Keyword: Kpop Bed Sheets

Sa Hee wrapped in bed sheets

Actress Sa Hee was scene with just the bed sheets around her in an episode of the JTBC drama "Thorn Flower".

Ji-min (Sa Hee) is looking at Je-joon (Choi Woo-seok) who is Semi's (Kang Sin-yeong) boyfriend. She is the daughter of a wealthy family who thinks of herself as a princess and has a strong ego but feels jealous of Semi, the caretaker's daughter.

When Semi is in trouble because of her brother Hyeok-min (Kang Kyeong-joon) and his friend Seo Won (Lee Won-seok-I), Ji-min refuses to help her and even steals away Semi's boyfriend Je-joon.

Ji-min tries to attract Je-joon who is drunk in sorrow because of Semi, into bed and make him hers. She uses whatever power she has to do what she has to do in order to get what she wants