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JYJ Kim Jae Joong is the King of Unique Selcas

Idol group JYJ member, Kim Jae Joong, is garnering attention for his unique selca pictures. The singer uploaded a picture of him sticking his tongue out with the caption: “If I want to become younger I need to take a lot of selcas” on his Twitter

4minute?s HyunA hams it up for Sohyun?s selcas

4minute’s Sohyun cracked up her fans with this series of cute pictures featuring herself and fellow member HyunA. On January 16th, Sohyun shared the pictures through her Twitter and wrote, “Cute HyunA-unni is always following me around ♥ Unni, you are so CUTE!!!” In her photos, Sohyun gives the camera a shy smile

Netizens uncover Dasom’s middle school selcas

SISTAR‘s Dasom has become a hot topic thanks to her old middle school photos. The photos were uploaded onto a community board on January 19th under the title, ‘Dasom’s past photos’

Jessica = Selcas Galore!

Recently, a bunch of selcas have surfaced online of SNSD’s Jessica.  She’s getting good at these things as of late!  Presumably taken by sister, f(x)’s Krystal during a lunch date. She looks comfortable and relaxed in the second picture smiling warmly

New Selcas From Our Favourite “Eye-Smiles” Angel

Just released online are 2 awesome-looking selcas of Tiffany, our all time favourite “eye-smiles” angel .First up, a beautiful selca taken whilst Tiffany was dressed in her “The Boys” costume and posted on a Japanese fan website

Selcas Galore!

Man the girls are becoming pros at uploading selcas to community forums these days! Looks like Sica is getting pretty good at taking sequence shots.  Looking pretty as always, hopefully we’ll see more from her soon! [PIC] In these two pics, looks like Sooyoung, Yuri and Fany are hanging out with an unidentified man, possibly and manager or family friend?  Maybe these were taken while the girls were on their short vacation?  Either way they continue to shine bright wherever these were taken! Credits: wonderfulgenetion

New selcas from Jessica and Yuri!

We all know that Jessica has been addicted to the selca craze for some time now, and it looks like Yuri has become hooked on it as well! Here are the latest selcas from two gorgeous girls’: Sica like a kid in a candy store Lol Sweet tooth much? BeautiYul! Tsk tsk

More Selcas And Photos For SONEs To Spazz Over

Can you all guess who’s being featured next in this thread ?…. Yes, our favourite pair of Soshi members: Taeyeon and Tiffany . Recent images of our dynamic duo have surfaced on the Web and, boy, do they deserve some advertising ! First up: Taeyeon’s new selcas

Sooyoung’s Paris Selcas Still Creating A Virtual On-line Storm

 Do you still remember this selca shot of Sooyoung taken whilst the ladies were in Paris ? Well, even though the iconic and groundbreaking SM Town Paris concert is over and done with, and our ladies are in fact back in Korea (or is it Japan now ?!!), the selcas and photos taken in Paris are still attracting their fair share of on-line comments from Netizens everywhere

Selcas of Jessica, Hyoyeon and Seohyun

Just saw this posted on Soshified and thought I’d share it with the folks here…. Some AWESOME selcas of our 3 angels as they take in some well-deserved R & R around the beautiful city of Paris, prior to their concert performance on the 10th and 11th of June 2011

T-ara's Hyomin Shows Off a Variety of Emotions in Selcas

T-ara Hyomin shared a collection of amusing pictures on twitter. She tweeted today, "I don't know what is the reason behind this but I've been feeling very very very playful during our volunteering activity and at the musical today

JYJ Kim Junsu shows off how selcas are done

JYJ member Kim Junsu showed the fans how selcas are done. Kim Junsu simply tweeted “Hwaiting” on February 2nd along with a picture. In the picture, Kim Junsu’s posing in the classic ulzzang angle

Yoon So Yi’s true makeup free selcas

Actress Yoon So Yi revealed a selca before turning in for the night. Yoon So Yi tweeted a short message along with a photo on the 9th, “I got kind of bored after cleansing the makeup off, so here’s a cut

2NE1's Sandara Shows Off her Unique Style Through New Selcas

Earlier today, 2NE1’s Sandara updated her fans with a new post and photos on her me2day. She wrote, “Real-time me2day! Currently, I’m out in the ocean fishing.” In the photos, Sandara showed off her unique fashion, matching a blue starred track jacket with colorful leggings

T-ara’s Hyomin commemorates her volunteer work and musical with new selcas

T-ara‘s Hyomin is practically beaming with contentment, and she wants to share that same feeling with her fans! On February 2nd, Hyomin tweeted, “I don’t know exactly why, but I had a lot~ a loooot~ of fun during today’s volunteer event and musical

Superstar K3′s Two Months share new “couple” selcas

Indie pop duo Two Months delighted fans with a fun selca update featuring both members, Do Dae Yoon and Kim Yerim! Dae Yoon felt that Two Months have been away too long from their fans, and so he shared two new photos through his Twitter

"Invincible Youth" Kim Ye Won and Amber Selcas Together

Girl group Jewelry member, Kim Ye Won, and f(x)’s Amber showed off their lovely charms. Kim Ye Won uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption: “I started eating ginseng since yesterday! Being healthy is the best! Ginseng power activate

Lee Hyun Jae shares selcas with Eye Candy bandmates

‘Flower Drummer’ Lee Hyun Jaerefreshed the eyes of fans with a few pictures on the set fof his drama. Lee Hyun Jae plays Jung Do Il, a powerful drummer with a beautiful smile, in tvN drama ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band‘ and he took pictures with his ‘band mates’ on set

G.NA snaps a few shy selcas for her fans

Singer G.NA recently uploaded a set of yet another gorgeous selcas. These photos appeared on her Twitter with the description, “Although I am tired, I am doing well with this ribbon on my head. After finishing two schedules I’m heading to record! Lets get energized

Lots of Selcas!

So as you can see from the title, there have been TONS of selca’s posted over the past week.  Knock yourself out and enjoy the fun pics! Taeyeon and her dukong!  this will never get old!  If you want to win her heart, make sure you bring her lots of dukongs, haha