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IU's Appearance on "Star Audition 2"

Yoon Sang’s numerous lessons seem to have no effects compared to seeing IU’s face. IU visited Yoon Sang’s mentor school on MBC “Star Audition 2.” Yoon Sang gave his mentees a mission to impress IU

‘K-Pop Star’ Audition Cast Contestants into SM, YG & JYP Entertainment

k-pop star, sm entertainment, yg entertainment, jyp entertainment SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ audition in the most recent episode brought tears of joy and disappointment among the remaining contestants

Kpop Star Audition Heroine Lee Hai's graduation photos revealed.

Graduation photos of Lee Hai who is currently receiving a lot of love for her soulful voice was revealed. On an online community SBS 'Kpop Star' heroine Lee Hai's junior high graduation photos were revealed

BoA and YG Are The "Most Devoted Viewers of 'Survival Audition K-Pop Star!"

"Survival Audition K-Pop Star" will begin airing live on March 4th.  The judges of the show, BoA and Yang Hyun Suk admitted that they are also devoted to watching "Survival Audition K-Pop Star." Both of them are reported to have said "How am I going to wait until next week, I really want to watch it

K-Pop Star’s Ten Live Audition Contestants Confirmed!

Contestants including Michelle Lee, Park Jehyung, Lee Seung Hun, and Park Jimin have made it to the live auditions. During the February 26th episode of K-Pop Star, the runner-up contestants battled to obtain a ticket to the live audition stage

Seo-hyun, Nickhun, Gong Minzy Gives Audition Tips to 'K-Pop Star' Participants

Girls' Generation's Seo-hyun, 2NE1's Minzy Gong, and 2PM's Nickhun gave tips on how to do a good audition. At a recent recording of SBS' audition program, 'Good Sunday-K-Pop Star', participants Seo-hyun, 2NE1's Minzy Gong, and 2PM's Nickhun drew attention by giving audition tips

K Pop Star Audition, Search Ranking of the Top Ten

When SBS"s K Pop Star audition strated, the first favorite was Park Jimin. Wih the audition continues, however, Lee Hayi emerged as a new star. This is confirmed by the numbers of search keywords typed on Korea's most popular portal site Naver

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Joins MBC’s Live Audition Show “Star Audition 2”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has been chosen as a special MC for MBC “Star Audition 2,” it was announced on March 23. His job will be to interview fans in the audience and provide coverage of the overall atmosphere of the live recording studio during the March 23 episode

Star Audition to Create Season 3 Despite MBC Labor Union Strike

The second season of MBC "Star Audition" ended on March 30 with 12.1% rating. Compared to last season's finale episode, which accomplished 21.8% in rating, this was a disappointing result. The second season of "Star Audition" was greatly affected by "MBC Labor Union Strike

Taeny to Appear on Survival Audition K-Pop Star

As if the news that Taeny + Seohyun will be forming their own sub-unit, Taeny will also appear on “Survival Audition K-Pop Star.”  They will collaborate with semi-finalist Baek Ahyeon and sing “Lady Marmalade

Park Ji Min finally win SBS’s Survival Audition—K-Pop Star

Park Ji Min finally won SBS’s Survival Audition—K-pop star. On the episode of SBS’s Survival Audition—K-pop star that aired on April 29, Park was crowned, beating her final rival Lee Ha Yi. The sixteen-year-old shed tears, saying, “I’m thrilled to win this show

YG Entertainment Largest Global Audition Begins, 'Next Generation Star Unearthed'

YG Entertainment, YG Global Audition YG Entertainment Largest Global Audition, "Next Generation Star Unearthed" YG Entertainment's largest global audition '2012 YG GLOBAL AUDITION' will begin today

‘Birth of a Great Star’s Eric Nam clears up misunderstandings about turning down audition invitation from JYPE

‘Birth of a Great Star‘ contestant Eric Nam took some time to clarify the recent news about him turning down an audition invitation offer from JYP Entertainment. As mentioned previously, Eric had been contacted by JYP Entertainment, who had asked him to come audition at the New York auditions after seeing his YouTube videos

SM Entertainment 2012 Youth Star Audition in Seven Countries

SM Entertainment SM Entertainment 2012 Youth Star Audition in Seven Countries SM Entertainment one of the leading Korean entertainment company that houses current popular artists such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee and more as well as actors/actresses is to hold “2012 SM Youth Star Audition” from July 28 to September 1

SM Entertainment to hold "2012 SM Youth Star Audition"

SM Entertainment has recently revealed the dates and locations for the "2012 SM Youth Star Audition." Scheduled to run from July 28th to September 1st in seven countries and twelve cities, the auditions are open to people ages 8 to 20

SM Entertainment Launches 2012 SM Youth Star Audition

Entertainment giant, SM Entertainment will be launching a global talent search. More specifically, the 2012 SM Youth Star Audition. Starting first in Korea, the audition will span across the world to the United States, China, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc

Announcing Los Angeles Casting for MBC Star Audition Season 3

Hi Soompiers! We are excited to announce the third season of MBC Star Audition, and we hope YOU can be a part of it! MBC will pick contestants from all over the world to compete for a cash prize and a chance to debut as a pop singer in Korea

"MBC Star Audition" Season 3 Auditions in Los Angeles

Auditions to be held on August 12, 2012 MBC is proud to present the 3rd season of "MBC Star Audition", Korea's celebrated singing competition show. Contestants will be picked from all over the globe to compete for a cash prize and a chance to debut as a pop singer in Korea

[Exclusive] MBC Star Audition in Los Angeles Special Autographed CD Giveaway

Hey Soompiers! MBC Star Audition will be soon stopping in Los Angeles! On August 12th, contestants will be given a chance to compete for a cash prize and a chance to debut as a pop singer in Korea

[CONTEST] Win autographed CDs courtesy of MBC "Star Audition - Season 3"

MBC "Star Audition" will bring its third season's auditions to Los Angeles this year in hopes to find its next talented K-Pop star. Auditions will be held on August 12th at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, and contestants passing the initial auditions will be flown to Korea to participate in other finalists found across the globe to win the grand prize