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SNSD Has a Successful Hong Kong Concert

SNSD held a concert which was a part of their “2012 Girls’ Generation Tour in HONGKONG” at the Hong Kong Asia World Arena on January 15. The girls captivated the fans with their fantastic stage performances and passion

Girls’ Generation wraps up successful solo concert in Hong Kong

Girls’ Generation have successfully completed their solo concert in Hong Kong! On January 15th, the girls held their ‘2012 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR in HONG KONG‘ show at the Asia World-Arena, where they delivered 32 songs for their adoring fans

SNSD's Airport Fashion While Returning from Hong Kong

Early the night of Monday, January 16, the members of SNSD returned to Korea after finishing their "2012 Girls' Generation Tour in HONG KONG." Let's check out some of the pictures: Sunny, keeps her face tucked into her high collar black jacket and looks down at her feet as she makes her way through Incheon Airport

SNSD Solo Concert in Hong Kong a Success

As reported earlier, our girl’s flew over to Hong Kong for a solo concert as part of their 2nd Asia tour.The girls performed a blistering 32 song set which included, “Mr. Taxi”, “Oh”, “Gee”, “The Boys”, many other of their hit songs, plus their solo performances

More Airport Fashion – Off to Hong Kong SNSD Goes

On January 14th, the girls were seen entering Incheon Int’l Airport on their way to Hong Kong for another concert off their 2nd Asia Tour.  This one is scheduled for the 15th at the AsiaWorld-Expo

The Ladies Get Featured In Hong Kong’s Yes Magazine

  It looks like our 9 ladies’ recent Japanese release has even made the news in Hong Kong… A recent issue of Hong Kong’s Yes magazine (the 10/6/11 issue to be exact) carried a 4-page spread on the 9 ladies’ latest Japanese release

FT Island's Lee Hong-gi Melting Hearts with his Sexy Voice.

Home Archives Music Photos Stars Videos kpopstarz TV FT Island's Lee Hong-gi Melting Hearts with his Sexy Voice. Print This Article Send This Aricle Tweet by KpopStarz ReporterUpdated: February 1, 2012 12:31 AM EST Lee Honggi was seen performing at the MBC Festival, singing a heart-wrenching ballad

4minute’s Sweet Secret in Hong Kong

4minute on High Cut magazine, photo shots in the streets of Hong Kong. Credits: HighCut (Korean)

Hong Suk Chun the ‘bad hand’ closer. Not even the groom can escape it

Entertainer Hong Suk Chun flipped his ‘bad hand’ out even at a wedding. Hong Suk Chun tweeted on December 2nd, ‘with Ji Tae and Hyo Jin‘ along with a picture. Hong Suk Chun attended the wedding of Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin the same day

Hong Soo Hyun vs Jung Ryu Won, sexy and youthful battle of the hot bodies

The filming of the title sequence for SBS‘s new drama ‘The History of the Salaryman’ was revealed at a set in Hapcheon Image Theme Park on November 30th. Actresses Hong Soo Hyun and Jung Ryu Won are posing for the shoot for the poster each of them looking attractive in their own way

Hong Soo Hyun’s definition of sensuality and sexiness

Actress Hong Soo Hyun‘s particular definition of ‘Sexy and Sensual’ is making everyone laugh. Recently on an online community board, a video clip was posted tagged, ‘Hong Soo Hyun’s own Korean dictionary’

F.T. Island releases MV for ‘Severely’, “Lee Hong Ki’s acting really shines through”

F.T. Island‘s music video for the group’s new song ‘Severely’ has been released. F.T. Island has kicked off the group’s comeback by releasing the title song ‘Severely’ for downloads on the 31st

HaHa learns to chicken fight from Kim Jong Kook and dominates over No Hong Chul

HaHa‘s ‘Super Ultra Tornado Flying Knee Kick’ helps him earn several victories in a row. The 2nd part of ‘HaHa vs Hong Chul’ special episode aired on MBC ‘Infinity Challenge’ on the 28th

Running Man, Song Ji Hyo vs. Hong Soo Hyun: the battle of the beauties. Who won?

Actress Hong Soo Hyun and and Song Ji Hyo battled it out against each other’s beauty. Hong Soo Hyun and Song Ji Hyo used their beauties to their full advantage on the January 22nd episode of SBS’s ‘Running Man – Lunar New Year’s Special’

Jung Gyu Woon with Hong Soo Hyun & Jung Ryeo Won pose affectionately

Jung Gyu Woon revealed a picture taken with some of the cast members of ‘The History of the Salaryman’. Jung Gyu Woon tweeted on January 21st, “Got snowed in Incheon” along with a picture

Wonder Girls Hyerim at dance party “In school in Hong Kong”

Wonder Girls member Hyerim revealed a picture from a dance party. Hyerim posted on her Me2Day on January 21st, “I remember the day of the dance party when I was going to school in Hong Kong“, along with a picture

Hong Soo Hyun’s ultra close up selca “Too tired?”

Actress Hong Soo Hyun‘s ultra close up selca reveals just how tired she is. On January 15th, a picture was posted on a popular online community board tagged, ‘Hong Soo Hyun, What to do with the wrinkles…’ Hong Soo Hyun appears to be posing with a thumb up during the filming of her drama wearing a red top

Lee Hong Ki shows a new and unique approach to selca

F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki says hello to the fans with a unique selca. Lee Hong Ki tweeted a short message along with a photo on the 16th, “This kind of feel?”. In the photo, Lee Hong Ki is seen squatting down while capturing the reflection of himself in the mirror

HaHa sad, “Kim Tae Ho PD takes No Hong Chul’s side”

HaHa expressed that he was sad because of Kim Tae Ho PD of MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’. HaHa expressed his disappointment at Kim Tae Ho PD through his Twitter account on January 4th. HaHa’s expression was a cute response to Kim Tae Ho PD’s answer to No Hong Chul‘s statement

Lee Chung Ah, “Wonder if butler No Hong Chul is doing well?”

Actress Lee Chung Ah drew attention wondering about No Hong Chul. Lee Chung Ah posted on her Me2Day on December 26th, “Found a picture from ‘Fox’s Butler’ a million years ago. It was so much fun then