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Goo Hara’s shocking post double eyelid surgery selca

Kara member Goo Hara‘s picture from the past has been revealed drawing attention. Recently on an online community board, a picture of Goo Hara, which appears to have been taken right after double eyelid surgery was posted tagged ‘Goo Hara’s shocking selca’

T-ara Boram's Drastic Makeover with Double Eyelid Surgery

Girl group T-ara's Boram has recently become a hot topic due to some of her past photos.On March 26, a post was made on an online community forum with the title, "Jeon Boram, Whose Life Was Drastically Changed Due To Double Eyelid Surgery," along with some photos

G.NA had glamorous figure but no double eyelid

Old pictures of singer G.NA are getting a lot of attention. An online community posted pictures with the caption, “In the old pictures of G.NA, she has amazing figure but no double eyelid.” In the pictures, G

CL gets double eyelid surgery

  For those of you who are freaking out, you have just fallen for CL‘s April Fool’s Day prank. On April 1st, CL of the fierce foursome 2NE1 wrote on her me2day, “I got double eyelid surgery, thanks“, with the above photo

In celebration of April Fools’ Day, 2NE1’s CL gets double eyelid

In celebration of April Fools’ Day, 2NE1’s CL released a picture of herself after a surgery for double eyelid. On April 1, CL tweeted the picture with the comment, “I’ve undergone a surgery for double eyelid

2NE1 CL Underwent Double Eyelid Surgery?

CL, girl group 2NE1’s leader, confessed that she went through a double eyelid surgery. On April 1, the singer posted a picture along with the caption: “I did a double eyelid surgery. Thanks” on her me2day

2PM’s Junho reveals his mother suggested double eyelid surgery

2PM‘s Junho revealed that his mother suggested that he undergo double-eyelid surgery. Idol group 2PM held their ‘2PM’s Hottest Party‘ at Kyunghee University on April 1st with their fans

Rain mulls future eyelid surgery

Singer and current military man Rain was present at the Military Manpower Administration in Seoul on April 10 where he was appointed a new position as the PR ambassador for the military. At the event, attended by a throng of press, Rain was asked the question of whether he had any plans to undergo surgery for double eyelids

Jay Park Looks Like He Got Double Eyelid Surgery

Jay Park and choreographer Haw have transformed together. On April 25, Haw revealed a picture on his twitter and wrote, "Double eyelid surgery brothers or butter brother. Haha." It is garnering attention from many people

JYP Entertainment’s single eyelid stars gain attention

For those familiar with K-pop and beauty standards in Asian countries, you know that double eyelids are one of the most obsessed about factors in one’s appearance. However, JYP Entertainment‘s single eyelid stars have recently been gaining attention as examples of celebrities who have no problems shining even without the coveted double eyelids

Super Junior’s Shindong: “My Double Eyelid Surgery Increased the Number of My International Fans”

Super Junior’s Shindong made a joke about his double eyelids that made everybody laugh! Shindong stated on May 13 during the “Super Show 4” press conference, “I wanted to gain popularity like my fellow members, that is the reason I decided to get double eyelid surgery

Did Sistar’s Bora undergo a double eyelid surgery?

Sistar’s Bora revealed that she had visited a plastic surgeon because of her double eyelids. Previously at the press conference that was held at Hyatt Hotel on June 25, Bora revealed, “It’s not that I didn’t consider having a plastic surgery, but people around me stopped me from having them

Girl’s Day’s Minah: “I thought that if I get the double eyelid surgery, my eyes would look better so I seriously considered getting it done.”

Girl’s Day’s member Minah appeared as one of the guests on the November 17th broadcast of MBC’s “Sebakwi”. During the show, Minah revealed, “Many people told me that my eyes look pretty when I smile, but I think that just means I don’t have the double eyelids

Comedian Park Myung Soo confesses he cried after getting double eyelid surgery

Comedian Park Myung Soo revealed an instance when he shed tears. The January 31st broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together‘ aired ‘the Weak Men’ special with guest stars, Kim Tae Won, Lee Yoon Suk, Yang Sang Kook, and INFINITE‘s Sunggyu

SISTAR's Hyorin admits on having double eyelid surgery

SISTAR's Hyorin cooly admits of undergoing double eyelid surgery. On February 11th, Hyorin and her mother were one of the guests for the "Star Family Show Mamma Mia!" on KBS. On the said broadcast, Hyorin's mother brought along childhood photos of Hyorin, revealing her cute and small eyes

SISTAR’s Hyorin admits to getting double eyelid surgery

SISTAR‘s Hyorin admitted to getting plastic surgery. The singer was a guest on the Lunar New Year special of ‘Mama Mia‘, and the show revealed her baby photo. Even though Hyorin had large eyes with double eyelids now, when she was younger she had smaller, single-eyelid eyes

SISTAR’s Hyorin Calmly Admits that She Had Double Eyelid Surgery

On KBS’s Lunar New Year special “Star Family Show Mama Mia,” which was aired on February 11, SISTAR’s Hyorin appeared with her mother and revealed her childhood photo. When her picture was released, comedian Hong Rok Gi stated, “Why is it that you resembled me so much when you were young? And I guess your eyes were much smaller

Park Ji Min Gets Double-Eyelid Surgery!

park ji min, sbs, k-pop star park ji min double-eyelid surgery Park Ji Min's face is catching much attention. In recent online community forum, several pictures were posted under 'Park Ji Min who recently got double-eyelid plastic surgery

Did Park Ji Min get double eyelid surgery?

15&’s Park Ji Min is currently in the center of attention for her recent change in appearance. On July 10th, the finalists of season 1 and 2 of ‘K-Pop Star’ appeared as guests on SBS ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’, and Park Ji Min caught the attention of viewers and netizens for her slightly different facial appearance, leading to suspicions of getting double-eyelid surgery

Kim Bum Soo Discusses His Recent Eyelid Surgery On His Radio Show

Kim Bum Soo New eyes and a killer ride: Kim Bum Soo Kim opened up about his recent eye job on his Korean Broadcasting System radio show "Kim Bum Soo's Gayo Plaza" on Wednesday. Although he was just released from the hospital in early July after receiving reparative surgery for damage to his his knee ligaments, South Korean singer Kim Bum Soo went under the knife again recently, this time to correct a plastic surgery mishap