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DJ Clazzi reveals Short MV for “Love&Hate” featuring MYK

After a long 4-year hiatus, ‘Clazziquai Project‘ leader DJ Clazzi is back with a fresh electronic sound! He has collaborated with multiple artists such as MYK, Jang Woo Hyuk, 2AM‘s Seulong, Kim Wan Sun and more for his new album ‘INFANT‘, and the album is unique in the sense that it incorporates a lot of analogue instruments to create a more vintage sound as opposed to the digital sounds that are trending today

SNSD’s Shorties: Hot or Too Short?

Thelength height of SNSD’s shorties is currently a hot topic amongst netizens. On October 3rd, SNSD performed live at the ‘2011 Hallyu Dream Concert,’ putting on a very powerful and glamorous performance, which was met with tremendous praise from fans

Short Update Post

Edit: Fancam of Jess rollin’ in through the aiport Just a super short, to-the-point post SNSD’s back in Korea so just a few pictures of some of ‘em snapped at the airport. Plus a lovely picture from Spao

Sung Yu Ri's Dress Dangerously Short

Sung Yu Ri, press conference, Dinner of the Gods, dangerously short dress Actor Sung Yu Ri attended the press conference for the MBC drama "Dinner of the Gods" on January 31 at the Grand Ambassador Hotel in Seoul, Jangchung-dong

CL in garter belt+short shorts in Phillippines "only CL could"

cl, 2ne1 2NE1 CL showed off a sexy outfit. Dara posted on her me2day on the 3rd "Phillipines!! So ?sy! You know come to find out CL is really good at swimming!!!!! She's almost like a professional swimmer! Splash POODOONG! Clap Clap Clap! Through this vacation I'm seeing sides of the members that I didn't know about so it's been fun!", along with a photo

IU looks perfect even with short hair

Singer IU‘s pictures with short hair have been revealed. Recently on an online community board, a few pictures have been posted tagged, ‘IU, who can perfectly carry short hair too’. The pictures of IU transformed with short hair is from the photo shoot for the French sports apparel brand ‘Le Coq Sportif’

IU with Short Hair and Bangs

Recently, IU’s photos from clothing brand Le Coq Sportif photoshoot have resurfaced and brought much attention to the online community. These photos have been gaining much attention due to IU’s cute short hair cut with bangs, which is very different from her usual look with a long hair style

SNSD Jessica Short but Best Dressed

Jessica, may be one of the shortest members of SNSD, but she is one of the best dressers of SNSD.

Suji's Skirt Too Short

Posted: February 13, 2012 10:44 AM EST Miss A, Suji, skirt too short, movie press conference On February 13, Miss A's Suji covered herself with a blanket because her skirt was too short during the press conference of the movie "Introduction to Architecture" at Lotte Cinema in Seoul, Jangyang-dong in front of Konkuk University

After School Uee in Short Shorts

After School’s Uee showed off her perfect body for a photoshoot. Recently Uee wrote on an online community board “Uee does not need any photoshop for her perfect body, do you feel good?” A picture was a part of the post that showed Uee in a sports brand commercial photoshoot

Dal Shabet’s Jiyool Appears in Short Film “Her Story”

Dal Shabet’s Jiyool was cast for a short film and just wrapped up filming. The short film that she appears in is “Her Story” which is being directed by Yoon Tae Shik. The director Yoon Tae Shik received the Grand Prix award during the Seoul International Film Festival for his film “Doenjang

RAINBOW reveals “Gonna Gonna GO!” MV (short version)

via tokyohive: As reported earlier, Korean girl group RAINBOW will be releasing their 3rd Japanese single titled “Gonna Gonna GO!” on March 14th.  Recently, the short version of the “Gonna Gonna GO!” music video was revealed on Universal Music Japan‘s official YouTube channel

Rainbow Reveals Short Version of "Gonna Gonna GO!" MV

Rainbow is all set to return to Japan with a brand new single! The group has just unveiled the short version of the music video for “Gonna Gonna GO!” In the video, the girls are posing for the camera alongside a giant camera in a white studio

Shorry's 'Short height show time' on Dream Team2

Mighty Mouth member Shorry was humiliated for his short height. On the 26th broadcast of KBS 'Dream Team2' the extreme sports team showed off their skills on poles to the Dream High Team. Shorry was the last member of the Dream Team to make the effort of replicating their tricks

The various hairstyles of 2PM’s Taecyeon

2PM‘s Taecyeon has sported a variety of different hairstyles since his debut, but his past looks are drawing more attention as of late. A variety of photos featuring the different hairstyles of Taecyeon recently surfaced on an online community site with the title, ‘Everything seems to look good on Taecyeon‘

Girls’ Generation and KARA Considered Short! Hierarchy of Girl Groups by Height

Following the popular rankings of girl groups by popularity and talent, a new hierarchy chart surfaced, garnering netizens’ attention once more. This time, the hierarchy was based off of the average heights of girl groups

Order of Girl Group Heights: "KARA, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls: Super Short"

National girl groups' heights were lined up, catching attention. In recent online community, the graph was posted under the title "Girl Group height line-up". The chart was divided into three colored parts: Giants (red), Average (orange), Short (green), and Super Short (blue)

Girls’ Generation Considered Short Group? Nine Muses at Top With Average Height at 171.9cm

Posted: February 29, 2012 2:30 PM EST girls generation, snsd Another ranking of the girl group is garnering interest as this time it’s comparing the average heights of girl groups, it lists a total of 24 girl groups

Shorry J likes being short

In a society where “tall” people (especially men) are highly decorated, it’s natural for men to desire for few more inches to their heights. However, the popular rapper of Mighty Mouth, Shorry J, does not feel sorry being short

Kim SooHyun: "I'm short-tempered, love-deprived, and I have a heart disease..."

Actor Kim SooHyun's 'Ideal Girl' list that was revealed 3 years ago is catching attention now. On August 15th, 2008, Kim Soo Hyun wrote the list on his blog diary. He wrote, "You have to be sad because of me, want to die because of me