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Which Female Celebs Are the Closest to Being "The Ultimate Korean Beauty?"

Recently, two photoshopped photos have stirred netizens’ interests. Titled “The Ultimate Korean Beauty,” the photos illustrated two faces that were considered the most beautiful in the Korean entertainment industry

miss A?s Suzy becomes the first Korean female celebrity to gain 1 million followers

miss A‘s Suzy has become the first female Korean star to hit the 1 million followers milestone on Twitter! As of 10:04 p.m. EST on July 5th,the star has a total of 1,001,480 followers. Those numbers are growing by the hour, effectively displaying her influence as one of Korea’s hottest SNS stars

T-ara to conclude Japanese tour as first female Korean artists to perform at Budokan

T-ara has announced that they’ll be wrapping up their Japanese tour with a grand finale at the Budokan! The girls will be performing on July 25-26, 6:30PM at Tokyo’s Budokan. TVXQ, Lee Seung Gi, 2PM, and F

Kara is to hold an exclusive concert at the Tokyo Dome as the first Korean female artist

Girl group Kara (composed of Park Gyuri, Nicole, Han Seung Yeon, Goo Hara, and Kang Jiyoung) is scheduled to hold an exclusive concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan as the first Korean female artist. During their 2012 Sigma Festival in Okinawa concert on October 8, Kara made an official announcement that another exclusive concert will be held at the Tokyo Dome

Kara Will Be the First Female Korean Group to Perform at the Tokyo Dome

Kara made headlines today for becoming the first Korean female group to perform at the prestigious Tokyo Dome as a standalone act. According to DSP Media on October 8, Kara will be throwing a concert at the Tokyo Dome on January 6 of next year

KARA to become the first Korean female artist to hold exclusive concert at the Tokyo Dome

KARA will be holding an exclusive concert in Tokyo Dome, becoming the first Korean female artist to do so. The girl group announced it will be holding its first exclusive Tokyo Dome concert on January 6, 2013 during its performance at the ‘2012 Sigma Festival in Okinawa‘ on October 8

KARA will be the first Korean female group to perform at the Tokyo Dome

KARA will be the first Korean female group to hold a solo concert in Japan at the Tokyo Dome. This was announced on their official Japanese website under Universal Music. Their Tokyo Dome concert stop will be part of KARA's "KARASIA" tour, and they will be celebrating the New Year with fans at that time

KARA becomes the first female Korean artist to hold concert at the Tokyo Dome

KARA became the first Korean girl group to hold a concert at the prestigious Tokyo Dome. The girls kicked off their concert titled ‘KARASIA 2013 Happy New Year in Tokyo Dome‘ on the 6th at 6PM and the girls sold out all 45,000 tickets to the concert in under 5 minutes

Singer LYn To Be First Korean Female Ballad Singer To Attend China 'QQ Music Awards'

Singer LYn will be the first Korean female ballad singer to promote in China. Lyn will be attending China"s "QQ Music Awards" on March 27 as the female vocalist representative of Korea an officially begin her hallyu promotions

Female Trainee Opens Up About the Reality of Sexual Favors in Korean Entertainment Industry

On March 29 on JTBC, an exclusive interview with an ex-trainee from an entertainment agency was aired. The interviewee stated, “When I belonged to an agency, even though I was a minor I was often asked to be present at a bar

Which female idol has the best vocals? | SNSD Korean

Korea’s TVREPORT, recently conducted a survey asking 223 University of Virginia students which idols they thought had the best vocals. Out of the female idols listed, Taeyeon came in at 2nd with 18.69% of the votes behind soloist IU, with a whopping 66

IU Might Be Female Lead in Korean Version of “Nodame Cantabile”

Singer and actress IU might be Korea’s Ueno Juri in the Korean version of “Nodame Cantabile.” She exchanged opinions recently with production company Group 8 about taking on the lead role in the Korean version of “Nodame Cantabile

I Want to Look Like You: 3 Korean Female Celebrities Who I Want To Resemble

lee honey, song hye kyo, lee hyori I'm happy with the way I look. Yes, sometimes I do wish my skin was better but other than that I look like my parents and there's nothing more I want than to look at myself in the mirror and think about my mother and father

Girl's Day Is the Real 'Female President' Of the Korean Army

girls day girls day army PR Girl group Girl's Day became the real 'female president' approved by the army. According to Girl's Day's agency today, Girl's Day will be attending the 'Ground Forces Festival' being held on July 16 by the Korean army headquarters

Upcoming Korean drama "Female Wars"

Added the upcoming Korean drama "Female Wars"'s page to HanCinema database"Female Wars" (2014)Original work by Park In-kwonSynopsisA drama based on Park In-kwon's original cartoon.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014

Why The Sudden Concept Of Being Sexy Among Korean Female Groups; What Happened To The Concept Of Just Great Music

Sexy concepts were all seen in the beginning of January 2014. First it started with Girl"s Day for their track, "Something." Followed by a group of ladies who were Dal Shabet, AOA, and Rainbow Blaxx

IU wins 'Best Female Solo Singer' at the Korean Entertainment 10th Anniversary Awards in Japan!

Korean Entertainment 10th Anniversary Awards in Japan announced the music awards result on October 4! What a bang prior to IU's comeback on October 7th! IU bagged the 'Best Female Solo Singer' award! Meanwhile, IU is coming back with her latest album, 'Modern Times'

Which 3 Korean Female Stars Are Riding the Hallyu Wave?

yoon eun hye, suzy bae, boa What is Hallyu? Hallyu Wave is a "neologism referring to the increase in the popularity of South Korean culture." It stands for the growing appeal of Korean culture, entertainment, export, etc

8 of the Youngest and Hottest Female A-Listers in Korean Tinseltown

Move aside Bae Doona,Choi Ji Woo, Song Hye Kyo, and the rest of you stunning A-list female women because we've got a pack of young and hot female A-list actresses that are coming to Korean Tinseltown and running the whole town

Song Hye Kyo Covers All Costs for New Korean Brochures at MoMA

Song Hye Kyo has covered all costs involved in printing new Korean brochures at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. MoMA has provided Korean information brochures and audio services since 2007, but they completely renewed the design of the booklets this month