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Jeong Ryeo Won's Face as Small as a Coffee Cup

Jeong Ryeo Won, coffee cup, small face The size of Actor Jeong Ryeo Won's face is the talk of the town. On January 31, a photo titled "Shocking, Jeong Ryeo Won's face as small as a coffee cup" was posted on an online community's forum

Dal Shabet and Lim Jeong Hee Added to SBS MTV “Music Island” Cast

Dal Shabet and Lim Jeong Hee have been added to the main cast of SBS MTV “Music Island.” According to our sources at SBS MTV, the six-member girl group Dal Shabet and female R&B singer Lim Jeong Hee will be at the inaugural recording of the highly anticipated music talk show

Nam Sang Mi Resembles Superstar of 70s – Jeong Yun Hui

After the photo of actress in MBC 50th anniversary special planning drama series Lights and Shadows, Nam Sang Mi, was released, it garnered attention. In the photo, Nam Sang Mi looks dignified, facial lines are clear, nose bridge stands high, possesses both urban temperament and classical oriental beauty, resembling the famous Korean actress Jeong Yun Hui during the 1970s, attracting the attention of Internet users

Teen Top And Jeong Yeon-Ju's Photoshoot

Posted: February 18, 2012 9:37 PM EST [PIC] Teen Top and Jeong Yeon-Ju from Dream High 2 came together for a special photoshoot in Jeju island. Although Jeong Yeon-Ju's first time riding a horse, she had no trouble leading the horse

Um Jeong-hwa Moves Viewers with Sincerity and Frankness

Um Jeong-hwa, called "Korea's Madonna," moved home viewers across the nation with her sincere passion for life and frank attitude. On the episode of KBS 2TV's "Win Win" that aired in the afternoon of Jan

Kim Yoo-Jeong Says "My Real Ideal Man is TOP"

Posted: February 26, 2012 9:17 PM EST Kim Yoo-Jeong, a young actress from "Moon Embracing the Sun", mentioned TOP of Big Bang as her ideal type. An episode of Happy Day revealed CF shooting of Kim Yoo-Jeong and Kim Soo-Hyun

Ha Jeong-woo to speak on his relationship on special SBS program

Actor Ha Jeong-woo is set to appear in a special episode of SBS’s celebrity news show “Night of TV Entertainment,” which will air today.On the show, the 33-year-old will open up about his relationship with model girlfriend Ku Eun-ae

Ha Jeong-woo comes clean about breakup following marriage rumors

Ha Jeong-woo and Ku Eun-ae An exaggerated report by SBS has forced actor Ha Jeong-woo and model Ku Eun-ae to come clean about their relationship, with Ha’s agency announcing that the two split back in January

Jeong Hyo Seong becoming the Korean version of Beyoncé after losing 5 kilos

Secret has successfully closed the first exclusive concert in Japan held at three different locations from March 5. The group proved its real worth during the three concerts held in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo from March 5 under the title of Secret 1st Japan Tour-Secret Time 2012

Kim Jeong Hoon to Resume Activities as Singer in Japan

Singer and actor Kim Jeong Hoon from the male duo group UN will resume his activities as a singer by releasing a new album in Japan after a three-year break. According to his Japanese website on March 14, Kim -- who took a break for several years due to his military obligation -- will move to a new agency, Universal Music, and resume his activities as a singer by releasing a new album entitled "Voice" on May 23

Sung Yoo Ri and Jeong Gyeo Woon Visit Japan to Promote 'Romance Town'

The protagonists of the popular drama "Romance Town," Sung Yoo Ri and Jeong Gyeo Woon, visited Japan and participated in various promotional activities for the drama such as giving interviews and appearing on talk show programs

Rookie singer Choi Hyo Jeong sparks interest

Choi Hyo Jeong, who rose to fame for her role as the girl that plays the guitar in the movie “Mr. Idol“, became a topic of interest even though she has yet to debut. Netizens who saw her picture through an online community board commented, “She’s a goddess“, “The image of a girl playing the guitar has a pure feeling,” and “Her voice seems pretty“

Monni’s Gong Tae Woo to feature in rookie Choi Hyo Jeong’s upcoming album

Rookie singer Choi Hyo Jeong‘s upcoming new album, releasing on March 23rd KST, features band Monni‘s Gong Tae Woo as a guitarist! After a clip of Choi Hyo Jeong was released, internet message boards started to buzz with people posting,“Working with Monni, epic,” “It’s luxurious music I haven’t heard in a while,” and “When I hear Gong Tae Woo perform, my heart feels at ease

Jeong Il Woo Invited to 'Korea-Japan Friendship Festa'

Actor Jeong Il Woo, who had appeared in the popular drama "The Moon Embracing the Sun" by playing Yang Myeong, was invited to the 4th Korea-Japan Friendship Festa that will be held at Shibuya Public Hall in Tokyo on April 8

[Spoiler] "My Husband Got A Family" Yoon Yeo-jeong struggles to stop Kim Nam-joo leave for the US

Yoon Yeo-jeong struggled to stop her son and daughter-in-law Kim Nam-joo from leaving for the US. On the twelfth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "My Husband Got a Family" on the 1st, Bang Mal-sook (Oh Yeon-seo) let it slip that Bang Gwi-nam (Yoo Joon-sang) and Cha Yoon-hee (Kim Nam-joo were going to the States

Jeong Joon-ha to wed girlfriend 'Nemo' in May

By Kwaak Je-yup One of Korea's celebrity bachelors is ready to put an end to his single life. Jeong Joon-ha, comedian best known for his part in the six-man team on MBC's weekly show "Infinity Challenge", announced Monday that he is tying the knot with his girlfriend of three years in May

Choi Jeong-yoon starts off easy with "The Angel's Choice"

New MBC drama "Angel's Choice" started off easy with 8.6%. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 3rd, "Angel's Choice" on the 2nd rated 8.6%. The previous drama "Dangerous Woman" rated 13% in the final episode

Comedian Jeong to Walk Air Stewardess Down Aisle Next Month

Jeong Joon-ha will marry a Korean-Japanese woman 10 years his junior, on May 20 in Seoul, the comedian announced at a press conference on Monday. He said that the couple's families met over the Lunar New Year's holidays in Osaka, where her family lives

Kim Yoo-jeong's baby commercial

The advertisements shot by baby Kim Yoo-jeong who played out the role of Yeon-woo (Han Ga-in) from the recently ended MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon", is an issue. Five-year-old Kim Yoo-jeong appeared in a medical advertisement with a boo boo on her arm

Jeong Woo-seong is confident in his looks

Jeong Woo-seong showed confidence in his appearance. Jeong Woo-seong appeared in the SBS TV program "TV News At Night" on the 4th of April. Pointing out his eyes as the most attractive area, he was asked if he thought he was good looking