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Possible Second Season for ‘K-Pop Star’

sbs, K-Pop Star SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star’ has revealed that producers are strongly considering a second season. PD Park Sung Hoon revealed to reporters, “We are beginning to think of a second season for ‘K-Pop Star

SBS Considering 2nd Season of "K-Pop Star"

SBS is considering the season 2 of the popular audition program, “K-Pop Star.” The producer of “K-Pop Star,” Park Sung Hoon, has met with reporters and revealed the possibility of a second season

Season 2 of KPOP Star Under Review

SBS 'KPOP Star' is coming to an end on April 29th. It has been announced that KPOP Star is coming to an end as of April 29, 2012 and the discussions of a possible season 2 are taking place at SBS. A representative of 'KPOP Star' has commented, "The current judges, BoA, Yang Hyunsuk, and Park Jinyoung have revealed their desire to participate in season2

SBS confirms a second season of ‘K-Pop Star’

Fans of SBS‘s popular audition program, ‘K-Pop Star‘, is in for a treat, as the show has just confirmed a second season! On March 30th, producers of SBS officially confirmed that a second season will be going into production, stating, “Just like the first season, members from all three of SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment will be participating

SBS K-Pop Star Season 2 Slated for November

It looks like the highly popular audition program SBS “K-Pop Star” will return for a second season! On March 30 SBS made an official announcement that there will be a season 2 in November. A representative of SBS stated, “Just like season 1, SME, YGE, and JYPE will all join with the same judges BoA, YG, and JYP

Star Audition to Create Season 3 Despite MBC Labor Union Strike

The second season of MBC "Star Audition" ended on March 30 with 12.1% rating. Compared to last season's finale episode, which accomplished 21.8% in rating, this was a disappointing result. The second season of "Star Audition" was greatly affected by "MBC Labor Union Strike

SM, YG, JYPE to come together once again as judges for ‘K-pop Star’ season 2

This coming November will see the Big 3 join hands in search of new talents. The three forces, BoA (SM), J.Y.Park (JYPE), and Yang Hyun Suk (YG), will once again come together as judges for the upcoming season two of the popular audition program, ‘K-Pop Star’ The first season of ‘K-pop Star’ gained popularity as the 3 agencies collaborated to find undiscovered talents

'Kpop Star Season 2' Promotional Video Revealed

lee hai, park ji min, kpop star lee A recent clip of Lee Hai and Park Ji Min was revealed. In the new promotional teaser for 'Kpop Star Season 2', clips of Kpop Star winners Park Ji Min and Lee Hai can be seen as well as other Top 10 members

Teaser for ‘K-pop Star Season 2′ shows us how the final four of season 1 have changed

Screen captures of the top four finishers of ‘K-pop Star‘, Lee Seung Hoon, Baek Ah Yeon, Park Ji Min, and Lee Ha Yi have been gaining attention with the new season of ‘K-Pop Star’ rolling around later this year

YG-JYP-BoA, Ready to Start "K-Pop Star" Season 2! KpopStarz

YG, JYP, SM, BoA, Park Jin Young, Yang Hyun Suk, K-Pop Star Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young and BoA have come back together for another season of "K-Pop Star." The three met together for the photo shoot for the popular program, SBS "K-Pop Star 2

SBS "K-Pop Star" judges gear up for the 2nd season

SBS "K-Pop Star" had its first successful season end in the first half of the year, and has managed to highlight itself among the various audition shows airing on other major channels. Judges Park Jinyoung (JYP, J

Yoon Dohyun to resume his role as MC for Season 2 of SBS "K-Pop Star"

After the successful ending of the first season of SBS "K-Pop Star," the trio of judges teams up again, with the encouragement of fans, to find the future talents of the industry. With Season 2 slowly being pieced together, Yoon Dohyun announced that he would remain the MC for this coming season as well

SBS "K-Pop Star - Season 2" releases 30-second teaser

In order to continue the excitement for its second season, SBS "K-Pop Star" released another 30-second teaser via their official YouTube channel on July 13th. This fast paced clip features the three judges representing their entertainment companies just like in Season 1 - BoA for SM Entertainment, Yang Hyunsuk for YG Entertainment, and Park Jinyoung for JYP Entertainment

Announcing Los Angeles Casting for MBC Star Audition Season 3

Hi Soompiers! We are excited to announce the third season of MBC Star Audition, and we hope YOU can be a part of it! MBC will pick contestants from all over the world to compete for a cash prize and a chance to debut as a pop singer in Korea

‘K-Pop Star’ to release a book for season 1

It has been announced that the popular audition program, ‘K-Pop Star‘, will be releasing a book containing the behind-stories of the contestants along with new pictures. The staff of the show revealed on July 17th, “In hopes that the moments of laughter and tears of the ‘K-Pop Star’ contestants will be remembered for a long time, we decided to produce this project

'K-Pop Star' will Release a Book about Behind Story of Season 1!

K-Pop Star, SM, YG, JYP, Park Ji Min, Lee Ha Yi, Lee Seun kpop star book The popular Survival Audition "K-Pop Star" has revealed that they will be releasing a book filed with behind stories of thecontestants along with new pictures

"MBC Star Audition" Season 3 Auditions in Los Angeles

Auditions to be held on August 12, 2012 MBC is proud to present the 3rd season of "MBC Star Audition", Korea's celebrated singing competition show. Contestants will be picked from all over the globe to compete for a cash prize and a chance to debut as a pop singer in Korea

‘K-Pop Star’ is gearing up for the launch of season 2

SBS‘s ‘K-Pop Star’ has revealed that the show is ready to present viewers a more intense second season! The show has been gearing up for the upcoming season with the release of various TV ads as well as the announcement of the release of a book for season 1

K-Pop Star Judges YG-BoA-JYP Anticipate an Intense Season 2

SBS, K-Pop Star, JYP, BoA, YG K-Pop Star Judges YG-BoA-JYP Anticipate an Intense Season 2 On July 25, JYP-BoA-YG talk about their anticipation for the new season. On July 14, TV Spot broadcasted a video that showed the three judges talking about their hopes for this season's show

SBS “K-Pop Star” Season 2 Gains 5x More Applicants

With one of the largest amount of national auditions, SBS “K-Pop Star” Season 2 is off to a good start. The audition will be held on August 17-19. After seeing how quickly the winners of the show signed with agencies and the fact that “Su Pearls” is debuting soon, contestants consider “K-Pop Star” to be the best audition program so far