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2012 Year of the Black Dragon: Men's Hairstyle Trends

As 2012 begins the start of a new year, people are looking for something new. One of the many things that will change during the year of the Black Dragon will be men's hairstyles. Like the styles from 2011, the new styles will still be masculine but upgraded with some flare to give them a touch of chicness and sophistication

Boyfriend’s Kwangmin shows off a tousled hairstyle

Boyfriend member Kwangmin was recently spotted with a unique hairstyle that’s sparked interest on the internet as of late. The photos were taken during a photo shoot for fashion magazine Allure Korea then posted on the group’s official Facebook and Twitter pages, showing off Kwangmin’s supremely tousled look, as if a huge gust of wind pushed his hair upwards

Sandara Park's Cute Hairstyle In Philippines

2NE1, Sandara Park, Philippines, flight, picture, apple, hairstyle 2NE1 member Sandara Park revealed a picture of herself taken in Philippines.  On the 1st, Sandara Park posted a picture on her twitter along with the comments, "We are heading off to Philippines~ Lets go~~! A picture in to remember!" In the picture, Sandara Park has on 'apple hair,' where she tied the front of her hair back to hang back and holding a red camera in her hands

Lee Si Young fashions a unique hairstyle for a complex look

Actress Lee Si Young fashions a hairstyle that’s both sexy and tough. Lee Si Young has recently been cast in the drama, ‘Violent Romance’, which tells love story between an ignorant and violent man and a woman who is even more ignorant and violent

Se7en shows off his hairstyle from the 90′s in an old photo

Singer Se7en shared a cute childhood photo with his fans. On February 6th, the singer encouraged fans to vote for his new song on M! Countdown as well as SBS Inkigayo on his official Twitter page and also posted the photo above

IU sports a fresh new hairstyle for a photo shoot

The nation’s sweetheart IU has a fresh new hairdo, and it’s becoming quite the conversation topic online. A netizen recently posted the above photos on an online community site with the title, ‘IU pulls off this look so perfectly‘

'The Moon Embraces the Sun' Yoon Seungah's New Hairstyle

Actress Yoon Seungah revealed a self camera picture of herself. On the 8th Yoon Seungah posted a picture of herself on her twitter along with the comments, "Off the studio after cutting my bangs~! So sleepy

Big Bang's Daesung Gets New Hairstyle

In teaser pictures released on YG Entertainment's blog and on Naver, it's been revealed that Big Bang's Daesung will now have blonde hair. In the released picture, Daesung's blonde locks cover half of his face

2NE1 Sandara Park's Cute Apple Hairstyle

2NE1 member Sandara Park posted a picture of herself to her me2day account, with the message, "What's up? Everybody SCREAM! That's all. I'm bored." In the accompanying picture, she's wearing a bright pink coat, black skinny jeans, and grey and black shoes

Kangta's Absurd Hairstyle Shocks Fans of "Voice of Korea"

Kanta's new shocking hairstyle has been revealed on an online forum. Kangta appears on Mnet's "The Voice of Korea," and during the first episode of the show, he recruited Ji Se Hee, who owned the stage and performance with her powerful voice

Lee Da Hye Shows Off Her New Hairstyle

Actress Lee Da Hye showed off her adorable charm. The actress uploaded a picture on her Weibo with the caption: “Guess where I am? I arrived in the United States during lunch. Uh.. but who is that?! Uh?! It is my teacher

Kim Geu Rim’s new wavy hairstyle sparks interest

Singer Kim Geu Rim changed her hairstyle to a new wavy look, drawing much attention from netizens. On February 23rd, she posted on her twitter saying, “Don’t you think my natural hair was better? I don’t think this wavy hairstyle matches with me

Yoo Jae Suk wants the same hairstyle as G-Dragon?

  Grasshopper MC Yoo Jae Suk has turned into G-Drasuk! Big Bang made a special guest appearance on the highly popular SBS program ‘Running Man‘ which aired on March 4th. As soon as each of the Big Bang members hopped out of the two helicopters, the cast of ‘Running Man’ members were in awe at their unique, but fashionable hairstyles

Yoo Jae Suk Follows G-Dragon's Hairstyle on Running Man as "G-Draesuk"

There was a scene on SBS “Good Sunday-Running Man” that was aired on March 4, where Yoo Jae Suk transformed into "G-Draesuk." It was when BIGBANG and Running Man were playing horror hide-and-seek

2PM Nichkhun’s new hairstyle captures attention

A recent photo of 2PM‘s Nichkhun is gaining a lot of attention. The above picture was posted online with the caption, “2PM arriving in Japan, Nichkhun looking like he’s going on the bus for the army

Se7en’s unoriginal hairstyle gives fans lots of laughs

  Singer Se7en belatedly confessed that he copied his hairstyle. On March 10th, Se7en uploaded a photo and said through his Twitter, “I apologize everyone.  I confess that while I was promoting the song ‘When I Can’t Sing‘, my hairstyle was taken from Baskin Robbins ‘My Mother is an Alien’ flavor and the color is Chupa Chups ‘Choco-Vanilla’ flavor

Singer Se7en admits that he imitate a hairstyle of Chupa Chups

Singer Se7en recently made a late confession that he copied someone else’s hair style and made everyone laugh out. On March 10, Se7en tweeted pictures with the comment, “I’m sorry. I must admit that I imitated the hairstyle of Chupa Chups and I deeply apologize to you

Girls’ Generation member Jessica reveals new hairstyle

  Girls’ Generation member Jessica is sporting a new hairstyle. Jessica recently changed the picture on her SNS (social networking) profile and drew a lot of attention. Her long straight hair now has a wave and exudes a very playful feel

G-Dragon’s New Hairstyle?

Recently, a photo of BIGBANG having Korean BBQ was uploaded online. In the photo, you can see G-Dragon, T.O.P, Daesung, and Seungri sitting around a table at what looks like a typical Korean BBQ restaurant

IU sports a quirky hairstyle while waiting in line at Disneyland

Singer IU shared a new photo, in which she sported an eccentric new hairstyle. On March 22nd, IU posted the photo above via her official fan cafe and wrote, “Where shall we go?” She later wrote again, “Disneyland