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Oh Jong Hyuk's Cigarette on "Law of the Jungle" Causes Yet Another Controversy

SBS’s survivor format reality show “ Law of the Jungle”  is swept up in yet another controversy and this time, it’s because one of the show’s cast members was caught holding a cigarette during broadcast.

On August 2, “Law of the Jungle” aired its Caribbean episode where singer and actor Oh Jong Hyuk was captured with a cigarette.

Airing footage of someone holding a cigarette without a mosaic or blur is a problem but the bigger issue is that the particular scene where Oh Jong Hyuk was seen with a cigarette was when the cast members were trying to make a fire from scratch. This led viewers to think, “If someone is able to smoke a cigarette, why couldn’t they make a fire,” causing doubts over the authenticity of the program to rise up once again

Kim Byung Man apologizes for controversy on ‘Laws of the Jungle’

Kim Byung Man apologized to the viewers of ‘Laws of the Jungle‘.

The variety show had come under fire for exaggerating certain elements of the show and claiming certain places were unexplored and dangerous when in fact the places were tourist spots. The show had admitted to their faults and apologized. The main MC of the show, Kim Byung Man also apologized to viewers.

He was on SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘ to try his hand at sky diving. Before his attempt, the interviewer asked him about the controversies on the show. He answered, “I won’t make any more excuses. I’m sorry. I’ll work harder so I won’t surprise anyone now.

Even with the controversy, ‘Laws of the Jungle’ has been enjoying high ratings

Actor Jung Suk Won experiences some tension with netizens regarding the recent controversy of ‘Laws of the Jungle’

Actor Jung Suk Won experienced some tension with netizens regarding the recent controversy surrounding SBS‘s ‘Laws of the Jungle‘.

Jung Suk Won tweeted, “The reason we jumped into the cold ocean and ran under the hot sun with fire in our eyes wasn’t because a camera was in front of us. It was because we were hungry. It was our struggle together with the tribe members to win against the cold and hunger,” in order to clarify that what the cast members’ feel and experience on their trips are completely pure, not faked for the sake of broadcast.

He also added, “The happiness equaled to that of  the 2 years’ memory of the marine task force. I swear with all ten fingers. I don’t know too much, but the message that ‘Laws of the Jungle’ wants to send to the viewers is about the life of human beings

‘Laws of the Jungle’ cast return from filming + official statement released about controversy

The ‘Laws of the Jungle‘ cast has returned from New Zealand after wrapping up their filming.

As expected after their controversy, the cast was swarmed with media members as soon as they came out of the gates. At the airport, Park Bo Young explained, “I went knowing that it would be hard, but it was worse than I expected. I think I excessively whined and complained. I shouldn’t have done anything where things could be misinterpreted but unfortunately what’s done is done. However, the cast cleared up the misunderstandings and we filmed until the end. I don’t know how it will air, but I hope people have a good time watching as much as the effort we put into it.

The show also released an official statement about the controversy on the 11th, saying,

Recently, the head of an agency representing a celebrity posted harmful, baseless comments about ‘Laws of the Jungle’

‘Laws of the Jungle’ ranks #1 in ratings despite controversy

SBS‘ ‘Laws of the Jungle‘ ranked #1 in ratings for its much coveted time slot despite the recent controversy.

Recent comments from the head of Park Bo Young‘s agency has sparked various criticism that the show was completely staged. Nonetheless, according to AGB Nielsen the show raked in an overnight rating of 18.1. Although the rating dropped slightly compared to last week, it was by far the #1 show in it’s time slot. The rating was nearly double of the show in 2nd place.

In the most recent episode, the cast went to fish for piranhas, hunted wild boar, and attended a tribal wedding in which Mir ate a piece of a monkey head.