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Rookie Girl Group SPICA Receives Love Calls for Endorsement Offers

Lee Hyori's protege Spica, which released their debut song and music video for "Potently" just yesterday, has caught the attention from advertising companies.Their music video for their very first single "Potently" was first uploaded on LOENENT's channel and then uploaded on their agency's official Youtube channel B2Ment

YG announces Big Bang comeback, but what about the new girl group?

YG Entertainment, home to some of K-Pop’s most iconic idols, has announced that none other than Big Bang will be making their return this February. Although the news has stirred up an overwhelming haze of anticipation among fans and the like, the news has also posed a question as to the plans for YG’s elusive girl group project, announced last July

Big Bang's New Album Delays Release of YG's Girl Group

Earlier this past year, YG Entertainment revealed that they were working on a new girl group. In the past there had been hints that the group would make their debut as early as January. Ever since, Big Bang’s comeback has been forecast for February, the company’s focus has shifted to their preparations

J.Y. Park to debut another girl group in 2012?

The JYP Entertainment team seems to be making big moves. With a mysterious teaser featuring J.Y.Park playing the piano and a title of “JYP introducing…“, there were hints at the possibility of a new artist debuting in the near future

New Girl Group, Six Bomb Debuts Music Video "Chicky Chicky Bomb"

Home Archives Music Photos Stars Videos New Girl Group, Six Bomb Debuts Music Video "Chicky Chicky Bomb" Print This Article Send This Aricle Tweet by KpopStarz ReporterUpdated: January 26, 2012 3:18 PM EST For those who just can’t get enough girl groups in their lives, there is a new one

SNSD #1 girl group to grab TV viewers attention

SNSD has been voted to the #1 spot of girl groups that grab TV viewers attention.  Monkey3 held a survey from November 24 to 30 that asked, “Which group catches your eye when appearing on TV?“ With 182 votes out of 328 (55%), SNSD won first place over other popular girl groups such as Wonder Girls (51 votes, 16%), T-ara (13%), Brown Eyed Girls (9%), Secret and Kara (4%)

Rookie girl group CHI-CHI: “SNSD are our role models”

Last month, rookie girl group CHI-CHI confidently announced, “Our goal is to be like SNSD” and stated their wish to “become Asia’s top girl group”. Despite their honesty, the girls’ statements were misunderstood as pretentious

Korean girl group getting younger and younger

It’s a disturbing trend that Korean girl group are debuting at younger and younger age.Last time when f(x) made their debut they were average 16 of age, but the record is now smashed by newbie GP Basic (GP for Girl Power) with an average age of under 14

Shinhwa's Jun Jin Appears in MV for Eric's Girl Group Stellar

Jun Jin is making an appearance in the music video of Stellar. Jun Jin has been paying close attention to Stellar as they are produced by fellow Shinhwa member, Eric. When he heard that Stellar needed an actor for their upcoming music video, Jun Jin volunteered to take the part, even in the middle of his hectic preparations and practices for Shinhwa's grand comeback

Kara first Asian girl group to rank in Oricon top 5

Kara will become the first Asian girl group (non Japanese) to place in the top 10 on Japan’s prestigious Oricon chart. Oricon Style reported that the Oricon chart will announce on August 23 that Kara will place at No

SNSD, #1 girl group to freeze the channel on TV

SNSD has been picked as the number one group to grab the attention once they appear on TV. According to music site Monkey3, a survey was carried out from November 24th through the 30th with the question, “The girl group that freezes your eyes when they come on TV’ and SNSD, who are currently hugely popular with ‘The Boys’, ranked #1

Go Ara, was training with 3 SNSD members to form a girl group

Actress Go Ara drew attention revealing that she was training at one point in time along with three of the SNSD members to debut as a girl group. Go Ara revealed the story of the training on December 13th at the production report of the movie ‘Papa’ at Lotte Cinema in Seoul

SNSD 3rd album sales almost 300k copies, top girl group

SNSD‘s full 3rd album ‘The Boys’ is about to break 300,000 copies sold. According to Gaon Chart, SNSD’s full 3rd album which was released on October 19th, has sold 65,048 copies in the month of November ranking #1 for the month

New Idol Girl Group EXID Silhouette Teaser Released

New Idol girl group 'EXID' previewed their debut with teaser posters on the streets. Teaser posters of EXID, the first girl group produced by Midus Hand Shin Sa Dong Tiger, were posted on the Seoul streets drew attention

Shinsadong Tiger’s girl group EXID reveals teaser poster, ‘Whoz That Girl?’

The ‘Midas Hand of K-Pop’, Shinsadong Tiger, is readying to debut his very first girl group, EXID! On February 3rd, the producer unveiled a teaser poster and had it plastered all over central Seoul

Girl Group Idol Airport Fashion

2/3 Print This Article Send This Aricle Tweet Now a days many girl group idol airport fashion has come to receive a lot of buzz, as the stars are shown to be wearing casual clothes far away from their stage costumes

A Pink: Most Promising Rookie Girl Group 2012 by MTV K

February 6, 2012 10:11 PM EST MTV K ranked the top 10 rookie girl groups of 2012during last week’s episode of Studio 5. The groups include from Dal Shabet and Piggy Dolls to Chocolat and spotlight artist A Pink

Introducing Shinsadong Tiger's New Girl Group EXID

One of the biggest names in K-Pop, Shinsadong Tiger, has finally revealed his new six-member girl group EXID. On February 8, AB Entertainment revealed all six members for the first time. They said, "We are putting all our strength into preparing for EXID's first performance on February 16

Shinsadong Tiger’s girl group ‘EXID’ reveals their first teaser

The ‘Midas Hand of K-Pop’, Shinsadong Tiger, has kicked off promotions for the upcoming debut of his girl group, ‘EXID‘. On February 10th, the producer released EXID’s first video teaser under the title, ‘Whoz That Girl‘

Introducing A New Girl Group EXID

Posted: February 11, 2012 10:28 PM EST A famous producer and composer, Sin-Sa Dong Tiger, introduced his new girl group named EXID. He is famous for producing 4-Minutes, G-Na, Beast, and other idol groups, and now he directed another group