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‘K-Pop Star’ Lee Hayi Was Unable to Hit High Notes

Posted: January 29, 2012 8:58 PM EST K-Pop Star ‘K-Pop Star’ contestant Lee Hayi missed a high note when she sang “For You” by Lim Jae-bum. The recent episode aired on January 29 showed the contestants taking part in the casting auditions

Who Performed the Best Among Todays ‘K-Pop Star’ Contestant Park Ji Min, Michelle Lee and Lee Hayi?

Posted: February 5, 2012 4:00 PM EST K-Pop Star With the final contestants decided for SBS ‘K-Pop Star.’ KpopStarz wanted to ask our reader who is your favorite performance between Park Ji Min, Michelle Lee and Lee Hayi

[Audio] 'K-Pop Star' Lee Hayi and Youn Hyensang release special digital single

SBS audition program 'K-Pop Star' contestants Lee Hayi and Youn Hyensang released a special digital single "K-pop star Special No.1". The single contains a total of two tracks "For You" and "Farewell , That I Wasn't Able To See" as well as an instrumental

Lee Hayi Spotted at Kim Yuna’s Ice Show

The runner up on KPOP Star’s Season 1, Lee Hayi has been spotted at the Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul and shown her mature charisma. She has been invited as a special guest to sing on SBS “All That Skate Summer 2012

YG Entertainment reveals release dates for Epik High's 7th album and Lee Hayi's debut single

Epik High will finally be making their comeback as a trio after a 3-year hiatus, and are set to release their 7th studio album. On September 29th, YG Entertainment officially announced Epik High's comeback through their blog, YG-Life

Epik High reveals jacket image for upcoming digital single ft. Lee Hayi

Epik High will soon be making their comeback, starting with a new digital single! On October 9th, Epik High will be releasing their digital single "It's Cold" featuring SBS "K-Pop Star" runner-up Lee Hayi

Epik High releases digital single "It's Cold", featuring Lee Hayi

After revealing several teaser images in addition to a single jacket photo via YG Life, Epik High has revealed their latest digital single "It's Cold", featuring Lee Hayi. While member Tablo has worked with labelmate G-Dragon on "Light It Up", off of "One Of A Kind", the release of "It's Cold" marks the return of Epik High following a three year hiatus

Epik High achieves an all-kill with "It's Cold" single ft. Lee Hayi

After being on hiatus for 3 years as a group, Epik High recently released their digital single "It's Cold" featuring SBS "K-Pop Star" Lee Hayi ahead of the release of their studio album. "It's Cold" immediately gained positive reactions from Epik High fans, who have been waiting for the group's return as members Tukutz and Mithra completed their military services

Lee Hayi releases first image teaser for upcoming solo debut single

SBS "K-Pop Star" runner up Lee Hayi is preparing for her solo debut in just a few days! Prior to her solo debut, Lee Hayi featured in Epik High's single "It's Cold," which achieved an all-kill status

Lee Hayi reveals 2nd image teaser for upcoming debut solo single, ""

Three days remain until SBS "K-Pop Star" runner-up Lee Hayi releases her debut solo single, "" After releasing the image teaser yesterday through YG Entertainment's blog YG-Life, a second image teaser for Lee Hayi has been revealed on October 26th

Lee Hayi reveals 3rd image teaser for "" debut single

On October 27th, SBS "K-Pop Star" runner up Lee Hayi, under YG Entertainment, released her 3rd image teaser for her upcoming solo debut with the single "" Just a few days ago, YG Entertainment began revealing image teasers for Lee Hayi (1, 2) on their blog YG-Life, starting the countdown until the release of her debut single

Lee Hayi brings out the fourth teaser image of her debut album, titled 1,2,3,4, a day before its release

Lee Hayi has brought out the fourth teaser image of her debut album, titled 1,2,3,4, a day before its release. On the morning of October 28, YG Entertainment released Lee’s fourth teaser image on its official blog

Lee Hayi's 4th image teaser released + official counter posted for debut single, ""

On October 28th, the 4th image teaser for Lee Hayi's upcoming debut single was released on YG Entertainment's blog, YG-Life. A few hours later, the official counter to her release was posted as well

Lee Hayi releases MV for debut single ""

After teasing fans with various image teasers, Lee Hayi has finally released the full music video for her debut single ""! "" was produced by YG Entertainment's Lydia Park and CHOICE37, who was the mastermind behind Big Bang's "Bad Boy" and G-dragon's "One of a Kind

Lee Hayi achieves all-kill status with debut single ""

Singer Lee Hayi has achieved an all-kill status with her single "" on online charts on the 2nd day after its release. On October 30th, Lee Hayi released her debut solo single "" and has occupied first place on online real-time charts for Melon, Mnet, Soribada, Bugs Music, Olleh Music, Naver Music, Daum Music, monkey3 and Cyworld Music