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Lee Min Jung “During a Europe Trip I Was Trapped in a Bathroom Naked”

The actress Lee Min Jung spoke about several scary incidents she went through while travelling in Europe. She appeared on the episode of SBS “Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy” that will be broadcast on January 16

Lee Min Jung talks about a startling experience in Europe

Actress Lee Min Jung revealed a time where she was locked in a bathroom without clothes during a trip to Europe in her student days. During a recent recording of SBS’s ‘Healing Camp‘, Lee Min Jung confessed, “When I was a student, I went on a trip to Europe where I experienced being locked in a bathroom, completely naked

Gary sends proof shot from Europe, “Lol lol”

Running Man member Gary sends word from Europe. Gary tweeted a short message and the photo above on the 23rd, “Lol lol”. Fans who follow Gary on ‘Running Man’ would know, Gary has won the ‘Running Man – Super-powers Special’ episode which aired on December 25th

Running Man, Song Ji Hyo feels neglected, “Gary’s going to Europe by himself”

Actress Song Ji Hyo showed that she feels neglected because Gary is going to Europe by himself. On the January 1st installment of SBS’s ‘Running Man’, the ‘Math Race Special’ was put on with the Hallyu idols Super Junior member Choi Siwon, SHINee member Minho, Wonder Girls member Sohee, f(x) member Sulli, and Sistar member Hyorin

RM, Gary on a trip to Europe asks Song Ji Hyo “Wanna come with?” (Spoiler!)

Who is the Best of the Best among ‘Running Man’ members? The December 25th episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man’ was the ‘Superpowers Special’. For the 2nd ‘Best of the Best Match’, the 7 ‘Running Man’ members transformed into heroes with Superpowers for an added excitement

Big Bang Surveyed as the Most Popular K-Pop Group in Europe

The most popular K-Pop group has been named Big Bang. Beast, SNSD, SHINee and etc followed after Big Bang. A survey of college students was conducted in Italy, Hungary, Germany, France and UK. The results showed that K-Pop had a very high popularity rate throughout Europe

K-Pop Making Inroads in Europe

Reporters for "Sports Dong-A," recently took a look at K-Pop in Europe. As you know, Music Bank just recently held its Music Bank in Paris event, and last year SM Entertainment held SM Town in Paris, opening the doors for other Korean artists to follow

Girls Generation to Release Album in Europe

Girls Generation will release an official album in France on February 13. Their agency SM delivered the news on February 7 that Girls Generation will release their album "The Boys" through Polydor, the French branch of Universal music

Tiara: ‘It Is Amazing to Be Besieged by Autograph Hunters in Europe’

So Yeon (25), Eun Jeong (24), and Hyo Min (23) of the girl group Tiara, which is enjoying incredible popularity with their songs “Roly-Poly” and “Lovey-Dovey,” said, “We had just wanted to rank atop the music chart in the past, but now we are besieged by autograph hunters in Europe

In Europe, She is Famous than SNSD

"Diversity is what we need. That will create a benevolent cycle of Korean Wave,"  said Na Yunseon, a Jazz vocalist based in Europe.  She is the pioneer of Korean Wave at least in Europe. She moved to Paris 17 years ago, studied Jazz and debuted in France

T-ara members Europe-bound to help out with new group’s music video

T-ara members Hyomin and Eunjung T-ara members Hyomin and Eunjung will travel to Europe in order to help out on the set of a music video for a new girl band. According to thegirls’ agency, Hyomin pleaded with Eunjung for 10 hours to accompany her on a nine-day trip, which Hyomin was invited to as an assistant to famed photographer Jo Se-hyun

T-ara's Hyomin & Eunjung off to Europe to help out new group's MV

T-ara members Hyomin and Eunjung will travel to Europe in order to help out on the set of a music video for a new girl band. According to the girls’ agency, Hyomin pleaded with Eunjung for 10 hours to accompany her on a nine-day trip, which Hyomin was invited to as an assistant to famed photographer Jo Sehyun

T-ara to launch a YouTube channel for their trip to Europe

T-ara has announced that they will be setting up their own YouTube channel to broadcast their European trip! Named ‘Freedom’, the channel will be updated with personally recorded and edited videos of their nine day trek around Europe

T-ara reveals, “We won’t play by representative Kim Kwang Soo’s rules on our Europe trip.”

T-ara revealed that they do not want to comply with representative Kim Kwang Soo’s controls. T-ara will snap pictures during their nine days and eight nights and travel around Milano, Venezia, Swiss, and Austria with the theme “Freedom

[PICTURE] T-ara heads off to Europe

On April 10th, the girls of T-ara were spotted at Incheon International Airport, on their way to Italy. For eight nights and nine days, T-ara will travel through Milan, Venice, Austria and Switzerland

Jiyeon Back from Europe..Without her Eyeliner -_-

She returned as well as the T-ara girls on the 10th from their 9 days break, which they spent in Europe. Jiyeon looked..Especially relaxed ^^;; She gave up on her trademark Eyeliner >< Looking very different yet still pretty ><

T-ara's Soyeon looking Much skinnier: Back from Europe

She appears to have lost a lot of Weight, and i find her looking much prettier somehow! Is it the break they enjoyed for only 8days? Aww..She must have really needed it to look this refreshed in such a short time ><

T-ara Shares Selca Pictures from Europe

T-ara’s Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Eunjung shared selca pictures from their Europe trip. On April 11, Jiyeon posted two selca pictures taken together with Hyomin on her Twitter with the caption, “It’s MinYeon

T-ara’s schedule after Europe already planned

T-ara is once again showing their diligence with their ceaseless activities as it’s been reported the group has already planned their schedule after their return to Korea from Europe. The group returns to Korea on April 18th, and will hold a fan sign event near Konkuk University to endorse glasses brand Look Optical on the 19th

T-ara’s Hyomin mistaken for a Girls’ Generation member in Europe

As many of you know already, the ladies of T-ara are currently enjoying a 9 day trip in Europe. Member Hyomin is participating as a member of the staff for the photoshoot and the music video filming of an upcoming new girl group