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Actor Lee Jong Suk Creates A China Weibo Account To Interact With Fans

Actor Lee Jong Suk has created a China Weibo account in order to interact with his fans.

Lee Jong Suk, who has gained much attention in China through his roles in dramas such as "School 2013", "I Can Hear Your Voice" and more, created his official Weibo account today in order to communicate with his fans in China.

He also posted his first photo on Weibo, revealing his good looks.

Many Chinese fans were excited to see that he had created a Weibo account. In just 30 minutes after creating his account, he had 10,000 followers.

Lee Jong Suk will be leaving for Beijing today in order to attend a fashion brand"s launching event.

Kim Tae Hee Connects with Chinese Fans Through Opening a Weibo Account

Actress Kim Tae Hee has opened up a Weibo account and posted a recent selca of herself. On the morning of January 6, Kim Tae Hee signed up for a Weibo account, the Chinese version of Twitter, and began connecting with her Chinese fans. She wrote on her first post, “Hello Chinese fans, it’s great to meet you here. I’m not a great fan of SNS, and I am late in offering my greetings. I hope to be able to communicate with all of my fans more closely from now on.” In the photo she uploaded with her message, Kim Tae Hee displayed her goddess-like image. The photo shows two images of her face with flawless skin and distinct features. She represents the beauty of Korean actresses. Many Chinese fans showered the actress with welcoming messages on the website. 

Raindow Jaekyung Warns Fans about Fake Facebook Account

Rainbow, Jaekyung, Facebook

Raindow Jaekyung Warns Fans about Fake Facebook Account

Rainbow Jaekyung recently alarmed her fans about a Facebook impostor who uses their account to connect with fans and make them believe that they were interacting with the real Jaekyung. She informed the public about this bogus user.

On October 4, Jaekyung posted a message on her Twitter saying, "Everyone, I don't do Facebook. Faking is bad. This Facebook is not mine." She also attached a screen shot of the impersonator using her information.

Jaekyung found out about this fake account knowing that its details match exactly what is on her SNS account. She also clarified that she's not the one who manages that account. Fans should be aware next time as there are a lot of people who takes advantage of someone's weakness.

Seems like Jaekyung expresses what she had to say for her fans safety

Crayon Pop apologizes for setting up bank account for fan gifts

After receiving much public backlash after opening a bank account for charitable contributions, Crayon Pop canceled its plan and issued an official apology.

Chrome Entertainment, the group’s agency, recently announced that it will open an account for fans who want to continue giving gifts to the members. Instead of giving presents to the group, they suggested to donate money which will go toward a good cause. However, netizens were displeased by the fact that the agency is encouraging fans to pay cash.

In the end, Chrome Entertainment was led to retract its first announcement and apologized saying, “The reason for not accepting any more gifts is because people started to give expensive, designer brand gifts to the members, which made them feel burdened. Of course they were thankful, but they also felt sorry

Crayon Pop’s Record Label Chrome Entertainment Suspends Online Account Enabling Fans To Give Cash Directly To Band Members

Crayon Pop, Bar Bar Bar

Although the official announcement regarding the online account had said Crayon Pop planned to donate the money to charity, the record label execs decided to pull the online account in the wake of the controversy.

They say it's the thought that counts.

Yet the executives from K-pop girl group Crayon Pop's record label Chrome Entertainment fell under fire this week for not thinking through a new online account enabling fans to give the band members cash gifts directly.

Although the official announcement regarding the online account had said Crayon Pop planned to donate the money to charity, the record label execs decided to pull the online account in the wake of the controversy, according to the publication eNEWS.

"We're sorry that a post we put up on the question of presents and donations caused concern among many fans," read an official Chrome Entertainment statement about the Crayon Pop incident on Tuesday

Actor Lee Jong Suk Warns Fans About Fake Facebook Account

Lee Jong Suk

Actor Lee Jong Suk Warns Fans About Fake Facebook Account

Actor Lee Jong Suk opened up about his fake Facebook account.

On July 21, he wrote on his me2day, "I don't do's too hard and so I use me2day..Why are people pretending to be me..what's the point."

Last year, he had also put up a warning message to fake accounts and yet many have been appearing still.

Internet users commented, "Why do people do this", "I almost thought it was him on Facebook!" and "This is ridiculous."

Big Bang's Seungri warns fans over fake Facebook account

Big Bang's Seungri warns fans about an imposter using his identity on social networking site, Facebook. On June 21st, Seungri updated his official Twitter account with a screenshot image of the fake account.

On the said update, Seungri revealed that, "I do not use Facebook. This account is impersonating me and has been in contact with my friends, relatives and fans. Everyone, please do not be fooled."

Aside from getting their accounts hacked and divulged online, many celebrities have been facing the disadvantage of fake accounts on various social networking sites. Many have been addressing this issue through their respective personal accounts.

Source: @ForVictori

Big Bang Seungri Warns Fans About Fake Facebook Account

Big Bang, Seungri, Facebook

Big Bang Seungri Warns Fans About Fake Facebook Account

Big Bang member Seungri warned fans about fake SNS accounts.

Today he posted on his twitter, "I do not do Facebook. This account is a fake account. Please do not be fooled. This is not me," along with a picture.

In the picture, he screenshot a picture of the Facebook account to warn his fans.

Internet users commented, "I hope nothing bad happens" and "I should remember this fake account so I don't add it later."

Earlier, Super Junior member Eunhyuk was hacked by someone on his twitter.


Fan Reveals Account Of T-ARA N4 Performance In Vegas: What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay There

t-ara, las vegas performance, n4

This tweet was posted today on the 27th of May 2013. It talks about what had happened to T-ARA during their Performance in Las Vegas.

While this fan account is still to be vetted for truth, Core Contents Media, T-ARA's management already released a statement that it was a cultural difference and misunderstanding that occurred. This signaled that the group's scheduled activities wasn't exactly met with no controversy.

T-ARA N4 halted their scheduled promotions in Korea to pursue the American dream.  Was it worth it?

Any thoughts?

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Warns Fans about Fake Accounts, ‘Please Stop’

Girls Generation, Sooyoung

Girls' Generation Sooyoung Warns Fans about Fake Accounts, 'Please Stop'

Girl group Girls' Generation Sooyoung warned fake accounts of her that she will take action if they do not stop.

Today, Sooyoung posted on their official homepage, "How is everyone? I can feel spring is coming. Please watch out for colds. The reason why I am writing this is because I cannot take anymore of the fake accounts."

She continued, "At first, I could just pass it off by laughing, but I can't take having my fans feel uncomfortable as well. 'Fake Sooyoung', if you are by chance reading this, please stop," giving a warning to the fake account.

She added, "I understand what you were trying to do but please stop here. If you continue with this, I will have to take action as well