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"K-Pop Power & Beauty" Concert Postponed to April 22

The "K-Pop Power & Beauty" concert in San Francisco featuring Core Contents Media artists T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa has been postponed to April 22. This news comes days before the original concert date set on January 13 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Han Chae Young as a Sexy Sleeping Beauty

Actress Han Chae Young’s sexy pose has become the latest news. Han Chae Young uploaded a picture of herself posing seductively on Weibo (Chinese SNS) followed by the text, "I am so hungry but unable to eat so I slept instead in between photo shoots

Visa Problems for T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa Is the Reason for Delay of the "K-Pop Power & Beauty" Concert

As we reported earlier the San Francisco “K-Pop Power & Beauty” concert that features the Core Contents Media artists T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa was postponed to April 22. All 8,000 tickets for the concert were already sold out

Which Female Celebs Are the Closest to Being "The Ultimate Korean Beauty?"

Recently, two photoshopped photos have stirred netizens’ interests. Titled “The Ultimate Korean Beauty,” the photos illustrated two faces that were considered the most beautiful in the Korean entertainment industry

KARA's Kang Ji Young and Her Mother Show Superior Beauty

Kang Ji Young’s mother is garnering attention after the KARA member revealed a past picture of her mother and her together on KBS “Invincible Youth Season 2.” On the latest episode of “Invincible Youth Season 2,” KARA, miss A, and other girl groups’ mothers made a surprise appearance

Fashion Model Compliments Hyori's Beauty

Fashion model Hye Park (readers may be familiar with her modeling for Teen Vogue in the US), wrote about Lee Hyori in a Junuary 16 blog post. Hye Park posted a photograph of herself with Lee Hyori. She wrote, "She (Hyori) is so beautiful

Kim Tae Hee & IU are the ‘Ultimate Korean Beauty’?

The ‘Ultimate Korean Beauty‘ is creating quite the stir amongst netizens online. A few photos surfaced on an online community board on January 15th with the title ‘Ultimate Korean Beauty‘, and one was a compilation photo of the current top female actresses, while the other was a compilation photo of the current top female idol stars

Eugene Shows Off Her No Makeup Beauty While Shopping

Former girl group S.E.S. member, Eugene, is garnering attention for her appearance at a bazaar. Three pictures were recently uploaded on an online community website with the title, “Eugene Spotted At a Bazaar

Lyn, upon being complimented on her beauty slips plastic surgery confession

lyn Singer Lyn slipped having plastic surgery done. On the 28th broadcast of KBS 'Immortal Songs2', Lyn performed 'Cigarette store lady' by Song Chang Shik, showing off her new boyish appeal. After the stage Song Chang Shik commented "Lyn you said your father looks like me but I'm curious to know how he had such a beautiful daughter like you

Tiffany’s Beauty Captivates The French

Well, it certainly seems our favourite eye-smiles angel has enchanted yet another sector of planet Earth… Tiffany has recently been chosen by French fans as Girls’ Generation’s prettiest member

KARA Gyuri 200 Pounds Beauty Musical

KARA’s Gyuri made her debut in the 200 Pounds Beauty Musical recently.Photos below from the curtain call of her December 12th show. Credit: Zkawk (Korean)

KARA Gyuri 200 Pounds Beauty Musical

KARA’s Gyuri made her debut in the 200 Pounds Beauty Musical recently.Photos below from the curtain call of her December 12th show. Credit: Zkawk (Korean)

Son Ye Jin's Childhood Photo Reveals Her Natural Beauty

Film and drama watchers have always known Son Ye Jin as an actress possessing great beauty. A recently revealed photo from her childhood strengthens that. A picture of the actress with her family titled “Son Ye Jin’s childhood beauty” has circulated on online community boards

Singer IU has always been a natural beauty

Singer IU is drawing attention for her unchanging youthful beauty. The above photo recently surfaced on an online community site with the caption, “IU without makeup looks exactly as she did when she was younger

Lee Na Young displays her ageless beauty for ’1st Look’

Although she’s turned 34 years old this year, actress Lee Na Young looks like a young teenager in her pictorial for ’1st Look‘ magazine. Lee Na Young’s style has always been chic and androgynous, so the pictorial may come as a surprise to longtime fans

Kim Tae Hee's Beauty Radiates Even Behind the Scenes

Photos of actress Kim Tae Hee at a recent commercial shoot have been spreading like wildfire on the Net.  February 1 on an online community forum, a thread titled "Kim Tae Hee Still Stunning Behind the Scene," caught the attention of many netizens

Cha Ye Ryun transforms into a femme fatale for BEAUTY+ magazine

Actress Cha Ye Ryun transforms herself into a femme fatale party girl for a night. Cha Ye Ryun made the cover of SNS Beauty magazine Beautiful+‘s December issue. She showed off her beautiful body with provocative poses and word is the photoshoot staffs could not hide their amazement at her sheer beauty

Kim Soo Hyun’s pictures from the past, from a rebel to a beauty

Actor Kim Soo Hyun is the recipient of much love and attention these days as King Lee Hwon on MBC drama ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’. Recently on an online community board, several pictures of Kim Soo Hyun have been posted tagged, ‘Kim Soo Hyun’s cute pictures from the past’

IU and Kim Ji Ho, the Joseon era ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Comedian Kim Ji Ho and IU‘s Joseon era ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is the latest buzz on the web. Currently a regular on KBS 2TV’s ‘Gag Concert‘ Kim Ji Ho tweeted on the 26th, “Taken during the Lunar New Year special episode with the national little sister, IU~~ I love you IU~~^^ I!U!Jjang! lol” and he revealed the photo above

Kara Kang Jiyoung’s pictures from the past prove ’100% natural beauty’

Kara‘s maknae Kang Jiyoung‘s graduation pictures and others from the past are drawing attention. On January 20th, some of the pictures of Miss A member Suzy, as well as Kara members Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung have been revealed