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What songs do men want to hear from their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day?

As we approach quickly approach Valentine’s Day, online surveys revolving around the holiday are quickly becoming a hot topic in Korea. On February 1st, free online dating site ( conducted a three day survey asking men in their 20′s to 30′s on which songs they would like to hear their girlfriends sing on Valentine’s Day

HEAR IT FIRST: Exid's Debut Music Video

Posted: February 15, 2012 4:41 PM EST exid, whoz that girl    

What Song Do You Want To Hear Sung By Your BF/GF On Valentine

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and men and women around the world are all planning for the "perfect" day with their significant others. On February 1st, free online dating site ( conducted a three day survey asking men in their 20′s to 30′s which song they would like to hear their girlfriends sing to them on Valentine’s Day? The results released on February 11th revealed that 32

Sully, "I want to hear that I grew up"

Sully revealed what she wants to hear on the year she turns an adult, 2013. In SBS 'Star Watch Interview', An SungGi, Park JoongHoon, Nichkhun, and Sully were invited as guests. On this day, when An SungGi asked Sully why she picked him as his 'ideal guy', Sully replied, "You are really handsome

[Spoiler] "The Equator Man" Eom Tae-woong pretends not to hear

In the latest episode of "The Equator Man", Eom Tae-woong put on a little show inside the show. On the sixth episode of KBS 2TV drama "The Equator Man", aired on April 5th, Seon-woo (Eom Tae-woong) pretended not to hear when he could

Broadcast Malfunction: Sunny Hill gets flustered to hear the song by Noel for its own performance

Group Sunny Hill recently went through a happening where the group repeated same performances twice at a show because of the malfunction of the broadcasting system. On April 28, Sunny Hill gave a performance on MBC’s Show Music Core, hosted by Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seoyeon of SNSD and its subunit Taetiseo

Park Jin Young says, “The cacophony you hear in Wonder Girl’s music was intentional”

Recently, singer and producer Park Jin Young talked about a discordant effect he used in Wonder Girls’ music. On June 3, Park tweeted, “Most pop songs use major or minor scale. Originally, Wonder Girls’ ‘Like This’ is produced in a minor scale, but I wanted to give some special effect

[NEWS] Sunye doesn’t want to hear JYP whisper in Wonder Girls’ song

Wonder Girls’ Sunye recently dissed JYP Entertainment’s CEO and producer Park Jin Young on ‘Gag Concert’. On the June 10th broadcast of KBS ‘Gag Concert’, Wonder Girls appeared “The Discovery of Life” sketch, where they parodied the Brave Guys

Drama of the week "Can You Hear my Heart"

Drama of the week "Can You Hear my Heart" (2011)Directed by Kim Sang-ho-IWritten by Moon Hee-jeongNetwork : MBCWith Kim Jae-won, Hwang Jeong-eum, Nam Goong-min, Ko Joon-hee, Lee Kyoo-han, Jeong Bo-seok,

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! TaeTiSeo is the Cover Story for the July issue of “Teens” magazine

Just when you think that it is safe to venture out again into the big wide world; wham ! Singapore SONEs get hit with more TaeTiSeo goodness in the newsstands. Coming hot on the heels of their recent promotions in Korea, Soshi’s newest sub-unit gets featured in the July issue of “Teens” magazine, a Singapore publication that showcases the latest trends in the music and film entertainment industries

Super Junior Shindong, "It's Hard to Hear People Call Me the Comedian of Super Junior"

Super Junior, Shindong shindong gagman Super Junior Shindong shared about his hurts from being called a comedian.  On the 20th on KBS2 "Star Life Theater," Shindong shared why he had to make the most of his entertainment opportunities

HOMME (2AM’s Changmin & 8eight’s Lee Hyun) releases “Words I Can’t Hear” for ‘Five Fingers’ OST

Project group, HOMME, which consists of 2AM’s Changmin and 8eight’s Lee Hyun, is back once again with a new single “Words I Can’t Hear”. The single, which was released on October 12th, is included in the Part 2 of SBS ‘Five Fingers’ OST album

Let’s Hear It for Holke: Block B’s Park Kyung

As Block B recently made their comeback with album Blockbuster and title track “Nillili Mambo,” it seemed to be a good time to delve into some pre-debut work. Since Zico‘s already been covered, I think you all know who’s next: Park Kyung

DBSK Coming to Hear Out The Dilemmas of Others on ‘Hello’

DBSK (TVXQ) is set to appear on KBS’ hit show, Hello. The producer for the show, which weekly features everyday citizens sharing their biggest dilemmas, confirmed the news on October 13. DBSK will record its appearance on the October 14 episode to hear out the problems and issues of others and also provide their input

IU’s “Good Day” is the worst song to hear at the karaoke

On November 14th, 100 college students were featured on MBC’s “Dancing In The Golden Mic” for the 21st anniversary of Dae Jin University. During the episode, the male students participated in a survey asking, “Which song do you hate to hear the most by a girl at the karaoke?” And the result was IU’s “Good Day” as the #1 choice

“I Hear Your Voice” Producer to make new drama “Gap Dong”

Producer Jo Soo Won of ”I Hear Your Voice” is going to make a new drama titled “Gap Dong“.The press conference for this tvN’s new drama was held in the CGV Yoong San in Seoul in April 8, with the attendance of producer Jo Soo Won, scriptwriter Kwon Eun Mi, as well as actors including Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Min Jung, Sung Dong Il, Lee Joon, and Kim Ji Won

Shin Se Kyung, Love For Girls' Generation "Girls' Generation... Can't You Hear My Heart Beat"

shin se kyung, snsd, girls generation, snsd i got a boy shin se kyung in love with snsd Actress Shin Se Kyung fell in love with Girls' Generation (SNSD). Today, Shin Se Kyung posted on her Twitter, "Ah

Buzzfeed Chooses 2NE1 as One of “11 Girl Groups You Need to Hear”

American news portal Buzzfeed has named 2NE1 as one of the girl groups you should definitely listen to. To introduce their readers to some new girl power, the popular website put together a list of talented groups that they would like you to know

Kong Hyo-jin in "I Hear Your Voice"

Actress Kong Hyo-jin is a likely candidate in the KBS 2TV drama "I Hear Your Voice". Kong Hyo-jin's agency claims, "Kong Hyo-jin has been offered a role in "I Hear Your Voice" but it's just in consideration"

Upcoming Korean drama "I Hear Your Voice"

Added the upcoming Korean drama "I Hear Your Voice"'s page to HanCinema database (2013)With Kong Hyo-jin,...SynopsisA drama about government lawyers.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2013