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G.Na imitates Lady Gaga’s ribbon hair?

Sexy queen G.Na imitated Lady Gaga’s ‘ribbon hair.’ On the afternoon of May 30, G.Na uploaded two pictures and posted on her Twitter, “Before the shooting yesterday, I tried little Lady Gaga’s ribbon hair with a bright smile

G.NA tries out Lady Gaga’s ‘ribbon hair’

Singer G.NA tried out a hair style that Lady Gaga made famous. G.NA uploaded the photos above onto her personal Twitter page on May 30th and wrote, “Yesterday before I went to my shoot with a bright smile and Lady Gaga’s ribbon hair? Truthfully I was going for the poop hair style, but my hair and makeup director said it looks like a ribbon

G.NA Transforms Into Lady Gaga With Her Signature Ribbon Hair

lady gaga,, twitter G.NA Transforms Into Lady Gaga With Her Signature Ribbon Hair G.NA transformed into little Lady Gaga. On May 30, G.NA posted on her Twitter "Before heading off to filming yesterday, this was my little Lady Gaga hair? Or it was meant to be the poop hair but my hair makeup artist says it looks like a ribbon

G.NA's "Lady Gaga-esque" Ribbon Hair

G.NA shared a hilarious “copy cat” photo of Lady Gaga‘s ribbon hair. On May 30, G.NA tweeted, “Little Lady Gaga’s ribbon hair? To be honest, I tried to do ‘poop’ hair but my make-up director tells me it looks more like a ribbon

SHINee’s Key performs his own rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Hair” & “Judas”

In a performance that many would agree has been a long time coming, SHINee‘s Key rocked an edgy cover of Lady Gaga‘s hit tracks “Hair” and “Judas” at ATJ 2012 last night! Dressed in a silver studded vest & headband and shooting a similarly decorated gun, the idol was more glamorized than ever for his solo performance

Super Junior Tops Lady GaGa, Snoop, and Ricky Martin for Mashable Awards

Perhaps a bit overdue, but SM Entertainment announced today that Super Junior has won three awards at the “2011 Mashable Awards.” They were picked as the “Must-Follow Musician on Social Media,” “Viral Video of the Year,” and “Best Mobile Game

2NE1 Global Compilation Album With Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber

The album “HOUSE NATIONA Platinum 2” will include 2NE1’s song in upcoming premium compilation album in Japan2NE1’s hit single, “I Am The Best.” The album is set to release on February 15, this is an indication of their global success

Jay Park Transforms Into Lady Gaga During First Solo Concert

Jay Park transformed into Lady Gaga during a surprise performance prepared for his fans. Jay Park successfully wrapped up his first solo concert "New Breed" at the Seoul Olympic Hall on March 3 in front of 5,000 excited JayWalkers

Jay Park transforms into Lady Gaga?

On March 4th, the R&B singer Jay Park’s agency Sidus HQ unveiled a hilarious photo of the singer dressed as outlandish pop star Lady Gaga. In the photo, Jay is seen sporting the iconic shoulder pads and futuristic sunglasses combo that has been sensationalized by the pop singer

Minors banned from attending Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way Ball’

Lady Gaga The Lady Gaga concert in Seoul, set to take place on April 27, has been raised from a rating of 12 years and up to 18 and over. Those who have previously purchased tickets for the “Born This Way Ball” will be able to get refunds

Yoo Ah In Upset with Lady Gaga Seoul Concert's 18+ Rating

On April 2, Yoo Ah In posted on twitter, "Is there a convincing evidence of Lady Gaga's concert being hazardous and inappropriate for teens? What is this? Some 80s style sex education based on the idea that the youth doesn't need to know?"  Yoo Ah In also posted Lady Gaga's "The Edge of Glory" music video on twitter and commented, "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving

Yoo Ah In harshly criticizes the rating on Lady Gaga concert

Actor Yoo Ah In recently criticized the rating on Lady Gaga concert, banning those under 18 from attending the upcoming concert. On April 2, Yoo tweeted “Are there any acceptable standards and grounds proving the concert is harmful and unsuitable for teenagers? They’re being ambiguous and have an ancient, absurd idea that minors had better not know things

Lady Gaga, Too, Gets Banhammered

Bad news for young Korean fans of Lady Gaga: the American superstar’s planned April 27th showcase, to be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, was slapped with an age restriction by the Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB)

Lady Gaga concert stirs debate about young fans

The biggest pop culture event of the year is bound to be Lady Gaga's concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium on April 27. When Hyundai Card, the sponsor of the concert, succeeded in getting the singer to kick off her "The Born This Way Ball" tour in Seoul, it was praised for putting Korea on the pop culture map

Comedian Shin Bora disses Lady Gaga

  Comedian Shin Bora dissing pop star Lady Gaga has become a hot topic online. Lady Gaga, who is known for her unique sense of style, has been targeted on the April 15th segment of ‘Brave Rascals‘ under KBS 2TV‘s ‘Gag Concert‘

Lady Gaga Arrives Early to Shape Up for Seoul Concert

Over 200 fans and reporters gathered at Gimpo Airport to see Lady Gaga arrive in Seoul on Friday. Traveling on her private jet, the new "queen of pop" came a week ahead of her concert, which will be held at Jamsil Olympic Stadium this week

Big Bang Works with Photographer of Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, and David Beckham

On April 24, YG Entertainment released a photo of Big Bang taken by the world-renowned photographer, Terry Richardson. The photo, taken at Richardson’s personal studio in New York City, shows the five Big Bang members in a relaxed and comfortable look, wearing colorful leather jackets

2AM’s Jo Kwon shares a new photo taken at Lady Gaga’s concert in Seoul

2AM‘s Jo Kwon attended world-famous pop star Lady Gaga‘s concert. Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way Ball‘ World Tour performance in Seoul took place at the Olympic Park on April 27th

Kang So Ra dresses up in a new way for Lady Gaga’s concert

Actress Kang So Ra showed off her fashion sense on her way to Lady Gaga’s concert. On the afternoon of April 27, Kang uploaded a picture and tweeted, “Lady Gaga’s concert is here! A snapshot on the way

Rainbow has a blast at Lady Gaga’s concert!

Many of you are probably aware that Lady Gaga stopped by South Korea to kick off her concert, ‘Born This Way Ball‘. Her presence had a huge impact on international and South Korean media from the moment she stepped into Incheon airport