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ABC News interviews PSY on his latest hit, "Gangnam Style"

It looks like PSY will be reaching even a wider range of international audiences with his hit, "Gangnam Style." ABC News reporter Choi Joohee was able to sit down with PSY to interview him on his recent viral success

B1A4 releases Jinyoung & Baro’s teaser for ‘In The Wind’ ~ Latest K-pop News - K-pop News | Daily K Pop News

The boys of B1A4 are gearing up to make their local comeback this month. After revealing the intro teaser earlier, B1A4’s official website has now released the teaser clips for Jinyoung and Baro! According to the website, B1A4 will release its third mini album ‘In The Wind’ featuring the tile track “Try To Walk” on November 12th

Brown Eyed Girls releases ‘Tonight 37.2 C’ concert spot video ~ Latest K-pop News - K-pop News | Daily K Pop News

Brown Eyed Girls will be holding their own headlining concert this December. To promote the upcoming concert, Nega Network revealed a special concert spot video on its official Youtube channel. Titled ‘Tonight 37

The SEEYA introduces 3rd member Huh Young Joo ~ Latest K-pop News - K-pop News | Daily K Pop News

Core Contents Media’s “second SeeYa” girl group, The SEEYA, has introduced its third member named, Huh Young Joo. Huh Young Joo is 21 years old with a height of 168 cm. In addition to her vocal abilities, she is an acting major at Sungkyunkwan University

Sims 4 News 2014: Latest Sims Installment To Be Revealed At GamesCom 2013

gaming, Sims 4 The Sims Live Broadcast announced some exciting Sims 4 news 2014: The Sims 4 will be unveiled at GamesCom in August 2013. According to the Sims 4 news 2014, the latest Sims game will be heading to the big stage at EA's game conference to happen August of this year

SNSD's Hyoyeon walks along Japan street ~ Latest K-pop News

SNSD's Hyoyeon took a casual walk in Japan just like an ordinary person. On her instagram, she posted a photo of her on a white tee and red pants with black hat and sunglasses. Meanwhile, Hyoyeon and co-member Yuri will appear on Mnet’s new show ‘Dancing 9

Big Bang’s T.O.P sits on the throne for ‘DOOM DADA’ teaser Latest K-Pop News

YG-Life blog has released the third photo teaser for Big Bang T.O.P’s upcoming single ‘DOOM DADA’. Similar to the previous concept, the teaser photo showed T.O.P wearing his suit and an eye patch, while comfortably sitting on his glorious throne

FT Island unveils “Madly” MV teaser Latest K-Pop News

Gearing up for a comeback, FT Island has released another music video teaser for “Madly”. “Madly” is the title track to FT Island’s upcoming 5th mini album ‘The Mood’

FIESTAR releases another MV for “I Don’t Know” Latest K-Pop News

Girl group FIESTAR has just released another music video for latest title track “I Don’t Know”. On November 15, Loen Entertainment released a special clip on Youtube, showing FIESTAR’s performance of “I Don’t Know”

VIXX releases rated-R teaser for “Voodoo Doll” Latest K-Pop News

VIXX has released two new teasers for upcoming title track “Voodoo Doll”. On November 15, VIXX’s official Youtube uploaded two music video teasers for “Voodoo Doll” including the regular and rated-R version which features horrifying scenes of sliced and pierced organs, blood and more

Lee Juk releases “Lie Lie Lie” MV Latest K-Pop News

After pre-releasing the single “Before Sunrise” with Jung In, singer and songwriter Lee Juk finally released his official 5th album ‘Meaning of Loneliness’ and full music video for “Lie Lie Lie”

U-Kiss releases making of “She’s Mine” MV Latest K-Pop News

Giving fans more eye candy, U-Kiss has released the making of “She’s Mine” music video. On November 15, U-Kiss official Youtube uploaded new video showing the behind-the-scenes footage from the music video filming

Big Bang’s T.O.P releases solo single “Doom Dada” Latest K-Pop News

Big Bang’s T.O.P finally unveiled his comeback solo single “Doom Dada”! T.O.P wrote the lyrics to “Doom Dada” while Choice37, who previously made Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” and G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind,” composed the song

Gummy returns with new single “Only One” MV Latest K-Pop News

After the her departure from YG Entertainment, soloist Gummy is back to the music scene with her latest single “Only One”, marking the beginning of a new journey. On November 15, Gummy released her latest single titled “Only One”, a collaboration with rapper Big Brother

Park Shin Hye remakes Standing Egg’s “Goodbye For You, Not For Me” Latest K-Pop News

Actress Park Shin Hye is showing off her singing talent once again by releasing a remake of Standing Egg’s “Goodbye For You, Not For Me”. “Goodbye For You, Not For Me” is originally included in Standing Egg’s first album With

Crayon Pop Mini Album - The Streets Go Disco Latest K-Pop News

This review of Crayon Pop Mini Album - The Streets Go Disco is sponsored by Yesasia Crayon Pop is no doubt one of the hottest female groups in 2013. Their hit song "Bar Bar Bar" dominated music charts for quite some time and the "Jumping" dance is popular among international fans

Seohyun brightens up your day with new selca! Latest K-Pop News

Actively updating her new Twitter account, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun shared a new photo herself for the fans! On November 15, the youngest member of the group tweeted a thoughtful message, “Good morning everybody~!! It’s getting cold!! stay warm:D”, brightening up the day of every fan

Block B Mini Album Vol. 3 - Very Good Latest K-Pop News

This review of Block B Mini Album Vol. 3 is sponsored by Yesasia The 7 hot boys of Block B returned to the KPop scene after a year of hiatus. As expected, the boys impressed with the catchy beat and flawless performance of "Very Good", as mentioned in the title, they did "Very Good" on music charts and won their first ever trophy on music show "Inkigayo" with their latest hit song

Sunny and SiWan to voice act for animated film ‘Rio 2’ Latest K-Pop News

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, ZE:A’s SiWan and actor Ryu Seung Ryong have been cast as the voice actors for upcoming animated film ‘Rio 2’. The three stars will be lending their voice acting skills for upcoming animated film ‘Rio 2’ which is set to be released in South Korea next year on April 24th

Ladies' Code Mini Album Vol. 2 - Code#2 Pretty Pretty Latest K-Pop News

This review of Ladies' Code Mini Album Vol. 2 is sponsored by Yesasia Ladies' Code came back with their 2nd single "Pretty Pretty" and garnered much attention with their amazing live singing ability