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Kim Woo Bin Doesn’t Know Where to Look When Interviewing Girl’s Day

Beloved actor and MC Kim Woo Bin couldn’t resist the sexiness of four member group Girl’s Day. During a recent interview during “M! Countdown,” the actor admitted that he didn’t know where to place his eyes! On the January 9 broadcast of Mnet’s “M! Countdown,” Kim Woo Bin interviewed Girl’s Day. When the actor asked about the girls’ New Year wish, the Girl’s Day responded, “We want to have something with a man who is good looking, nice, and doesn’t drink or smoke.” Although the girls expressed their desire to have some loving relationship with a man, the primary objective was to also advertise their new song, “Something.” Thus, when Kim Woo Bin asked what their dance point was for their new song, “Something,” the girls showed their teasing dance point. The teasing dance showed the girls quickly revealing one leg, and then hiding it under their long skirt