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G.NA gets overwhelmed talking about being on "Mask King"

G.NA gets overwhelmed talking about being on

On the April 19th airing of MBC“s “Mask King,” singer G.NA guested on the show where she competed under the alias and mask name, Fox in Wonderland.

During the first round, G.NA flawlessly sang the hit song “Like Yesterday” by J. However, veteran singer Baek Ji Young recognized G.NA”s voice and commented, “This is G.NA”s voice. When she sings high notes, G.NA has this light vibration she lets out. This is exactly that.” . ... Read more

Leeteuk returns to "Star King" as an MC

Leeteuk returns to

Super Junior”s Leeteuk has returned as an MC on SBS”Star King” after a two year absence due to his enlistment into the military. 

On the April 18 episode, fellow MC Kang Ho Dong welcomed Leeteuk back to the show, introducing him as the “son of Star King.” Kang Ho Dong also surprised Leeteuk with a big hug. . ... Read more

[Spoiler] "Splendid Politics" Cha Seung-won becomes king


Cha Seung-won persuaded Sin Eun-jeong to help support him for the safety of her children.

The April 14th episode of MBC”s “Splendid Politics” showed the palace getting into the fight to grab the power after King Seonjo (Park Yeong-gyoo) died. Queen Inmok (Sin Eun-jeong) became worried about the safety of her children as her supporter, Seonjo passed away. . ... Read more

[Spoiler] Who is the winner of this week"s episode of "Mask King"?

[Spoiler] Who is the winner of this week

This week”s broadcast of MBC“s “Mask King” was full of awe-inspiring, breathtaking, and shocking performances featuring talented vocalists, such as B1A4″s Sandeul, senior artist Kwon In Ha, Ivy, and the winner by the masked name of “Used Two Buckets of Gold Lacquer”.. ... Read more

Super Junior"s Leeteuk to reunite with Kang Ho Dong as MC on "Star King" after 3 years

Super Junior

We will get to see Super Junior”s Leeteuk hosting SBS”s “Star King” alongside Kang Ho Dong again after 3 years!

According to Kim Jae Hyuk PD on April 7th, Leeteuk has decided to make his comeback as a fixed MC of “Star King” and also finished his first recording on the 6th.. ... Read more

Leeteuk to officially co-host Star King again with Kang Ho Dong after nearly 3 years

Leeteuk to officially co-host Star King again with Kang Ho Dong after nearly 3 years

Here”s some good news for the popular show “Star King“, as they have regained their former co-host Super Junior“s Leeteuk!

On April 7, Leeteuk announced that he had become a permanent co-host for SBS” “Star King” again and had finished filming his first comeback episode.. ... Read more

Solji wows with cover of "Maria" on "Mask King"

Solji wows with cover of

Solji wowed with her cover of “Maria” on “Mask King“!
The Lunar New Year special was decided to be turned into a full variety show. Since Solji won the Lunar New Year special, she was invited back onto the show to perform a congratulatory stage, and she came on to perform “Maria”! . ... Read more

Hani to become one of the judges for "Mask King"

Hani to become one of the judges for

Rising star EXID”s Hani has been selected to become one of the judges on the upcoming MBC variety competition show “Mask King.”

“Mask King” is a variety competition show where talented singers are judged only by their vocal skills. To remove other influences for a fairer competition and put a true emphasis on purely vocals, competitors are asked to perform while wearing masks, cloaking their true identity until the very end.  . ... Read more

It"s the return of the kkab king! Jo Kwon dances to "Up & Down" and "Gee"


Jo Kwon“s kkab powers have come back in full force as the idol danced like no other during his recent appearance on MBC“s “Quiz to Change the World“!

. ... Read more

T-ara to perform for Malaysian royalty + "Fashion King" models!

T-ara to perform for Malaysian royalty +

Looks like SISTAR won”t be the only K-Pop group performing for royalty! It has been reported that T-ara will also be performing in Malaysia for the sultan”s coronation ceremony, which will take place from March 26 to March 29.. ... Read more