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Artist Park Bom uses Sandara Park as a guitar

Park Bom used Sandara Park as a guitar. 2NE1 member Sandara Park posted on her Me2Day in the morning of December 12th, “Bom harassing Dara! Human guitar Dara and guitarist Bom” along with a picture

Lee Hyo Ri sings to the self accompaniment of a guitar

On the March 4 episode of SBS’s You And I, a new music show emceed by singer Lee yo Ri and musician Jung Jae Hyung, Lee Hyo Ri shows off a singing performance images of which long lingers in the minds of the audience

2NE1′s Sandara Park shares a video of her guitar skills

On March 16th, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park shared a video on me2day which displayed her skills playing the guitar. Attached with the video, she wrote, “It’s raining… Days like today make you feel sentimental and lonely, but! I want to share the perfect song you can listen to today as the rain falls on your windowsill

2AM Seulong throws Jinwoon’s guitar?

2AM‘s Seulong‘s action shot is grabbing fans’ attention. Earlier today, Seulong tweeted, “Ong lost his mind when he arrived in Japan. Playing shot put with Jinwoon’s guitar with no make up on“, along with three pictures

Shin Se Kyung playing the guitar in a café; “Would you like to have some coffee with me?”

Recently, actress Shin Se Kyung has been spotted at a café, lost in music with her guitar. On April 5, Dal.Komm Coffee released a picture of its exclusive model, Shin Se Kyung. The star is at a café, playing the guitar alone with her legs crossed

Jo Jung Suk Riding a Scooter with a Guitar Looking Like ‘Handsome College Student’

jo jung suk, the king 2 hearts Jo Jung Suk Riding a Scooter with a Guitar Looking Like ‘Handsome College Student’ Actor Jo Jung Suk photo riding a scooter was revealed. An online community recently posted a photo with the title, ‘Jo Jung Suk Scooter

B2ST’s Yoseob displays his guitar skills

Despite his busy schedule, it seems as though B2ST‘s Yoseob is teaching himself to play the guitar. The singer recently updated his Twitter page saying, “Independent study is so hard. Goodnight

Juniel Denies That She Was IU's Guitar Teacher

Juniel talked about having met IU while she was a trainee. During an interview with Sports Korea on June 11, she stated, “Through a mutual acquaintance I met with IU when I was a trainee. We were the same age and our interests were similar

Juniel clears up rumors about giving IU guitar lessons

Singer Juniel discussed how she met IU as a trainee. In an interview with Sports Korea on June 11, Juniel revealed, “I met IU a couple of times during my trainee days through an acquaintance. Since we were around the same age and both of us had similar interests, we got along very well

Popstar Jason Mraz Hopes to Recruit Korean Guitar Prodigy

World famous pop star Jason Mraz has been garnering much attention in Korea because of his public praises of 17 year old guitar prodigy, Sungha Jung, and thinks so highly of Jung that he essentially wants to recruit him for his band

Kim Ha Neul reveals herself playing the guitar

Actress Kim Ha Neul attracts attention with her guitar-playing pictures. On July 6, Kim posted some pictures of her playing the guitar on Facebook. She put her hair straight down and matched a white knit with a pair of jeans, sporting a pure image

Actress Kim Ha Neul Playing the Guitar "She Even Plays Guitar?"

Kim Ha Neul Actress Kim Ha Neul revealed two photos of herself playing the guitar. On July 6, Kim Ha Neul uploaded two photos of herself on her Facebook page. The photos show Kim Ha Neul wearing a white knit with her long black hair, flaunting her natural beauty

IU gives Yoon Do Hyun’s guitar a name

An exchange of tweets between IU and Yoon Do Hyun is gaining attention from fans. On July 6th, Yoon Do Hyun wrote on his Twitter, “Giving an object a name brings it to life… Could you name my custom-made acoustic guitar by Lips of God, a Korean guitar production company, with the emotions running through this night?” while attaching a photo of the mentioned guitar

Guitar genius Jung Sungha to collaborate with 2NE1?

Guitar genius Jung Sungha recently posted this image on his Twitter, along with the tweet below, indicating that something is going on with 2NE1. Spoiler~~!! — Sungha Jung (@jungsungha) July 15, 2012 In addition, 2NE1′s Dara also posted the image below to her me2day, with the following: Last spoiler~! 2NE1 meets guitar genius Jung Sungha!!! We were extremely impressed by his Lonely guitar cover last year~ and now we get to see him in person!!! It’s even nicer to see him in better! So touched~What will he show us this time…!?! Jung Sungha + 2NE1

Is T-ara’s Boram playing or eating the guitar?

T-ara’s Boram revealed a picture of her practicing guitar and showed off her charms. On the afternoon of July 17, Boram revealed two pictures on her Twitter with the caption, “Dinga dinga, ahh.” In the first picture, Boram is playing the guitar while sitting modestly

T-ARA Boram's Guitar Playing Causes Much Laughter

t-ara, boram, day by day T-ARA Boram's Guitar Playing Causes Much Laughter T-ARA Boram recently revealed pictures of her playing her guitar. On July 17, Boram uploaded photos of her playing with her guitar along with the caption, "Dinga Dinga Kkang," referring to the sounds as she plays the guitar

T-ara’s Boram gets hardcore about playing the guitar?

On July 17th, T-ara member Boram took to her Twitter with the pair of pictures above and two brief messages. In the first picture, Boram looks focused as she strums her guitar. She attached the message: “Dinga dinga (the sound of strumming a guitar) roong-♩,” to amplify the peaceful atmosphere of the photo

Tiger JK Plays Guitar and Dances to KARA's Song

Tiger JK, KARA tiger jk mister How would Tiger JK sing KARA's "Mister?"  On the 25th Tiger JK tweeted, "Tonight, I'm not me. I'm 12. I played the guitar and sang to KARA's song. Lalala Lalala

2NE1 and 'Guitar Genius' Sungha Jung Reveal Collab Video!

2NE1, Lonely, Sungha Jung 2NE1 and 'Guitar Genius' Sungha Jung Reveal Collab Video! Girl group 2NE1 and YouTube sensation Sungha Jung have revealed their collaboration video online

IU says, Its hard to learn electronic guitar

IU recently released a picture of herself with an electronic guitar. On September 10, IU uploaded a picture of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, “I’m practicing for my concert now