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FNC Music warns Jung Yonghwa fans about a fake me2day account

Some people aspire to be like celebrities, some idolize them, and a select few will actually take the time to create fake SNS accounts pretending to live their lives. It’s been revealed that CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa is the latest celebrity to inspire an impostor account on a social networking service

Jung Yonghaw Fake me2day Account

CNBLUE, jung yonghwa As many celebrities become popular and fans like to follow their favorite celebrity, there are few selected individual who will create fake SNS accounts to pretend to be the celebrity themselves

Song Ji Hyo, “Don’t wear animal fur, wear fake fur!”

Currently starring on SBS ‘Running Man’, Actress Song Ji Hyo wore 5 different styles of fake fur outfits, designed by 5 top designers for InStyle magazine January issue. Song Ji Hyo displayed delicate femininity fashioning an ultra short mini dress and she also boldly showed off a true bottomless fashion in the pictorial

Fake Jang Geun Suk Leave!

Jang Geun Suk, lying about height, Japan In Japan, a controversy arised over Jang Geun Suk lying about his height. On February 2, Jang Geun Suk appeared on Fuji TV "Tonnerujeu's Because of You". On the show, Jang Geun Suk showed off his fluent Japanese through his good speaking skills

'Dream High2' Ji Yeon yells at her mother for wearing fake fur

'Dream High2' Ji Yeon, who plays the character of Lyann got angry at her mother. On the 7th broadcast of KBS 'Dream High 2' Lyann portrayed anger towards her mother who loves her dearly. Lyann, who planned on changing her associated entertainment company got scared at her representative Lee Kang Chul's warning

Trot Singer Jang Yoon Jung's Fake Nude Picture Sparks Police Investigation

Recently, there has been a fake nude photo of trot singer Jang Yoon Jung circulating around the web. Jang Yoon Jung finally decided to report this matter to the police and asked for a cyber investigation

SM Entertainment will take legal measures against fake pictures of SNSD

First Jang Yoon Jung and now SNSD. SNSD and their agency, SM Entertainment is determined to find the person responsible for circulating fake nude pictures of the girls on the internet. A representative from SM Entertainment confirmed that "the affair has been reported to the police by our legal department

Man responsible for spreading fake nude photos of Girls’ Generation caught

Last week, it was reported that SM Entertainment had requested an investigation into the spread of the photoshopped nude pictures of Girls’ Generation. The agency had stated at the time that they would be taking legal action against those behind the creation and the distribution of the composite photos

‘We Got Married’ is fake? “The show has scripts”

MBC’s entertainment show We Got Married, which airs entertainers’ imaginary marriage life, is recently surrounded by controversy. In March 12, an online community posted several pictures with the caption, “We Got Married is fake

Child actress Jin Ji Hee warns of fake Me2day account

Child actress Jin Ji Hee has recently fallen victim to a netizen impersonating the actress. On March 31st, the actress wrote on her Twitter, “Hello, everyone. The news articles of me writing a Me2day post are not real

Lee Hyo Ri gets fake tattoos all over her body

Lee Hyo Ri’s tattoo fashion is currently attracting many people’s attention. On April 4, Lee attended the 2012 Spring Seoul Fashion Week’s Steve J & Yonip Fashion Show, which took place at Pyeonghwa Square at Olympic Park

Movie production company frauds investors with fake Jang Geun Suk DVD

Police have revealed that the CEO of a movie production company has frauded people into investing over $131,500 USD into a fake DVD featuring Jang Geun Suk. The movie producer promised investors that he had three celebrities, including Jang Geun Suk, lined up for a special DVD that would be sold in Japan

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Calls Ryeowook “Fake Lips”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk made a playful jab at his group mate Ryeowook for his “fake lips.” On May 10, Ryeowook wrote on his Twitter, “D-2 Super Show 4 in Tokyo Dome >.< Trying to be pretty keke Wasn’t going to post this

IU, "I Gave T-ARA's Jiyeon a Fake Bag"

iu, jiyeon, t-ara, strong heart IU, "I Gave T-ARA's Jiyeon a Fake Bag" Singer IU revealed the incident of giving her best friend T-ARA member Jiyeon a fake bag. In recent SBS 'Strong Heart,’ IU came out and explained the issue of 'IU's brand name backpack

Kim Tae Hee Married? Fake Facebook Account Confuses Fans

A fake Facebook account was created by a fan, creating great confusion among Facebook users who friend requested and subscribed to Kim Tae Hee‘s supposed profile and mini-feed. The discovery was too late before a false claim was made by the fan managing the account

Myeong-dong thriving of fake goods, touting

By Bahk Eun-ji, Jung Min-ho, Kim Bo-eunMyeong-dong is enjoying a renaissance ― the streets flanked by fancy shops are crowded with tourists and shoppers. It feels literally alive.The popular shopping district in central Seoul is thriving on increasing numbers of tourists from China, Japan and other countries, emerging as one of the top tour sites

Song Ji Hyo gets devastated to learn her gold item is fake one

[PIC]Gold items Song Ji Hyo stole has turned out to be fake ones. In the episode of SBS’s I Love Sunday-Running Man that aired on July 1, ace Song Ji Hyo was given a mission for which she had to steal gold items

“Fake” B1A4 Debuts in China?

B1A4 may have found a copycat version of them in China! Recently, an online post titled, “B1A4 and 决胜团 (Fighters),” was posted on an online community forum, becoming one of the most trending topics in Korea

Super Junior Leeteuk Shocking Truth Revealed, "My Report Card from Shool is Fake…"

Super Junior, Leeteuk leeteuk report card Super Junior Leeteuk confesses that his report card is fake.  On the 15th on KBS2 National Talk Show "Hello," Leeteuk featured as a guest. He shocked everyone with his confession

This fake designer bag turns into a genuine steal

A seller shows counterfeit designer goods in an officetel building in Oksu-dong, central Seoul. Luxury fake handbags including Chanel and Hermes are displayed. By Kwon Sang-soo I am waiting in a basement parking lot of an officetel building, which combines both commercial space and small residential flats, in Oksu-dong, Seongdong District, central Seoul