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Kim Jang Hoon Thought MC Mong Was Going to Die

Singer Kim Jang Hoon sent fellow artist MC Mong on a trip to the United States in fear that if he didn’t take action MC Mong would soon die. Kim Jang Hoon posted on his blog a few days ago that, while writing a heart wrenching letter about a young girl, MC Mong’s health had come to mind

Kim Jang Hoon on MC Mong: “I thought he was going to die”

Singer Kim Jang Hoon is becoming a hot topic after he wrote a long post about MC Mong on his minihompi. Kim Jang Hoon is known for speaking out on issues related to depression and panic disorders, and he noticed that his industry junior was showing some alarming signs

BoA Casts Lee Seung Hoon’s Team but Asks “Do You Hate Me?”

Lee Seung Hoon who gained a lot of attention for his funny rap lyrics and dance skills was teamed up with the younger dancers Choi Rae Sung and Park Jung Eun. Lee Seung Hoon seemed a bit worried about singing when the team was created

BoA To Lee Seung Hoon “Do You Hate Me?”

sbs, BoA, reality, competition, winner, cast, kpop, k-pop BoA To Lee Seung Hoon “Do You Hate Me?” BoA made her intentions clear when it came to Lee Seung Hoon and his team. Regardless of his thoughts on her, she wanted him and that was that

Suzy & Lee Je Hoon’s kiss scene revealed

Miss A’s Suzy and actor Lee Je Hoon‘s kiss scene is making waves on the web. The teaser trailer for the movie ‘Architecture Theory’ had been released on the 16th. The teaser shows an architecture major college student (Lee Je Hoon) meeting a music major student (Suzy) by chance and falling in love with her

Suzy, “was very nervous at kiss scene with Lee Je Hoon”

Miss A member Suzy revealed a behind the scenes story from the filming of the movie ‘Architecture Theories’. On the January 11th installment of SBS’s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’, Suzy was asked what was most memorable from the filming of the movie

Yun Jung Hoon on board ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ Season 2 shooting for summer

OCN’s ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ which ended in December after much success, is preparing for season 2. The production team lead for ‘Vampire Prosecutor’, Park Ho Shik, revealed to Star News on January 11th, “We are preparing for production with summer this year as the goal

Kim Jung Hoon selected as the MC for K-Pop program in Japan

Former UN member Kim Jung Hoon has been selected as the MC of a music program on Japan’s Fuji TV. Kim Jung Hoon’s management company Mersenne Entertainment revealed on January 5th, “Kim Jung will be appearing as the MC of Fuji TV K-Pop broadcast ‘Gaon TV’

Han Ga In beautiful in Hanbok implies on plans for baby with Yun Jung Hoon

Han Ga In indirectly commented on her plans for a baby with husband Yun Jung Hoon. The production report of MBC‘s new drama ‘The Moon that Embraced the Sun’ took place at the 63 Building in Seoul

Yun Jung Hoon, “I’m a family oriented husband”, an in-depth interview

A righteous prosecutor with a big secret. As it turns out he was a blood sucking vampire. Having achieved cable TV’s highest ratings ever of 4.3% and beloved by the loyal following, the flawless lead actor Yun Yung Hoon states, “You think just anyone gets to play a role like this? I had a blast filming” and he laughed loudly

Yun Jung Hoon & Han Ga In married 6 years, why no babies?

Actor Yun Jung Hoon confessed that the reason for not having babies is because “Han Ga In is against it”. In the interview with Daily Sports on December 20th, Yun Jung Hoon relayed, “Really love babies

Yun Jung Hoon’s ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ #1 in ratings

‘Vampire Prosecutor’ took the #1 spot in ratings among Cable TV programs for the time slot. The December 11th episode of OCN‘s first Korean vampire crime investigations drama ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ took the 1st place among Cable TV programs reaching the #1 spot in ratings for 10 weeks for the time slot for an incredible record

Actress Kim Hyun Joo and Actor Kim Jung Hoon are Coming Back in ‘’Dummy Sister’’

Kim Hyun Joo and Kim Jung Hoon are close to joining the cast for upcoming SBS weekend mini series ‘’Dummy Sister.’’ Kim Hyun Joo is confirmed for this drama but Kim Jung Hoon’s management stated, "The official contract hasn't been signed yet but we are talking about it very optimistically

Kangta, Gil, Baek Ji Young, & Shin Seung Hoon to serve as coaches on ‘Voice Korea’

Prior to the pilot broadcast for ‘Voice Korea‘, Mnet aired a special called ‘Mnet Voice Korea V-Point’ on February 3rd to further heighten anticipation for the show. The four coaches (Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Kangta, and Leessang‘s Gil) each revealed what they’ll be looking for in the contestants

Yeon Jung-hoon back on cable with an emperor complex

Yeon Jung-hoon hit it big with cable in last year’s sensation, Vampire Prosecutor, and now he’s heading back (though on a different station) for another drama, tentatively titled For the Emperor

Joo Ji-hoon makes his comeback in sageuk film

Joo Ji-hoon‘s first project out of army duty was supposed to be the musical Dr. Zhivago, but he backed out due to health reasons. (Rehearsal strained his vocal cords; he was replaced by Jo Seung-woo

Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Kangta and Gil Cover Secret's "Magic"

Music fans are always in for a treat when veteran singers cover a track from some of K-Pop’s most popular groups. Secret’s fans are anticipating how the girl group’s “Magic” would sound like when interpreted by their seniors Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Kangta and Gil

Kangta, Baek Ji Young, Gil, & Shin Seung Hoon to perform remake of SECRET’s “Magic”

The four coaches from ‘Voice Korea’ have come together to perform their version of SECRET‘s hit song, “Magic”. Though they’ve been busy with their respective schedules, Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Gil, and Kangta made sure to pencil in rehearsals in order to deliver an outstanding performance

Suzy Picked as Favorite miss A Member by Lee Jae Hoon

During a recent press conference, actor Lee Jae Hoon said, "From the members of Miss A, I like Suzy the best." On the afternoon of February 13, the movie, "Introduction to Architecture," held a press conference at Seoul Lotte Cinema, where all four main characters (Uhm Tae Woong, Han Ga In, Suzy, and Lee Jae Hoon) were present

Lee Jae Hoon, “miss A’s Suzy was my first kiss”

Actor Lee Jae Hoon recently said that he gave his first kiss to miss A’s Suzy. On February 13, actors and staff members attended a press conference for the movie Introduction to Architecture in Seoul