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Additional Night for "Super Junior World Tour Super Show 4" in Singapore

Recently, we have shared that Super Junior would be bringing their "Super Show 4" to Singapore on February 18. In a bid by concert organizer Running Into The Sun to make more tickets available to the massive fan base in Singapore and around the region, the concert is now confirmed for two nights on February 18 (Saturday) at 6PM and February 19 (Sunday) at 4PM

IU's Appearance on "Star Audition 2"

Yoon Sang’s numerous lessons seem to have no effects compared to seeing IU’s face. IU visited Yoon Sang’s mentor school on MBC “Star Audition 2.” Yoon Sang gave his mentees a mission to impress IU

[Updated] Official Singapore Press Conference By Soshi

+ Added more photos from the press conference. In lieu of my personal fan account (which I’m still trying to formulate since it was a total visual/aural overload for me ), here’s something off the SSF website

Singapore SONEs Join The Soshi Blood Donation Drive

Taking the cue from the altruistic actions of the SONEs from Korea, a few SONEs from Singapore decided to organise a similar event in Singapore.Taking place on the 26th of November 2011 at the Singapore National Blood Bank, at least 50 generous S-SONEs donated blood in the name of our favourite 9 ladies

Fancy Getting In On The Act For The Upcoming SNSD Concert In Singapore ?

That’s right, in conjuction with the upcoming inaugural solo concerts by the Girls in Singapore, Yahoo! SG(Singapore) Entertainment and Soshified have organized an online search for presenters for a special pre-concert video to be posted online in the days leading up to the event itself

[Updated] The Power Of Soshi On Concert Ticket Sales In Singapore

+ Tickets for both nights officially sold-out (as announced by RITS). + Added confirmed news from RITS that the Girls will be doing a 2nd show on the 10th of December 2011 at 6pm (same venue). Yesterday (29/10/11) was the start of the SNSD Concert priority ticket sale for Singaporean OCBC cardholders and Samsung mobile phone users

Some Lucky S-SONEs Will Get To See The Girls First In Singapore

How’s that possible, you may wonder ? Well, it has just been confirmed that…… the Girls, together with their fellow SM artistes TVXQ, Super Junior, and others yet to be named, will be performing at the MNet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) to be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 29th of November 2011

[UPDATE Ticket Sales And Prices] Singapore SONEs Your Wish Has Been Granted!

+ Added confirmed ticket prices for the upcoming concert (as released by RITS today-26/10/11). Singaporean concert organizer Running Into the Sun (RITS) has updated SNSD’s December concert with further ticket information

How Much Does It Cost To Bring Angels To Singapore ?

So, how much do you think it will cost to bring angels to Singapore ? Well, how about 1.8 million Singapore Dollars ! Yes, the upcoming Singapore leg of the Girls’ 2nd Asia Tour, to be held on the 9th of December 2011 at 8pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, will be the most expensive K-Pop production to be held here in this country

[Updated] Awesome K-Pop Medley Performance By A Singapore School Band

+ Updated with video of the full concert performance (Thanks Taengoo). In the light of the sudden distressing news to hit the Soshi fandom, here’s a little tidbit I just discovered that might cheer us all up a bit

SNSD Is Featured In Singapore’s “The Straits Times”

With the successful conclusion of Europe’s 1st SM Town concert in Paris over the weekend, it is inevitable that news of this iconic event has spread far and wide…… All the way to Singapore, in fact

SNSD In Singapore?

Well, not really. The 9 ladies were featured in the local Singapore teen magazine “Teenage” though. Teenage, a local Singapore publication catering to Singapore’s teen population has dedicated the June 2011 issue to cover the K-Pop scene

After School arriving at Singapore airport

After School arriving at Changi Airport in Singapore on June 4th.The girls performed for the K-Pop Heal the World concert later that evening. Credits: Ksnaps, via Afterschooldaze

SNSD Taeyeon in Singapore

Singaporean SONES are going crazy over news that SNSD’s kid leader Taeyeon is in town for a short holiday.Some lucky fans have spotted her at Universal Studio among other places. Credits:Image as tagged; SnsdKorean

‘K-Pop Star’ Audition Cast Contestants into SM, YG & JYP Entertainment

k-pop star, sm entertainment, yg entertainment, jyp entertainment SBS ‘K-Pop Star’ audition in the most recent episode brought tears of joy and disappointment among the remaining contestants

TVXQ, Singapore Fan Party a success with great response

TVXQ are touring many countries in Asia meeting their overseas fans. TVXQ’s Singapore Fan Party was a success following in the footsteps of Beijing. TVXQ held ‘TVXQ Asia Fan Party 2011 in Singapore’ on December 4th at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with a huge amount of interest on it

Min Hyorin’s chubby face at the VJ audition way back when

Min Hyorin‘s cute chubby face has been revealed. Recently on the cable channel tvN’s ‘E News’, a segment called ‘Stars whose fate changed after name changes’ aired. Min Hyorin was ranked at 5th place and her real name was revealed as Jung Eun Ran

SNSD in Singapore, tickets sold out in 4 hours

Girl group SNSD held a concert in Singapore mesmerizing 20,000 audience members. SNSD held the ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour in Singapore’ on December 9th and 10th at the Singapore Indoor Stadium

Seungri, Ga In, & G.Na’s audition clips revealing refreshingly cute past

Seungri, Ga In, and G.Na‘s video clips from their audition have been revealed. On the February 5th installment of MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’, Big Bang member Seungri, Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In, and G

Kpop Star Audition Heroine Lee Hai's graduation photos revealed.

Graduation photos of Lee Hai who is currently receiving a lot of love for her soulful voice was revealed. On an online community SBS 'Kpop Star' heroine Lee Hai's junior high graduation photos were revealed