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Kim Tae Hee made a student she tutored, “want to commit suicide…”

Kim Tae Hee had been named as the ‘#1 female star people would like to be tutored by’ based on a survey conducted by a search engine and the story of a real student who was personally tutored by Kim Tae Hee in the past is making a splash

Park Yong Woo, “I went the Seorak Mountain to commit suicide”

Actor Park Yong Woo reveals a difficult past. Park Yong Woo made a guest appearance on MBC ‘Come To Play’ on the 9th and revealed why he tried to commit suicide when he was younger. Park Yong Woo stated, “It was a time when I struggled to be accepted to college

"New Tales of Gisaeng's" Director Commits Suicide

It’s been belatedly revealed that “New Tales of Gisaeng’s” director, Son Moon Kwon, committed suicide on January 21. Local media Newsen quoted an anonymous source, “I met director Son Moon Kwon last January at an audition, and he did not seem like someone who was going to commit suicide

‘New Tales of Gisaeng’ director, Son Moon Kwon, commits suicide

It’s just been revealed that director Son Moon Kwon had committed suicide on January 21st. Son Moon Kwon is famous for directing SBS‘s popular drama, ‘New Tales of Gisaeng‘, alongside his wife, screenwriter Im Sung Han

After School's Kahi Joins Suicide Prevention Campaign

TV Report, Star News and other online media companies have joined hands for a suicide prevention campaign, “Beautiful Korea Living Together.” In an effort to create a hope filled society free of suicide, this campaign has worked with various celebrities such as Lee Hyori, Ha Ji Won, Tiger JK, JYJ’s Jaejoong, to spread the message of hope and love

Director Son Moon-kwon Commits Suicide

Though it has been a few weeks, recent reports indicate that director Son Moon-kwon has committed suicide on January 21st. Son was known for his lead in the popular drama "New Tales of Gisaeng", in partnership with his screenwriter wife Im Sung-han

Block B’s P.O Hospitalized for Shock after Finding Out about Netizens' Petition for Block B's Suicide

It’s been revealed that Block B’s maknae P.O has been hospitalized for shock earlier today. Recently, Block B has been under scrutiny for its controversial interview in Thailand. Even after several apologies and Block B’s leader Zico’s gesture, the criticisms toward the group still show no signs of stopping

Block B "Suicide Petition" Is Unfounded?

News released on February 24 stated that Block B member P.O. had been hospitalized for shock. In response, some media had quoted their agency Brand New Stardom as saying, “A petition was discovered requesting Block B to commit suicide which has caused P

Daesung: "Started to Understand Why Celebs Commit Suicide"

In a recent interview, Big Bang’s Daesung opened up about his feelings for the first time since being involved in a car accident last May. He held an interview session with his church, Pyung Gang Jaeil, on October 2, which was posted on the church’s website as well

Singer Chae Yeon commits suicide?

Singer Chae Yeon suffered a ridiculous incident due to false reports from a Chinese media. Previously on April 11, a Chinese media published an article titled and said that she killed herself by slitting her wrists

Chae Yeon will not take legal action against false reports claiming suicide attempt

Chae Yeon has recently found herself swept up in rumors from the Chinese media about a suicide attempt. Her agency stated on April 14th, “In China, there were reports that Chae Yeon had attempted suicide

Chae Yeon forgives false suicide report

Singer Chae Yeon has decided to be forgiving about a Chinese media report that falsely reported her suicide, her agency said over the weekend. According to Medialine, Chinese Web site reported through Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, that “Chae attempted suicide on April 9 after leaving a message online that she is feeling extreme sorrow

F.CUZ’s Kan confesses that he once contemplated suicide believing himself to be the cause ofLee U’s departure

Last year, F.CUZ‘s former member Lee U announced his departure from the group to launch a solo career. Fellow member Kan finally spoke up on his feelings about the departure in a recent interview with Star News and shared his thoughts on the changes

Suicide Remains No. 1 Cause of Death Among Teens

Suicide was the single most common cause of death among teenagers for the second year running in 2011, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family said Wednesday. It said two out of 10 middle and high school students drink alcohol, one out of 10 smoke and an equal proportion are addicted to the Internet

Op-Ed Special : Ignorance Shown towards Suicide in Korea

By Kenneth Quillinan, Kyungbook Nat'l Univ. Professor World's Highest Suicide Rate: The suicide rate of South Korea now is the highest in the world. The rate is three times higher than the average countries of OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

Young Rookie Actress Jung Ah Yool Commits Suicide

Rookie actress Jung Ah Yool (age 25) has recently passed away by committing suicide. Her last words through Facebook shed a sad light on her difficult life. On June 10, Jung Ah Yool posted on her Facebook, “I woke up this morning and opened my eyes and I felt like I was standing alone in a desert… I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 19 years old but suddenly… in my room, where I have no place to rely…” Again on June 11, she posted, “Nothing can comfort me,” expressing her troubled thoughts

[Spoiler] Kim Joo-hyeok decides to commit suicide with Hong Ah-reum

Kim Joo-hyeok and Hong Ah-reum decide to commit suicide. No one's life can be guaranteed in the MBC weekend drama "God of War" these days. On the thirty-ninth episode, Kim Joon (Kim Joo-hyeok) who was digging through Kim Yak-seon's (Lee Joo-hyeon) conspiracy, decided to kill himself

[Spoiler] "God of War" Kim Joo-hyeok fails suicide

Kim Joon failed to commit suicide. MBC weekend drama "God of War" Kim Joon (Kim Joo-hyeok) tried to kill himself to repay the harm he had done to Choi Woo (Jeong Bo-seok) and his family but failed to do so

ChaeYeon, Confession "My Family Thought I Committed Suicide"

chae yeon, Midnight TV Entertainment asfd Chae Yeon revealed her feelings about the suicide rumor. In SBS TV "Midnight TV Entertainment" aired on the 4th, Chae Yeon said "While I was working in China there was a false rumor going around that I committed suicide and that my manager found me dead

Chaeyeon denies committing suicide

Chaeyeon hit back at "suicide rumors" that started circulating about the singer earlier in the week.On Wednesday night, a SBS entertainment show said that Chinese media reported that "after being active in China, Chaeyeon has committed suicide"