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Kim Gu Ra "SME Celebrities Are Better at Variety Shows than YGE Celebrities"

The comedian Kim Gu Ra who is well known for his sharp tongue gave criticism about each entertainment agency and whether its members were good at variety shows. He appeared on JTBC’s “Idol Preview” and told miss A and MBLAQ “We shouldn’t pick JYP (JYP idols) because they are not good at doing variety shows

T-ara's Hyomin Shows Off a Variety of Emotions in Selcas

T-ara Hyomin shared a collection of amusing pictures on twitter. She tweeted today, "I don't know what is the reason behind this but I've been feeling very very very playful during our volunteering activity and at the musical today

Teen Top Shows Variety Talent

Teen Top is not only showing their growth as musicians since their debut, but are now also showcasing their talents as variety and reality stars. Recently, local news agencies published photos of the six-member male group reveal them in filming for variety programs

Wonder Girls’ So Hee shows off a variety of charms

Wonder Girls’ So Hee recently showed off her beautiful legs. So Hee took a pictorial for Tommy Hilfiger’s denims and described the brand’s modern styles and images of freedom for the youth very well

Kim Goo Ra picks SM entertainment as "best in variety shows"

Kim Goo Ra picked Super Junior as 'best idols in variety shows'. On the 29th broadcast of MBC 'Radio Star', Chang Sung was asked "if you can try out for another company where would it be?", to which Chan Sung replied "I would like to go to SM also"

Ha Ji Won Shows off Variety Show Skills on "Running Man"

Ha Ji Won appeared on the episode of SBS “Running Man” that was broadcast on March 18. She appeared with Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. This episode of “Running Man” went with the concept of a sports competition and the title was “The 1st Running Man Sports Competition

Dara confesses 2NE1 has a phobia of variety and talk shows

Just prior to the broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’, Dara of 2NE1 revealed a surprising phobia on her me2day March 27th. Dara posted, “Ah, what is this! What is this! What do the expressions on the faces of the seniors behind me mean

Lee Joon, “My company becomes concerned when I appear on variety shows”

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon explained why it’s a burden for him to be labeled a ‘variety show’ idol. On a recent recording for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Story Show Do Dream‘, Lee Joon shared a concern he had

Viewer ratings for Sunday variety shows, who came out the night’s winner?

On May 7th, AGB Nielson Media Research, a company which logs viewer ratings for TV shows, released the ratings for programs which aired on Sunday, May 6th. The percentages are based on viewers in South Korea

Lee Seung Gi Explains Reasons for Withdrawing from Variety Shows

Lee Seung Gi recently shared his thoughts on stepping down from variety shows.The press conference for "The King 2Hearts" was held on March 8 and the lead cast, Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Jae Moon, Lee Yoon Ji and Jo Jung Suk attended

Lizzy Wants to Appear on More Variety Shows but Her Company Won't Let Her

Afterschool’s Lizzy complained about her agency Pledis Entertainment! She wants to appear on more variety shows but her company won’t let her! How cute! On June 20, at the press conference for their new single album “Flashback” she stated, “I want to appear on more variety shows but my agency will not make the opportunities happen

Leeteuk talks about variety shows & Super Junior’s fame on ‘Star Life Theater’

Super Junior‘s proud leader Leeteuk revealed his intentions towards appearing on variety programs. On the July 18th broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Star Life Theater‘, Leeteuk revealed, “Because we started out as a ‘project team’, I remember putting my life on the line [to do well] every time I went on an episode

KARA’s Nicole confesses she has a phobia of appearing on variety shows

KARA‘s Nicole made a surprising confession by revealing that she prefers to avoid appearing on variety programs. Nicole participated as a guest on the July 21st broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Talk Show Do Dream‘, where she revealed, “I have a phobia of variety programs

Member Suzy of miss A discusses her fear of variety shows with magazine ‘@star1‘

During a photo shoot with star lifestyle magazine ‘@star1‘, member Suzy of miss A revealed her true feelings about entertainment shows . “I think variety shows are the most difficult. I still can’t get into the groove of them

LeeSsang to Resign from Variety Shows and Focus on Music

On September 21, Leessang‘s Gary made a brief and yet very important announcement on his twitter, “I am going to stop appearing in variety shows to focus more on running Leessang Company and music performances

Leessang’s Gary to withdraw from all variety shows?

On September 21, Leessang member Gary has announced on his official page that he will be taking a hiatus from the variety show world to focus on music as well as his own company, Leessang Company

Lee Seung Gi and producer Na Young Seok will return to variety shows?

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi and producer Na Young Seok recently said that they are not planning to return to variety shows. On October 19, a spokesperson for Lee’s agency said, “We’ve never heard of it

Big Bangs Seungri shows off his talent on Japanese variety shows

Big Bang’s Seungri is currently doing a superior job on many Japanese variety shows. Working with many popular Japanese comedians, Seungri has become popular in Japan through many Japanese variety shows

Kim Hyun Joong shows off his great sens of humor on a Chinese variety show

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong recently appeared on a Chinese variety show and the tickets for the show cost 610,000 won per each from scalpers. On November 1, Kim appeared on the most popular variety show in China Que-Rak-Dae-Bon-Young (Happy Camp)

Most Drama Broadcasts Return to Normal Tonight, Variety Shows Canceled

In light of the recent Sewol Ferry tragedy, many TV networks are canceling the broadcast of their variety shows and dramas today, Thursday April 17, out of respect and to broadcast news updates. KBS is canceling the broadcast of its Thursday night variety show, “Happy Together