through Twitter along with the caption, “Slowly getting ready to leave for the States“. The photo shows the lead vocalist wearing glasses and a bright yellow hoodie while slightly pouting his lips toward the camera

Lee Hongki’s fresh selca wakes up fans

  Yesterday morning, FT Island‘s Lee Hongki did a little bit of fan service by tweeting “ppyong“, with the picture above. The netizens were grateful for a good picture to start their day with and commented, “Making my eyes happy from the beginning of the day“, “You’re prettier than a girl“, and “Have a happy day

F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki dozes off in selca

F.T. Island‘s Lee Hongki posted a sleepy picture of himself on his Twitter account. On March 17th, the idol drowsily tweeted, “Good morning, I’m tired. I’ll see you later at 1:30,” along with a picture of himself getting some shut-eye on a couch

FT Island’s Hongki is studying for his upcoming midterms

FT Island‘s Lee Hongki is focusing all of his attention on studying for his midterms. The singer who is a Communication & Information major at Kyunghee University recently wrapped up promotions for “Severely” with his group, and is in complete study mode

Veteran singer Joo Hyun Mi chooses F.T. Island’s Hongki as an idol she’d like to duet with

Veteran vocalist Joo Hyun Mi has chosen F.T. Island‘s Hongki as the male idol she would most like to have a duet with! Joo Hyun Mi recently guested on TV Chosun‘s ‘Talk Show Comment‘ where she was asked to choose a male idol to perform a duet with should the opportunity arise

F.T. Island’s Hongki combines sports & music for in ‘Dazed & Confused’

F.T. Island‘s Hongki has participated in a new London Olympics-themed pictorial for ‘Dazed & Confused‘ magazine! To celebrate the London Olympics, the pictorial created its theme based on the idea of “an olympics of musicians” featuring Hongki

FT Island’s Lee Hongki Takes First Solo Magazine Photo Shoot for the London Olympics

FT Island’s Lee Hongki took his first ever solo magazine photo shoot for the latest photo spread of fashion magazine, Dazed & Confused. The July issue of the magazine featured a photo shoot titled, “Musicians’ Olympic,” which is organized to celebrate the upcoming London Olympic

FTISLAND Lee Hongki Reveals An Update Photo Of The Band

ftisland, lee honki, choi min hwan, lee jae jin, choi jung hun ft FTISLAND Lee Hongki revealed a photo of the band during their tour. On July 3, he posted on his twitter three consecutive photos of his waiting room

FT Island's Lee Hongki to return to silver screen with "Our Heaven"

FT Island's vocalist Lee Hongki will be returning to the silver screen with his upcoming movie, "Our Heaven." Although he has shown his acting in dramas such as SBS's "You're Beautiful" in 2009, this film will mark his first appearance in the movie world since his 2005 work, "Winter Child

FT Island’s Hongki cast in upcoming film, ‘Our Heaven’

Lee Hongki (born March 2, 1990) is a Korean idol singer, actor and MC. He is the lead singer of popular Korean band F.T Island, a Korean rock band, is well known for his powerful and versatile voice

FT Island Members Lee Hongki and Lee Jaejin Goes on a Date

lee hongki, lee jaejin, FT ISLAND On July 29, Lee Hongki uploaded a photo on his Twitter saying "Date with Jaejin! Such a nice weather!" On the uploaded photo, Lee Hongki and Lee Jaejin can be seen walking on the street together, wearing hat and sunglasses

"GO Show" Lee Hongki, "Women's Underwear? I Tried It On Out of Curiosity"

ft island, lee hongki asdf Group FT Island's member Lee Hongki explained about the rumor of him and bras. In SBS "GO Show" aired today, when MC Go Hyun Jung asked Lee Hong Ki, "Why are there rumors about you putting on bras?", he answered, "When I was young, my fans gave me women's underwear as presents, and it was not even new