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“Running Man”: Kim Woo Bin gets water splash on his head


On the March 30 broadcast of SBS‘ variety show “I Like Sundays – Running Man“, the Running Man cast members carried out their missions in Australia with guests Kim Woo Bin and Rain.

On this episode, Kim Woo Bin paired up with Song Ji Hyo to play a game in which Kim Woo Bin had to put the bowl on his head for Song Ji Hyo to pour water in.

In the end, Kim Woo Bin got water splash on his whole head. Check out the funny moment below!




Kim Woo Bin shows his driving skills on “Running Man”


On the March 30 broadcast of SBS‘ variety show “I Like Sundays – Running Man“, the Running Man cast members carried out their missions in Australia with guests Kim Woo Bin and Rain.

On this episode, Kim Woo Bin transformed into a guard in the 1850s of Australia, and showed off his driving skills by taking everyone to the next location for the game with an open car.

Check out Kim Woo Bin’s cut below!



Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo Help Show the Two Sides of Kim Woo Bin on “Running Man”

One side looking wet and miserable, the other looking handsome and fresh.

Running Man” continued their “Adventures in Australia” special this week with guests Rain and Kim Woo Bin after airing a different special episode last week. The members of “Running Man” continued their missions this week to lead up to the final name-tag race.

Before the final race, however, the members were given a chance to ride in classic hoodless cars. Lee Kwang Soo, Haha, and Kim Woo Bin rode in one car together, and the show’s editor couldn’t help but compare how Kim Woo Bin looked with the wind in his hair compared to Lee Kwang Soo. Kim Woo Bin’s image is captioned, “Handsome pictorial,” while Lee Kwang Soo’s image is captioned, “Comedic pictorial

Rain and Kim Woo Bin Return to “Running Man” Next Week

Running Man” will continue airing its Australia special next weekend.


On the March 23 episode of SBS “Running Man,” cast members of new weekend drama “Angel Eyes,” Goo Hye Sun, Lee Sang Yoon, Gong Hyung Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Kang Ha Neul and BIGBANG‘s Seungri appeared on the show but were defeated in the end.


In next week’s episode, “Running Man” returns to Australia for “Sheriff of Running Hills.” Having appeared on the show on March 9 and 16, Rain and Kim Woo Bin will appear once again on the upcoming episode.

The cast transforms into sheriffs, and battle it out to see who will finally claim the sheriff badge

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Kwang Soo film a MV for “Running Man”

On the most recent broadcast of ”Running Man“, cast member Lee Kwang Soo and actor Kim Woon Bin teamed up in a music video filmed in Australia.

The March 9 episode of “I Like Sundays – Running Man” featured the “Adventures in Australia”, with singer Rain and actor Kim Woo Bin as special guests.

In Australia, Kim Woo Bin became a team-mate with Lee Kwang Soo. The two guys filmed a music video on the street and showed their dance cover to Rain’s “La Song.”

Check out their funny MV below!



Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Woo Bin Make a Clumsy Cheating Pair on “Running Man”

Many fans of “Running Man” suspected that permanent member Lee Kwang Soo and guest Kim Woo Bin would have great chemistry if they were to pair up during the show’s current overseas special, “Adventures in Australia.” They were right, as this week’s episode proved.

Last week, Kim Woo Bin was paired with Yoo Jae Suk, and Lee Kwang Soo with Rain, but this week, partners were switched to turn things up a notch. Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Woo Bin teamed up, while Kim Jong Kook and Rain made another team. Yoo Jae Suk was paired with Ji Suk Jin, and Haha and Gary became another team.

For one of the missions, the pairs were required to protect the water in their cups from spilling. Kim Woo Bin and Lee Kwang Soo tried to cheat by drinking water from another source and holding it within their mouths, intending to add it to their cups when no one was looking if some water spilled on the trip

Kim Woo Bin and Rain Fail to Make ‘Running Man’ Number 1

Despite going all the way to Australia, despite getting dressed up in kangaroo suits, even Kim Woo Bin and Rain weren’t enough to make Running Man become the number one variety show watched on Sunday night.

On March 9’s broadcast of SBS’ Running Man, the cast welcomed Kim Woo Bin and Rain as the special’s guests. The group was split into three teams to fulfill various missions, some of which included the cast diving deep into the ocean and dressing up in kangaroo suits.

While great efforts were made, the program only brought 13.0 percent, a mere 0.1 percent increase from the previous episodes.

The winner of the night turned out to be KBS’ 1 Night 2 Days, which began a new trip for its cast members with one rule: no smoking. Although the concept was simple, it provided much laughter and the comedians began to lose their senses, not being able to smoke

Kim Woo Bin Cries, Flies, and Falls Like a Heodang on “Running Man”

Actor Kim Woo Bin has been on the SBS Sunday variety show “Running Man” couple of times before, and each time, he has surprised viewers with his unexpected soft and clumsy side. The charismatic actor doesn’t look charismatic when he is on “Running Man,” and even admitted it on this week’s show when Yoo Jae Suk called him a “heodang,” a Korean term for someone who is unexpectedly clumsy and sometimes slow. Actor and singer Lee Seung Gi has also been called a “heodang” on the KBS variety show “1 Night, 2 Days.”

On this week’s “Running Man,” Kim Woo Bin flew over with singer and actor Rain and with the rest of the “Running Man” members to Australia to complete the mission of finding the treasure. He and Rain were given a stylish and handsome entrance on the show, riding into the dock on a yacht

Running Man releases sneak peak for upcoming episode with Rain and Kim Woo Bin

Recently, Running Man released the preview cuts for next episode, teasing fan's curiosity on the member's transformation and special games with 2 guests Rain and Kim Woo Bin.
In the next episode, Running Man crew will make a trip to Australia and do variety of activities as seen in the photos: scuba diving, driving ATVs, dressing up as kangaroos and feeding,.... One staff shared "Even we couldn't stop laughing while shooting the casts. This episode will be epic. The special selfie session of them will make you laugh as well."
Running Man featuring Rain and Kim Woo Bin will air on March 9th. Are you anticipated?

“Running Man” drops out preview cuts of Rain, Kim Woo Bin, and more

“Running Man” has raised more anticipation to its upcoming episode with additional preview cuts of RainKim Woo Bin, and the cast members in Australia.

In the still cuts, the guests and cast members could be seen dressing up as kangaroos, scuba diving, and driving ATVs, promising an interesting episode.

Kim Woo Bin expressed, “It”s amazing that I was able to try all of these new experiences in such a short amount of time.”

A representative from the production team also shared, “The laugh-out-loud self-cameras of the guests during their free time will be unveiled… In the selcas, the “Running Man” members and guests” unfinished images will be revealed.”

You can catch this episode on March 9th at 6:10 PM KST!