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Top Korean Actors Adored by Foreign Fans

Arirang TV broadcasted a video revealing the top 7 Korean actors among foreign fans. Korean movies and starring roles have become quite popular in several countries. Many of the actors are gaining recognition worldwide

CN Blue returns to Korean fans as singers and actors

The four-boy band CN Blue will start in earnest its domestic activities. The FNC Music, CN Blue’s agency, announced on March 14 that Jung Yong Hwa’s own songs and relevant videos that are embodied in CN Blue’s new album will be released in advance on March 16 via CN Blue’s official YouTube page

2 Korean actors get stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Korean movie stars Lee Byeong-Heon and Ahn Seong-gi will get stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in June, according to a local movie promoter Wednesday. The two will leave their hand prints in a ceremony outside of Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California on June 23 and 24, the 1st Look said

'Amazing Spider-Man' actors, "Korean Movies are fantastic"

Rhys Ifans 'Amazing Spider-Man' actor Rhys Ifans and Matthew Tolmach praised Korean movies to be amazing. The press conference for the movie, 'Amazing Spider-Man' was held in Ritz Carton Hotel in Seoul

Korean Actors Labor Union requests SBS ‘Five Fingers‘ to issue a public apology in regards to Eunjung’s exit

On August 28th, ‘Five Fingers production company Yein E&M stated the reason of T-ara member Eunjung ’s withdraw from the drama through a press release. But the controversy surrounding Eunjung and ‘Five Fingers’ producers keeps spreading

Korean actors find satisfaction off-camera

Actor Yoo Ji-tae, top, directs "Mai Ratima", which focuses on a Thai woman, center right, who comes to Korea and ends up in a bad prearranged marriage. For her second feature film as a director, Koo Hye-seon, bottom, features Siamese twin brothers, center left, who compete for the affection of the same woman in "The Peach Tree" Provided by Movie & I and Yoo Movie Hollywood star Ben Affleck, who directed "Argo", is only one of many actors and actresses venturing into a new role, and Korea is no exception when it comes to actors taking their chances on the other side of the camera

Upcoming Korean movie "Actors Are Actors"

Added the upcoming Korean movie "Actors Are Actors"'s page to HanCinema database (2012)Directed by Kim Ki-duk, Shin Yeon-shickWith Lee Joon,...SynopsisA movie about a popular actor who falls to the ground once again

Korean actors and actresses to attend FIFA World Cup in Brazil in June

 While the entertainment industry is preparing to go to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer, KDramastars looked into a few entertainment programs and actors and actresses who are going to attend the World Cup

Japanese Actors Hope to Boost Career in Korean Soaps

Mina Fujii (left) and Yuriko Yoshitaka Japanese actresses are making inroads into Korean TV soaps. SBS series "The King of Dramas" on Tuesday featured Mina Fujii as Akiko, the young wife of a Japanese businessman

Playing Tough Guys Becomes A Hot Trend For Korean Actors

This was the year when quite a few stars known for their gentle onscreen personalities tried playing tough guy roles.Perhaps the most macho transformation of all was Kim Hyun Joong”s. K-drama viewers first met him on the small screen as the sensitive, violin playing Yun Ji Hu in “Boys Over Flowers

Korean actors and actresses who celebrate birthdays in April

Not only does April mean warmer weather in the northern hemisphere, it”s a good month to celebrate the birthdays of some of your favorite k-drama stars.The celebrations can officially start with Kim Jae Wook”s birthday on April 2nd

More Korean actors acting for Hollywood

Tom Tykwer (from left) and Lana Wachowski, Bae Doona, Jim Sturgess, and Andy Wachowski pose for a picture before a press meeting to promote the Hollywood film Cloud Atlas at Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel in eastern Seoul on December 13 (photo: Yonhap News)

Added new still and poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Actors Are Actors"

Added new still and poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Actors Are Actors" (2012)Directed by Kim Ki-duk, Shin Yeon-shickWith Lee Joon, Yang Dong-geun, Seo Yeong-hee, Kang Shin-hyo, Kim Hyung-joon, Oh Kwang-rok,

Korean Actors Who Overcome Scandals To Revive Their Careers

Here are several Korean actors who has overcome scandals to move forward with their careers!1. Joo Ji HoonJoo Ji Hoon, who played Crown Prince Shin in “Princess Hours,” appeared in “The Devil” and starred in the film “Antique Bakery,” had a promising career before his scandal

Chinese media say, "Korean actors and actresses are preferred because they are cheap"

A Chinese media analyzed the reason for many Korean stars in Chinese dramas for their cheap guarantee. According to a recent report by Beijing Cheonbao, a local newspaper, Korean stars have taken over the star role in 10 Chinese dramas in the last 2 years

Hottest Acting Stud-Muffins: Korean Male Actors

Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun, Won Bin, Jang Dong Gun Korea's A-list male actors are some of the best looking Asian men on this planet. Aside from the fact that they always look insanely handsome in tailored suits holding guns or kissing beautiful women, the actors we will discuss today are just downright gorgeous men with features that would make any Korean mama proud

Cast Of South Korean TV Show 'Rascal Sons' Still Unpaid 3 Months After Show Was Cancelled: MBC Allegedly Owes Actors $100,000

Racal Sons, MBC When the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) program "Rascal Sons" was cancelled in March after a 50-episode run due to low ratings, little did the cast members know their problems were only just beginning

Korean Actors Who Fell In Love During Filming

hyun bin, bae doona, song hye kyo, kim tae hee, rain Rihanna may have fallen in love in a hopeless place, but the stars below fell in love in a cinematic one. Actors work closely together and they end up falling in love with each other

Interview with senior actors about Korean dramas

The Korean wave is said to have begun in 1997 when the Korean drama What is Love was aired in China, which was starred by senior actor Lee Soon-jae. Since then, many things have been changed in terms of both positive and negative aspects

Song Hye Kyo Covers All Costs for New Korean Brochures at MoMA

Song Hye Kyo has covered all costs involved in printing new Korean brochures at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. MoMA has provided Korean information brochures and audio services since 2007, but they completely renewed the design of the booklets this month