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Kim Jong Gook's real older brother on Star King

kim jong gook Kim Jong Gook's plastic surgeon brother made an appearance on Star King. On the 28th broadcast of SBS 'Star King' Kim Jong Myung talked about reading people's features as a plastic surgeon

Big Bang Daesung Answers the Question: "Is YG a Real Angel As Seen on SBS K-Pop Star?"

On the “YG Family Special” of SBS “Strong Heart” broadcast on March 28, MC Lee Seung Gi talked about CEO YG’s current image on “SBS K-Pop Star.” YG is a judge that is always considerate and very careful with what he says

"Bridal Mask" Star Joo Won Says He and Uee Almost Became a Real Couple

KBS drama “Bridal Mask” star Joo Won says that he and “Ojakgyo Brothers” love interest Uee could have been a couple in real life following their roles in 2011-2012 KBS drama “Ojakgyo Brothers

Ulala Couple star Shin Hyun Jun flirts to Han Chae Ah―”We’re wedding in real”

Actor Shin Hyun Jun recently made a flirting remark on actress Han Chae Ah. On the episode of KBS2’s Entertainment News that aired on October 27, the set for Monday-Tuesday series Ulala Couple was visited

Soul Star’s “Baby You” ft. C-Real’s Ann J to be unveiled!

The one and only Soul Star has returned to the music scene with newly released single “Baby You” featuring C-Real‘s Ann J.! The song, with its sad and solitude melodies, tells a story of a person waiting for his lover to come back

Chun Jung Myung To Star On ‘Real Man’ As New Recruit

Actor Chun Jung Myung will be admitted for new recruit training on March 10th. On March 6th several sources indicated that Chun Jung Myung has been confirmed to enter recruit training for MBC entertainment program "Real Man" on the 10th

RaNia US Activities Get Real: Collaborating With Snoop Dogg and 2Chainz And Star In MTV Reality TV!

RaNia RaNia To Begin US Activities Following last week's announcement that girl group RaNia will begin US activities in May with topnotch Hollywood Managers Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber, RaNia has again made headlines with their upcoming collaborations with famous American rapper Snoop Dogg and hip hop artist 2Chainz and updates on their MTV's reality program

Controversial K-Drama Star 'Couple' Lee Jang Woo and Oh Yeon Seo: What's The Real Score?

celebrity couple, celebrity gossip Lee Jang Woo and Oh Yeon Seo   So what's the truth? Are Lee Jang Woo and Oh Yeon Seo dating? Did they ever date? Have they broken up? The latest word is that the co-stars of the MBC drama "Oh Ja Ryong IsComing" are no longer an item

“Secretly, Greatly” Star Park Ki Woong Gets to Know Co-Star Kim Soo Hyun’s Real Personality

Though handsome movie star Kim Soo Hyun comes across as calm, cool, and collected in the public eye, apparently, the star is anything but behind-the-scenes.  “Secretly, Greatly” star Park Ki Woong made an appearance on MBC radio program “Younha’s Starry Night” and talked about getting to know his co-star Kim Soo Hyun’s personality while working on their relationship (getting in sync with each other) on the set of the film

Sean Sasser, `Real World’ Star, Dies of Lung Cancer Nearly 20 Years After His Partner Died of AIDS; Unlikely Gay Rights Activist Became a Star on MTV

, Sean Sasser, Real World, Star, Dies Sean Sasser Sean Sasser, a breakout star from MTV’s "Real World: San Francisco,” died at the age of 44. Sean Sasser became a pioneer of gay marriage during the 1994 season of the seminal reality TV show

JYJ Receiving "Best Idol Star Award" from KBS (Video Clip)

As we reported previously, in 2011 through their website KBS held a “Best Idol Star” Netizen voting event. JYJ won the “Best Idol Star” award with 58,357 votes. In order to give the award while all three members of JYJ were together, the production team from KBS went to them during a photoshoot

Veteran Singers Park Ji Yoon, Kim Jong Seo, and Son Ho Young Confirmed for tvN "Opera Star"

The Singers Park Ji Yoon, Kim Jong Seo, and Son Ho Young have been confirmed for tvN’s “Opera Star.” A representative of “Opera Star 2” stated on January 9, “For male singers we have Kim Jong Seo, Son Ho Young, The One, and Park Ji Hun

YG Sings a Bit on "SBS K-Pop Star" to JYP's Amusement

On the most recent episode of “SBS K-Pop Star” that was broadcast on January 8, the judge YG (YG of YG entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk) sang a bit. This was probably the first time he was seen singing on television since his Taiji Boys days

IU's Appearance on "Star Audition 2"

Yoon Sang’s numerous lessons seem to have no effects compared to seeing IU’s face. IU visited Yoon Sang’s mentor school on MBC “Star Audition 2.” Yoon Sang gave his mentees a mission to impress IU

2012 is the Year of the Dragon: Which Year of the Dragon Star is Most Likely to Succeed?

The New Year of 2012 has finally arrived and for this year's zodiac calendar, it's time for the dragon to shine! Recent polls have been asking people to vote for stars, who were born in the year of the dragon (1976, 1988, etc), who are most likely to shine in the year of 2012

SBS “K-Pop Star’s” Singing Prodigy Recieves Love Call from American Broadcasting Station

Earlier this week, we reported the growing global interest over SBS’s “K-Pop Star’s” singing sensation Park Ji Min. Hollywood stars Ashton Kutcher and Eric Benet have expressed their amazement over the 14-year-old Park, and America’s news network CNN introduced the young Korean talent to the American audience

Underage Contestant from SBS “K-Pop Star” Caught Kissing at a Club

Kim Na Yoon, the 17-year old contestant from SBS “K-Pop Star,” has caused some controversy online for leaked photos of her kissing at a club. In the two photos leaked online, Kim Na Yoon is seen dancing with an unknown man, while she’s also caught enjoying an intimate kiss with what looks to be the same person

Which Idol Star is the "Most Athletic"?

Participants in a survery held on Monkey 3 (a music site) from January 3 through January 11, titled "What Star has the Most Athletic Sense?" picked Kim Hyun Joong (from "Boys over Flowers") as the winner with 46% of the votes

"K-Pop Star" Michelle Lee's Impressive Resume

Michelle Lee is currently participating and being recognized for her amazing vocals in SBS “K-Pop Star.” But recently, it has been brought to light that she has recorded songs for a project album, under the name "Michelle

Is Your Favorite Star’s Company in an Office or a House?

From office buildings to residential homes, the look of management agency's buildings have been a hot topic for netizens for some time now. Recently, the pictures of major agencies have been making the rounds on the Internet with the title “Idols’ Office Buildings