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Winners of Korean Culture Entertainment Awards, MBLAQ, Moon Chae Won, & others

Actors So Ji Sub and Lee Tae Gon and idol group MBLAQ received the Daesangs (Grand Award) at the 19th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards ceremony. The 19th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards ceremony took place on December 15th in the 2nd floor International Conference Center at the 63 City in Seoul

Different Strokes: Being Biracial in Korean Entertainment

Earlier this week, KBS2 TV‘s Star Life Theater profiled Korean R&B diva Insooni.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Insooni’s work, I encourage you to read the rest of the article whilst listening to this in the background: A bit of background on Insooni: born in the 1950s to a Korean mother and an African-American father who served in the American military, Insooni was raised by a single mother in a Korean society that was (and still is) reluctant to accept those who are racially different

Young Korean-American Singer Takes Entertainment World by Storm

It's been less than three months since her debut but singer Ailee is already taking the Korean entertainment scene by storm with the commanding stage performance of a veteran entertainer. Ailee is a Korean-American artist who debuted in February with her single "Heaven"

Korean government steps in to prevent entertainment agencies from defrauding trainees

With more cases of fake entertainment agencies surfacing, tricking young hopefuls out of their dreams, the government has decided to step in with preventive measures. On May 9th, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism announced that they will be investigating entertainment agencies and launch a database that requires agencies and managers to register to be considered legal, as a preventive measure

Happy Father’s Day! 5 Most Famous Dads in Korean Entertainment!

The third Sunday of June marks Father’s Day, the day to celebrate our dads and show them our appreciation. This year, Father’s Day falls on June 17, which means it’s time for us to acknowledge and thank all the dads out there! There’s a large group of caring dads in the Korean pop industry as well

KARA Nicole Confesses Entertainment Phobia, "I'm Scared I'll Make Mistakes with My Non-Fluent Korean"

KBS, Do Dream, KARA, Nicole nicole KARA's Nicole revealed her phobia for entertainment shows. In KBS Story Show "Do Dream" aired on the 21st, Nicole confessed that she has fear of entertainment

Korean Film "Toy" to Portray Sexual Bribes Going on in the Entertainment Industry

A film is going to be released in South Korea about rookie celebrities and the sexual bribes that go around. The temporary title for the film is “Toy.” The movie will mix in real incidents and also fictional ones

KARA’s Jiyoung reveals her “impurity” and her role for Korean-Japanese drama on ‘One Night Of TV Entertainment’

KARA‘s maknae Kang Jiyoung revealed that the group’s new sexy idea was a bit difficult for her. On September 5th, the members of KARA became guests in an interview of SBS TV‘s ‘One Night Of TV Entertainment‘

'K-Pop Storm Live in Malaysia' to be Biggest Korean Entertainment Show in Malaysia

K-Pop Storm, Malaysia, Dal Sha Bet, SHINee, Girls Day, U-KISS, TEEN TOP, Block B, D-Unit For the first time ever, 9 of the hottest K-Pop groups will land in Malaysia to perform at the WBS Concert 'K-Pop Storm Live In Malaysia'

Artists from Star Empire Entertainment cheers for Korean SAT examinees!

Star Empire Entertainment recently tweeted links of the videos of their artists cheering for the examinees of Scholastic Ability Test on November 8, 2012. Those that participated were Park Jung Ah, Jewelry and ZE:A

Winners from the 19th Korean Art Entertainment Awards

The 19th Korean Entertainment Awards took place on November 28th at 5PM KST at the the Seongnam Art Center Opera House in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. The Korean Entertainment Awards is held annual, being one of the many awards ceremonies that recognizes some of the year's best artists and music, as well as variety shows, MCs and any other entertainers overall

Juniel Wins Rookie Award at Korean Entertainment Art Awards

Juniel, Illa Illa, Bad Person, FNC Entertainment Juniel Wins Rookie Award at Korean Entertainment Art Awards Singer Juniel has won her first rookie award. Yesterday, Juniel attended the 19th annual Korean Entertainment Art Awards and won her first rookie award along with idol group EXO-K

D-Unit to Achieve ‘Rookie Award’ at ’20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards’

The ‘Rookie Award’ was given to D-Unit at the recent ‘20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards‘. The girls shared on their official me2day on December 6th: “Hello. We got the rookie award at the ’20th Culture Entertainment Awards’ today

D-Unit Receives 'Rookie Award' at Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards

D-Unit, me2day D-Unit Receives 'Rookie Award' at Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards Girl group D-Unit shows off their smiling faces after receiving the 'rookie award'. Today, D-Unit posted on their me2day, "Hello

D-Unit To Be Crowned Rookie Of The Year at the 20th Korean Art Entertainment Awards

The girls of D-Unit recently expressed their happiness upon being crowned Rookie of the Year. On December 6th, D-Unit updated their me2day account, “Hello. Today, we received the Rookie of the Year award at the 20th Korean Arts and Entertainment Awards

EXID to receive the Rookie Award at the “20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards”

Rookie girl group EXID recently won the rookie award at the “20th Annual Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards” on December 6th. The girls debuted back in February with “Whoz That Girl”, followed by “I Feel Good” and “Every Night”

SM Entertainment declaring war on unfair contracts | SNSD Korean

So most of us are aware of SME’s rumoured “slave” contracts that it gives to it’s trainees and performers, but all of that seems to have changed On the 6th of July at 9AM in Room #128 at the Members’ Office Building at Seoul Yeouido Congress Hall, The Grand National Party’s committee member, Jo Moonhwan, and SM’s representative, Kim Youngmin, and SNSD’s Yuri and Sooyoung held a ‘proclamation to establish the development of celebrity contracts’ The proclamation was held to promote awareness towards fair contracts between celebrities and their licensing companies including things that were heavily overlooked in past contracts like protecting celebrity rights and also to improve the entertainment industry

YG Entertainment uploads edited version of CL’s “Mental Breakdown ” performance in response to the Korean Muslim Federation’s complaint

YG Entertainment uploads edited version of CL’s “Mental Breakdown (MTBD)” performance in response to the Korean Muslim Federation’s complaint YG Entertainment has responded to the complaint sent by the Korean Muslim Federation and reuploaded the edited version for CL’s “Mental Breakdown (MTBD)” performance

Female Trainee Opens Up About the Reality of Sexual Favors in Korean Entertainment Industry

On March 29 on JTBC, an exclusive interview with an ex-trainee from an entertainment agency was aired. The interviewee stated, “When I belonged to an agency, even though I was a minor I was often asked to be present at a bar

The Korean Entertainment Management Association: “Park Si Hoo’s comeback should be halted.”

After taking a short hiatus due to his sexual harassment scandal, actor Park Si Hoo recently made a comeback through a Chinese movie and also confirmed to star in upcoming KBS drama “Golden Cross,” which he ultimately dropped out due to scheduling conflicts