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The Korean Forbes “40 Power Celebrities” List – Is It Accurate?

Ah, the Forbes list(s): surely the ultimate form of recognition after the Nobel Peace Prize. And now we have the Forbes Korea “40 Power Celebrities” list, ranking them based on influence, income and fame

Celebrities show their Korean pride for the March 1st Movement

  Many Korean celebrities have changed their profile pictures to pictures of the Taegukgi, the Korean flag, in honor of the March 1st Movement. On March 1, Se7en wrote the South Korean pledge of allegiance to the flag on his personal twitter, “Before this proud Taegeukgi, I firmly pledge my loyalty and will devote my body and soul to the eternal glory of my country and people

Korean celebrities show their support for KONY 2012

  It seems like the KONY 2012 project has finally received attention in Korea. Many Korean celebrities have stepped in and joined support for the capture of Joseph Kony, a leader of a violent Ugandan group who abducts young children from their parents and forces them into war

9 Most Androgynous Korean Celebrities

Androgyny is one part of “Pop” that I think will always be with us, and continue to grow even more as timegoes by. There is something to be said of celebrities that go for an androgynous look. They force you to do a double-take

From Super Junior to KARA, SNSD to TVXQ, Japanese Stars Have Fallen in Love with Korean Celebrities!

super junior, kara, girls generation, TVXQ It has been pointed out that the Korean Wave has slowed down. However, every time a K-Pop celebrity releases an album in Japan, it is always ranked high on the Oricon charts and appear on Japan variety shows as well

Korean celebrities prepare for enlistment

Every South Korean male has to do the military service. It’s mandatory. The ages in which they can enlist is from 18 to 35 and they have to serve for 2 years. It’s not like they’re going to be fighting

10 Korean Celebrities with Very Small Faces

A couple days ago, MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” aired a segment where a reporter told actress Yoon Seung Ah that she has a very small face- one that’s even smaller than actor Kang Dong Won

PSY has the most Weibo followers among Korean celebrities

PSY has once again showed off his international popularity! The world star has officially named as the Korean celebrity who has the most followers on Weibo (a Chinese version of Twitter). PSY opened his official Weibo account on November 8th of 2012 and up to now he has 7,979,000 followers

Actress Yoon Seung Ah Has One of the Smallest Faces of All Korean Celebrities

Despite all celebrities having tiny-sized faces, actress Yoon Seung Ah seems to be one of the top. During a recent interview with MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” that was aired on March 23, the reporter said, “The average length of a Korean woman’s face is said to be 22cm, and actor Kang Dong Won has a face length of 20

Sayuri: “Korean and Japanese Celebrities Are Good Liars”

Japanese entertainer in Korea Fujita Sayuri appeared on the most recent episode of TV Chosun “Inside Story” and claimed that celebrities in both Korea and Japan are good at lying while discussing under the topic, “lies

8 Ugly Photos of Korean Male Celebrities

Seongyeol making this face is pretty darn ugly. Park Jin Young is not a pretty crier. I never knew how hot Hongki was. Don"t ever turn into a woman T.O.P, for the sake of us all. Nevermind, Daesung, please never become a girl

Did You Get Surgery? Korean Celebrities Who We Think Went Under the Knife

hyoyeon, iu, lee honey, tiffany, snsd Listen, I understand that plastic surgery has just become part of Korean society. Everyone does it, and it's just the thing to do. I'm sure if plastic surgery was the new affordable trend in my area and everyone and their moms, literally, got it done, I'd probably hop on the train too which makes me sound like a complete conformist, but hey, I understand

I Want to Look Like You: 3 Korean Female Celebrities Who I Want To Resemble

lee honey, song hye kyo, lee hyori I'm happy with the way I look. Yes, sometimes I do wish my skin was better but other than that I look like my parents and there's nothing more I want than to look at myself in the mirror and think about my mother and father

Korean celebrities head to Central America

A group of celebrities left Incheon International Airport for Belize in Central America on Friday to film SBS "Law of the Jungle". In this trip, actress Jo Yeo-jeong, actor Kim Sung-soo joined a group of others

K-Drama in K-pop: Korean Drama Celebrities Add Appeal To K-pop Music Videos

kdrama Song Jae Rim Yoo Seung Ho   When a character in a kdrama looks familiar, it's not always because you have seen that actor or actress in another drama. Even if the actors don't sing, you may have seen them playing a partin someone else's music video

Korean Celebrities' Diets Part 1: Girls' Generation- KARA

Girls Generation, KARA, miss A I recently read this story on actress Kim Bin Woo's extreme diet plan that had my head shaking from side to side in sadness. Kim Bin Woo, who is currently starring in "Good For You," on MBC said this about how she maintains her pretty figure: "It's my 12th year eating only one meal a day

Korean Celebrities' Diets Part 2: 2NE1 Bom-2AM Changmin

Chamgmin, 2AM, 2NE1, Bom, Seo In Young Continuing from part I of Korean celebrity diets, here's one that really made me smack my head in confusion. 2NE1's Bom is famous for the "Lettuce sliming diet," which basically consists of, you guessed it, eating lettuce

Korean Male Celebrities That Ticked Off The Military

mc mong, rain, se7en, sangchu There are two kinds of male celebrities-ones who humbly do the mandatory enlistment with no controversies or scandals or others who shame their country with their BS and nonsensical cowardly ways

American Celebrities Get Chummy with Korean Stars

brian, fly to the sky, jay park, yoo jae suk, kang ho dong, sistar It's always guaranteed to be a a great time when Hollywood meets Koreawood. When our favorite actors or musicians collide with our favorite Korean stars, there's nothing more entertaining