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Actress Go Ara Ventures into Singing with "Now!"

Actress Go Ara has ventured into music with the release of the digital single, “Now!” on January 9. The track, and its mini-album were a surprise release from the actress, going on sale on various music sites without prior notice

After School's Uee Now an Acknowledged Actress?

Despite the cold, After School's Uee's popularity is blazing hot. In KBS2's weekend drama "Ojakgyo Brothers," she plays the role of Baek Ja Eun. Her acting has earned her a lot of attention and her popularity continues to rise

Actress Go Ara looks lovely for High Cut Magazine

Actress Go Ara recently posed for High Cut Magazine. Through her photo shoot, Go Ara expressed her soft and feminine charms, dressed in a knitted one-piece dress that showcased her lean and shapely legs, as well as her S-line figure

Actress Moon Chae Won Declines Role in Drama "Rooftop Prince"

Actress Moon Chae Won has decided not to be cast in SBS TV’s upcoming drama, “Rooftop Prince.” On January 16, Moon’s agency revealed through a TV report, “We’ve been reviewing the script for drama ‘Rooftop Prince,’ but have made the final decision not to cast in it

Actress Kim Hee Sun reveals she went in for a plastic surgery consultation

Actress Kim Hee Sun, who’s known for her flawless, natural beauty, admitted that she too visited a plastic surgeon for suggestions of improvement. On the latest episode of tvN‘s ‘Taxi‘, Kim Hee Sun remarked that she honestly didn’t get any work done on her face

We Got Married: Actress Lee Sena tries to get SuperJunior Eunhyuk's Heart

we got married, Eunhyuk, super junior "We Got Married" program featured a host of young actresses with Super Junior in a large group meeting. Among those young actresses, Lee Sena took the spotlight by showing off her moves to the song "Trouble Maker

Lee Seung Ki Wants to Film Love Story with Japanese Actress Haruka Ayase

On January 30, Lee Seung Ki held a press conference in Japan for the release of his Japanese debut single, “Era of Love.” The debut single is scheduled for release on March 6. During the press conference, Lee Seung Ki was asked if he wanted to film a “love story” in Japan as he did in Korea

Actress Soo Ae denies relationship with CEO of Taewon Entertainment

Photos of actress Soo Ae enjoying “dates” with Taewon Entertainment CEO Jung Tae Won have recently surfaced online, but her representatives denied that such a relationship exists. Soo Ae’s agency Star J Entertainment stated on the 2nd, “It is not true that Soo Ae is dating CEO Jung

JYJ Kim Junsu praised by top musical actress Jun Soo Kyung

Considered by many as the greatest female musical actress of all time in Korea, Jun Soo Kyung paid great praise for JYJ member Kim Junsu. Jun Soo Kyung spoke about Kim Junsu during an interview, “He is exceptionally well mannered even though he is a huge star”

Lee Jin at leisure at home, an actress is an actress no matter where

Actress Lee Jin shared a picture of herself looking quite beautiful at home. The picture boasts the feel of an actress even though she is at leisure drawing many compliments from the fans. Lee Jin posted on her Me2Day on January 31st, “You’re doing well, right? They say it will snow a lot so be careful on the roads”, along with a picture

Joo Jin Mo’s agency denies rumors of romance with actress Go Joon Hee

Actor Joo Jin Mo and actress Go Joo Hee are rumored to be involved in a romantic relationship. In the morning of the 20th, an entertainment media outlet reported on the two stars’ rumored relationship

Song Ji Hyo, the actress who shines through her unpretentiousness

Actress Song Ji Hyo was captured on camera while shopping for clothes. The photos of the actress were posted on an online community board on the 23rd under the title, ‘Song Ji Hyo shopping after having just woken up’

Actress Kim Hyun Joo and Actor Kim Jung Hoon are Coming Back in ‘’Dummy Sister’’

Kim Hyun Joo and Kim Jung Hoon are close to joining the cast for upcoming SBS weekend mini series ‘’Dummy Sister.’’ Kim Hyun Joo is confirmed for this drama but Kim Jung Hoon’s management stated, "The official contract hasn't been signed yet but we are talking about it very optimistically

Actress Kim Sun Ah reveals she’s close friends with BoA

On Feruary 3rd, actress Kim Sun Ah revealed her surprising friendship with pop queen BoA. Writing through her me2day account, Kim Sun Ah said, “No. 1 Boa is awesome~~ We’vealways dreamed about being different, hehe

Actress Kim Hee Sun picks Nichkhun as her favorite idol

kim hee sun Actress Kim Hee Sun picked Nichkhun when asked about her favorite idol. On the 4th broadcast of KBS 'Entertainment News-Star ON AIR' Kim Hee Sun opened up about her everyday life honestly and showed off her honest speaking style

Jang Geun Suk performs the “Marumori Dance” with child actress, Ashida Mana

Via tokyohive: Singer/actor Jang Geun Suk has become the latest celebrity fan of Japanese child actress, Ashida Mana! On February 6th, Jang Geun Suk uploaded a video onto his official YouTube channel

Jay Park admits he’s awkward with actress Min Hyorin

Singer Jay Park admitted that when he confessed that actress Min Hyorin was attractive, things got a little awkward between them. During an interview that took place on February 9th, Jay remarked, “One time I said that I thought Min Hyorin from the movie ‘Sunny‘ was really pretty, and everyone made it seem like she was my ideal woman

Chinese actress Tang Wei reveals, “Hyun Bin acts too cool around people”

Chinese actress, Tang Wei, has recently revealed some interesting info about actor Hyun Bin‘s personality. According to a Chinese media outlet, Tang Wei spoke about Hyun Bin during a press conference for the movie, ‘Manchu‘, in Beijing

Actress Park Shin Hye will appear in a reality show for the first time in her life

Actress Park Shin Hye is creating a stir by being cast on MBC MUSIC’s new reality program That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music. The teaser video of That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music received explosive review from many fans

How would SNSD’s Yoona and actress Han Ga In look without the beauty lines under their eyes?

Doctored pictures of actress Han Ga In and SNSD’s Yoona have been revealed. Recently on an online community board, a picture titled ‘How would Han Ga In and Yoona look like without the beauty lines under their eyes?’ was uploaded