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Rain and Krystal’s "My Lovely Girl" to air in the PH on April 27! + trailer

Rain and Krystal’s

One of the Philippine TV networks, ABS-CBN, will be showing SBS” drama “My Lovely Girl.”

“My Lovely Girl” is a 2014 Korean drama that featured Rain and f(x)“s Krystal. Now, the Filipino viewers can watch it already as it will start airing its Tagalized version on April 27th.. ... Read more

Krystal & Beenzino"s explosive chemistry for Etude

Krystal & Beenzino

Krystal is teaming up with rapper Beenzino for an upcoming promotional ad of Etude.

The collaboration teaser clip shows some behind-the-scenes of their pictorial wherein they exude surprising chemistry as a pair. Krystal”s chic beauty and Beenzino”s manly charisma and humor are matched very well. They also looked very comfortable and had fun during the photoshoot and filimng.. ... Read more

Who Wore It Better: Sooyoung Vs. Krystal In Chloé Guipure Lace Dress

Who Wore It Better: Sooyoung Vs. Krystal In Chloé Guipure Lace Dress


Both f(x)”s Krystal and Girls” Generation”s Sooyoung are fashion icon heavyweights on their own right. While both of them possess a good eye for fashion, Krystal and Sooyoung are different when it comes to styling and it shows in these photos where the girls are wearing the exact same dress. . ... Read more

Krystal looks feminine and mature in photo shoot with "Vogue Girl"

Krystal looks feminine and mature in photo shoot with

f(x)”s Krystal is looking absolutely stunning as she shows off her feminine charms for “Vogue Girl“s May issue.

As spring particularly accentuates the feminine qualities of any lovely lady with the pretty pastel colors of spring fashion and blooming of flowers, Krystal showcases this charm with naturally wavy hair, outfits of bright and pretty hues, and soft lighting. . ... Read more

Krystal"s surprise appearance on Jessica"s bday party


Krystal and Jessica”s sisterly bond is very heartwarming and it touches fans” hearts.

Recently, a news reported that Jessica cried at her birthday party pre-celebration on 11th upon reading a touching letter from Krystal. A fanaccount of a fan who attended Jessica”s birthday party posted some photos of Krystal”s surprise appearance and their sweet and emotional meeting.. ... Read more

Krystal is a lovely Vogue Girl

Krystal is a lovely Vogue Girl

f(x)”s Krystal poses for the latest issue of Vogue Girl magazine!

She showcases her “the girl next door” image in her latest photoshoot, she definitely looks great in simple yet elegant fashion.. ... Read more

Jessica cries while reading Krystal"s letter at her fan meeting birthday party

Jessica cries while reading Krystal

Sisterly bond really is everlasting, and Jessica and f(x) member Krystal proved that at Jessica”s recent fanmeeting.

Jessica recently had a fanmeeting/birthday party at Sunkyunkwang University where she met many of her fans. It was an early birthday party, as she will be turning 26 (Korean age 27) on April 18. At the event, there was a corner where she read aloud her fans”s stories, but what stood out was her own little sister, Krystal”s letter. . ... Read more

"W Korea" features f(x)"s Krystal & Seo Jun Young in a short film


W Korea” commemorates their 10th anniversary since their 1st publish with a release of a short film.

The short film is titled “Listen to My Song” and features f(x)“s Krystal and actor Seo Jun Young. The story revolves around how an actress (Krystal) and a band member (Seo Jun Young) meet and make good music.. ... Read more

"W Korea" releases Krystal & Seo Jun Young"s short film "Listen to My Song"


“W Korea” has released their short film “Listen to My Song” featuring f(x)“s Krystal and actor Seo Jun Young, making their project available for online users to watch! . ... Read more

f(x)’s Krystal reveals group"s album prep!

f(x)’s Krystal reveals group

On April 2nd, f(x)“s Krystal revealed a good news for their fans.
On a launching event in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul that Krystal attended, she told that f(x) is currently in the middle of their album preparation.
f(x)”s last project was in July 2014 with “Red Light.” 
written by: SOURCE: My Daily READ MORE. ... Read more