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CN Blue First Korean Artist on Japanese MTV Unplugged

CN Blue appeared on MTV “Unplugged” which was the first as a Korean singer. They sang 12 songs for the filming of MTV “Unplugged” which was held on January 31 in Japan. There were 150 fans that were at the performance

CNBLUE becomes the first Korean artist to play on ‘MTV Japan Unplugged’

Korean rock band CNBLUE recently made an appearance on MTV Japan‘s Unplugged, taking the title as the first ever Korean artist to appear on the show. MTV Unplugged is a music program that features intimate, acoustic sets from world-class artists like Eric Clapton, Oasis and Mariah Carey

IU, youngest Korean artist to perform at the Arts Center in Japan

High school student and singer IU, will be performing at Arts Center in Japan and will become the youngest Korean artist to do so. On December 15th, Japanese media outlet ‘BARKS’ reported, “IU will be holding ‘IU Japan Premium Special Live’ on January 24th at the Arts Center ‘Orchard Hall’ in Bunkamura, Tokyo, Japan

CN Blue's Impressive Performance as First Korean Artist to Perform on Japan's MTV Unplugged

The boys of CN Blue delivered an amazing performance on Japan's MTV Unplugged as the first Korean artists to appear on the program since its creation in July 2011. CN Blue were invited to perform and shoot the episode on January 31

Korean Artist's Painting Joins Select Homage to British Queen

A Korean painter's rendering of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II will be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery in London from May 17 to Oct. 21 as part of a special exhibition called "The Queen: Art & Image" marking the 60th year of her accession to the throne

First Artist MBLAQ at 'MBC Korean Music Wave in Google' at Mountain View, California

mblaq, this is war, oh yeah, mbc, google MBLAQ Tiffany and Taeyeon MBLAQ was the first artist to appear for the first performance of the night. MBLAQ on this day performed a total of 3 songs ‘This is War,’ ‘Y,’ and ‘Oh Yeah

Girls' Generation (SNSD) The Only Korean Artist in Japanese Karaoke Ranking

"Girls generation" "SNSD" "Koraroke" "ranking" Girls' Generation has shown unchanging popularity in Japan. Japanese Karaoke Enterprise Joysound UGA announced '2012 the first half year Karaoke ranking

JYJ’s Junsu becomes the first Korean artist to rank #1 on Chile’s music chart

JYJ‘s Junsu has once again proven his global popularity by ranking first on Chile’s music chart. On July 10th, Junsu’s solo album ‘Tarantallegra‘ ranked #1 on the chart of Chile’s popular television channel ETC-TV

South Korean Artist Inspires with Enchanting Art

An Interview with S. Korea's Rising Artist Lee Min-Jae By Kristy M Chicago Correspondent " Fa ith " by South Korean illustrator Lee Min-Jae K-Pop may have stolen the hearts of millions across the world, but artist Lee Min-Jae is capturing global attention with his mesmerizing artwork

TVXQ, SHINee, BTOB, BEAST and Surprise Artist are Korean Big Five in Bangkok

TVXQ, SHINee, BEAST, BTOB, Korean Big Five, Thailand Five popular K-Pop idol groups are to attend a music festival in Thailand. The Korean Big Five in Bangkok is to star 5 biggest K-Pop stars such as TVXQ, SHINee, BEAST, BTOB and one other surprise guest

The first Korean artist who seize #1 position on US iTunes MV Chart is Psy

By now becoming the first Korean artist to rank at the #1 spot on the US iTunes‘ MV Chart, Psy has officially made history! Psy’s “Gangnam Style” MV ranked at the prestigious #1 position on the MV Chart of US iTunes on August 21st, just three days after seizing the #2 spot on August 18th

Justin Bieber's Agency, "Psy is Going to be the First Korean Artist to Succeed in the U.S."

Psy, Justin Bieber, Gangnam Style Justin Bieber's Agency, "Psy is Going to be the First Korean Artist to Succeed in the U.S." Justin Bieber's agency commented that Psy will be the first Korean artist to succeed in the U

Psy's "Gangnam Style" MV Reaches Over 100 Million Views, 'A First for a Korean Artist'

Psy, Gangnam Style, YG Entertainment Rapper Psy has finally reached over 100 million views on Youtube. Today, Psy reached 100,084,539 views on his "Gangnam Style" music video. This amazing record happened in just 52 days after its release

Big Bang Frist Korean Artist Performing 3-Dome Concert in Japan

Big Bang, Alive Tour, Alive Tour 2012, Alive World Tour, YG Entertainment, Japan Big Bang Frist Korean Artist Performing 3-Dome Concert in Japan Idol group Big Bang will perform their first three concert dome tour in Japan

Psy Ranks Number 8 on U.S. iTunes Chart! A First for a Korean Artist to Rank in Top 10!

Psy, Gangnam Style Psy Ranks Number 8 on U.S. iTunes Chart! A First for a Korean Artist to Rank in Top 10! Psy Ranks Number 8 on U.S. iTunes Chart! A First for a Korean Artist to Rank in Top 10! Rapper Psy has set another record by ranking number 8 on the U

PSY is the second Korean artist to be on Billboard’s Hot 100

It was revealed that singer PSY has made another record. There are currently two Korean artists to chart on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. They were the Wonder Girls, ranking at #76 with their English version of “Nobody” and PSY, charting at #64 with “Gangnam Style“! In order to have Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, artists are ranked based on the scores of the week’s radio broadcast ratings, the sales volumes of digital downloads and albums, along with the results of streaming services

Psy is Chosen as Korean's Favorite Artist!

Gangnam Style, Psy Psy is Chosen as Korean's Favorite Artist! Rapper Psy has been chosen as 'Korea's favorite artist' according to poll results. This past week, they conducted a poll with 630 people over the age of 19 in which Psy won 19% of their votes

Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Hits New High for Korean Artist on Billboard Chart

Psy's "Gangnam Style" ranked 64th on the U.S. Billboard's singles chart, The Billboard Hot 100, when it was updated on Thursday, the highest slot achieved by a Korean artist to date.The previous record was set by Wonder Girls, who placed 76th with their song "Nobody" in October 2009

Psy Makes History As 1st Korean Artist To Top US iTunes Pop Chart

On September 15, singer Psy has now topped the iTunes charts of 17 countries including the U.S. with his highly addictive  song “Gangnam Style.” The other countries who gave him the top honors are Canada, Argentina, Czech Republic, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Lithuania, Paraguay, Peru, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand

PSY expected to be the 1st Korean artist to top the U.K's Official Singles Chart

There are high speculations that PSY will be the first Korean artist to top the U.K's Official Singles Chart after today's chart update showed "Gangnam Style" in the #1 spot. On September 27th, PSY's "Gangnam Style" moves up to two places, overtaking last week's #1 "Hall of Fame" by The Script and will